Issue September 13, 2011

Good vibrations

On a warm Friday night in July, Mayor Greg Fischer greeted thousands of music fans at Waterfront Park. The mostly under-25 crowd had gathered at the Forecastle Festival to hear some of the freshest new dance and hip-hop sounds, only to be greeted by a guy who not only looks like their dad, but is … Continued

An announcement to kids everywhere

Attention children: We, the adults, have a confession to make. There’s no good way to cushion the blow, so we’re just going to come right out and say it: We’re totally making up everything on the fly. Sure, we act like we’ve got everything figured out. And we sometimes discipline you for breaking this rule … Continued

The end of the world

In spite of my humor and cynicism, I am (secretly) a hopeless romantic. (Shhh! Don’t tell anybody. I could get fired!) I remember, as a youngster, being moved to tears when an older couple at our church was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Somehow, I knew I would never be so lucky. Of course, even … Continued

It wasn’t easy being Green

Nearly 50 supporters of embattled Metro Councilwoman Judy Green gathered in the Louis H. Coleman Jr. Community Center on the night of Sept. 8, their voices joining together in an anthem of the civil rights movement. Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around I’m gonna keep on a – walkin’, keep on a – talkin’ … Continued

Broken bridge

The indefinite closure of a cracked Sherman Minton Bridge last Friday triggered an avalanche of criticism on the state of our roadways and projects. The snarkiest cast us as hostages of Hooterville and Third World infrastructure thanks to “Old Mitch,” “Poodle Head from Bowling Green” and “tea baggers.” But among 200 responses posted to The … Continued

Inbox — Sept. 14, 2011

Busing Not Good I am a fan, and I have always enjoyed the “What a Week” feature as a way to connect with stories I might have missed or as a reminder of things I have also noted. Unfortunately, I may have to rethink my position. Steve Shaw missed by a mile when he addressed … Continued


  <MUSIC> Thursday, Sept. 15 The Necks 21c Museum Hotel 700 W. Main St. $12; 8 p.m. Australians are like us in many ways — they speak English, don’t care much for Mel Gibson any more, and produce musical groups of varying quality. The Necks are a quasi-avant-garde trio (piano, bass and drums) who can’t … Continued

A happy roots revival

The annual Jug Band Jubilee festival has delighted local audiences since 2005, keeping alive a music that was founded in Louisville more than 100 years ago and became an early influence on The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and The Muppets. Jim Kweskin is one artisan who helped spread the music in the 1960s and continues … Continued

The movement comes first for Atmosphere

Atmosphere has been at the top of the indie hip-hop pyramid for nearly a decade now, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. Their latest album, Family Sign, marks a new direction for the Minneapolis-based duo of Slug and Ant, with live instrumentation replacing the sample-heavy production of earlier work. LEO caught up with … Continued


23 strings The 23 String Band is a Kentucky-proud band that makes old-timey sounds with modern influences tucked inside for an extra layer of sonic surprises. Their new album, Catch 23, will be celebrated with a release show at Headliners Music Hall on Friday night ($10, 9 p.m.). LEO: How would you describe your music … Continued

Brit Beat

Teenage fanclub and beyond Is it too late for me to become one of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters? You see, I just witnessed her talking for the first time, flirting up a storm with Whoopi Goldberg on “The View,” and I fell in love a little. Before hearing her speak, I couldn’t really see what … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act, comedian, open mic or karaoke listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. WED SEP … Continued

Video TapeWorm

  THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: BRIDESMAIDS 2011; $29.95-$34.95, R This year will be remembered as the year of the wedding picture. At last count, there have been more than a million of them (OK, maybe it just seems that way), but this is the only one that rose above its chick-flick roots to become real … Continued

Comedy: Jackass sobers up

Steve-O is no stranger to the “Why Bother?” Generation. He’s been the go-to jackass on MTV’s “Jackass” for more than a decade. And after a very public battle with drugs and alcohol and the recent passing of “Jackass” co-star Ryan Dunn, Steve-O has come out the other side sober, vegan and regularly performing as a … Continued

Book: Pop goes The Stooges

‘The Stooges: Head On — A Journey Through the Michigan Underground’ By Brett Callwood. Wayne State University Press; 200 pgs., $19.95. “It’s a good book. I thank you for writing it.” —Iggy Pop Departing from their experimental and psychedelic roots in the late 1960s, The Stooges played heavy, aggressive rock ’n’ roll that set the … Continued

Art: Fixated on art

Obsession is often related to compulsion, an irresistible urge over which a person has no control. Yet the pieces in “Obsessive Attention to Detail,” a group show at Galerie Hertz, exhibit extreme self-control. The work of each artist is detailed and nuanced. Walking around sculptures made of snakeskin, turtle shell and porcupine needles; surveying digitized … Continued

Fill ’er up at the Garage Bar

The Garage Bar looks so much like an old, run-down country gas station that I can barely go in without feeling tempted to pick up a few packages of peanut butter crackers and a cheap six-pack and go out back with my buddies to smoke, tell dirty jokes and drink beer in the dark. This … Continued

Bar Belle: Tagged and pissed

I really am starting to believe that Facebook will be the downfall of our society. We build walls for a reason. The first thing we did when we settled (read: stole) this land was throw up some barbed wire to create boundaries. My business is my business, and if I want to let you in … Continued


Perhaps the most crippling thing for Zomby is being shaded underneath the vague umbrella term “dubstep,” often defined by its limited womp-womp beat patterns. The latest release put forth by the UK’s quiet MC, Dedication avoids dropping this cliché into the mix and trades it for acidic, 8-bit sounds and samples muffled underneath a tense … Continued

Slave Ambient

Philadelphia’s The War On Drugs successfully interfuse two warm but seemingly contrary musical realms: Americana rock and rosy ambient arrangements. No other album this year will recall all the same references, including the howl of Born In the U.S.A.-era Springsteen, the stoned ease of Petty, and the effulgent multi-personalities of Brian Eno. In fact, many … Continued


Double check the “sell by” date; this is a journey continuing well beyond its merciful fate and is a sound no longer warranted by the listening public. Eighties hair bands have long since shorn their locks in favor of burrs and comb-overs. Sure, there are still mullets found on foreigners in parts of Europe and … Continued

IX KUTZ … Return of the Ninja!

Sincerity goes a long way. Selling it. What could be perceived as outdated or stale could be made fresh depending on how you go about it. What are croutons but old bread, yet I can’t eat a salad without them. Cphr Dvn is the duo of Wize Cypher and Sultra Diviine, a group whose sound … Continued