Issue September 10, 2013

Go folk yourself

Kentucky has seen more than its fair share of traditional musicians. “There’s something in the water,” people often say in reference to the state that has produced such luminaries of old-time music as Jean Ritchie, Aunt Molly Jackson, Roscoe Holcomb, Cousin Emmy, Lily May Ledford and Lee Sexton. Indeed, to be a Kentucky musician is … Continued

Me Vs. Music

It was on the good ship Venus We often look to music to say the things we cannot. It speaks for so many things — love, joy and despair. Originally, this piece was going to be a tribute to lyricists and some of their greatest lines. Now, it seems I need to put the lyrics … Continued


Won more Guitarist Nathan Salsburg’s latest is titled Hard For To Win and Can’t Be Won, and it’s another striking collection of mostly instrumentals by the former LEO columnist. He plays a release show Tuesday, Sept. 17, at Greenhaus. LEO: You’ve made two solos and a duo album in the past couple of years, in … Continued

Hip to be square: Revenge of The National

Though none of the Berninger kids were musical while growing up in Cincinnati, their taste as listeners had a profound effect on their personalities. In the 1980s, older sister Rachel was a classic John Hughes character, falling for The Smiths, Violent Femmes and R.E.M. Brother Matt, two years her junior, enjoyed “a typical Midwestern suburban … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.  Wed SEP 11 Air Devils Inn: … Continued


I turned on the CD player, started hearing some disc I had left in the day before, and wondered if it was some unreleased material from The Band I forgot I had. A Grateful Dead side project? Nope, it was one of the two-disc set from Louisville’s Vessel, a septet that has molded numerous influences … Continued

Over Thinking

Sure, I didn’t like Marc’s first album, but good music is undeniable. He has a strong ear for beats and is a pretty fair writer. Over Thinking’s construction is solid. There are a lot of Louisville emcees who would do themselves a great service looking to emulate the quality control here. I’d gladly purchase the … Continued

Lucid Happenings

With every year, littledidweknow has improved and matured. After years of gestation, they’ve finally given us a frenzied debut. littledidweknow has never been comfortable in one box; their sound is a hodge-podge of many eclectic metal influences. Lucid Happenings, then, comes as no surprise in being hard to categorize, featuring songs that constantly shift from … Continued


Unlike some of his Odd Future cohorts, Earl Sweatshirt seems less prone to needlessly provoke controversy. Where the gleefully vulgar Earl used particularly violent imagery as its currency — especially directed toward women — on Doris, Sweatshirt seems to have matured both physiologically and intellectually. His voice lower, Sweatshirt raps about his hope not to … Continued

The daily paper, 2013

In our fast-paced world of news and news-like information, it’s easy to forget the important role daily newspapers play in society, which is to provide seniors a festive, tactile maze to sift through in order to find the crossword.  With print journalism know-how in danger of becoming lost to history forever, future societies might never … Continued

Take Me to Your Leader

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments next month in the case of McCutcheon vs. FEC, which some say could be the next Citizens United decision, opening the spigot for even more campaign money flooding federal elections.

Invisible War, real wounds

They filled the otherwise silent auditorium. Horror stories — of being ambushed outside the chow hall, of screaming for help in a room with people nearby who could have but didn’t intervene, of remote locations where communication to help was limited, of bruised faces and broken jaws, of threats of demotion and death, of being … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: DAY OF THE DEAD 1985; $16.98-$29.98; UR This is chapter three of George Romero’s original zombie series, and while it has long been available on Blu-ray, this is a Blu-ray Collector’s Edition: newly remastered with complete audio commentary by Romero, Tom Savini and actress Lori Cardille — plus 31 minutes of … Continued

Guest Commentary

It is a summer night somewhere in Louisville, sometime in the 1960s or ’70s, and a party is in progress. A rock ’n’ roll band — the Sultans? Epics? Monarchs? — is working through its set of dance music, and young couples are working up a sweat doing whatever the current dance craze happens to … Continued


<LECTURE> Wednesday, Sept. 11 ‘Terror Finance’ Downtown Marriott 280 W. Jefferson St. $15/$25 (members/nonmembers); 5:30 p.m. As America grows closer to lobbing bombs at yet another country full of Muslims in the eastern hemisphere, the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana will host an expert who is well-versed in the non-military battles … Continued

Theater: ‘Noises Off,’ laughter on

‘Noises Off’ An Actors Theater of Louisville production. Directed by Meredith McDonough. Continues through Sept. 22 at the Pamela Brown Auditorium, 316 W. Main St. For more info, check out What better way to kick off a season of theater than with a comedy? How about a comedy with haphazard characters who happen to be … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: I’m a “Savage Lovecast” listener, but I’m sending this question to your column because my boyfriend would for sure recognize my voice if I called the show. I’m 25, I live in Portland, and my boyfriend and I have been monogamous for five years. His dick is average size. It’s not small enough for … Continued

Inbox — Sept. 11, 2013

Silent Groping Regarding Steve Shaw’s Sept. 4 column: Your “Fear and groping in Frankfort” piece was super hilarious, especially the comment on the women you surveyed and their response to a strategy to combat the culture of sexual harassment. It begs to differ, if this is supposed to be a non-laughing matter, why is it … Continued

Bar Belle: Keep Louisville Beered

Fall is the tits. Not only is it my birthday season and leaves turn pretty colors while the humidity chills out, but September boasts National Bourbon Heritage Month and Louisville Craft Beer Week, which runs Sept. 13-21. More than 70 events are planned throughout the nine days, culminating with the LIBA Brewfest at Slugger Field … Continued

Comedy: Burning boats with Nicholas Anthony

Nicholas Anthony has been just about everywhere in the decade he’s been performing as a stand-up comedian. He’s lived all over the United States and traveled to the Middle East to entertain our troops. The Minneapolis native (who lived for a time in Louisville) has spanned highs and lows in his career — from appearing … Continued