Issue September 3, 2013

Trails and tales of The Parklands at Floyds Fork

The bridges at The Parklands of Floyds Fork are supposed to resemble leaping deer. The bridge’s anchor and underside beams are thicker on one side of the bridge, inspired by the animal’s squatted, pre-jump hind legs. The arch of the bridge is taller than necessary, mimicking the deer’s trajectory when springing forward. “Do you see … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: Settle this for us, Dan. Which is the bigger ask: a one-time, once-in-a-lifetime threesome or regular (and pretty damn elaborate) bondage sessions? Ruling On Private Enquiry Required A: Let me guess: Your partner is into bondage, ROPER, and you’re not. But you’ve been doing the hard work of tying him/her/some-other-point-along-the-gender-spectrum up for months, years … Continued

Fear and groping in Frankfort

Two weeks ago, WFPL aired a story that rocked the state Capitol. Two women who worked closely with Democratic leaders in the House filed an ethics complaint alleging a pattern of sexual and verbal harassment by longtime Democrat Rep. John Arnold, 69, of Union County. The women’s claims seem credible. And there are elected witnesses.  … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 2013; $79.98; PG-13 This second outing of J.J. Abrams’ rebooted franchise is designed to (1) immerse you in his new Star Fleet culture, where much of the future drama will take place, (2) introduce his new Klingons, and (3) dazzle you with how cleverly he can slip … Continued


<ART> Friday, Sept. 6 ‘Ghouls, Ghosts & Gourds!’ WHY Louisville 806 E. Market St. Free; 5 p.m. Joshua Mason lives in the Appalachian city of Elkhorn, Ky., where he likely uses his time more wisely than any other resident of the town of 1,060 or so (unless they’re whitewater rafting, an even more popular … Continued

A cut above

Marshall Pence went to college after high school because his mother wanted him to. He enjoyed the partying at Eastern Kentucky University, but not much else. He called it quits after a year. His is a common story. Higher education — especially the traditional four-year bachelor’s degree — is widely touted as the definitive way … Continued

Take Me To Your Leader

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s very complicated relationship with the Tea Party continues to appear less cordial and more combative by the minute. While McConnell’s re-election campaign continues to tout the endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul — who few doubt is the political movement’s most popular figure — the criticism of Kentucky and national Tea Party groups … Continued

The Cell Phones go with the flow

The Cell Phones deliver a poppy and spunky, refreshing approach to punk. Front woman Lindsey Charles’ penetrating vocals share the spotlight with a powerhouse rhythm section in a lean, guitarless trio deserving of an arena-sized audience. LEO asked Charles to discuss the songs on their album, Get You Alone. “Heavy Flow” Obviously, this is about … Continued

Inbox — Sept. 4, 2013

Re-Route Ironman I have lived in Old Louisville for close to four years. Each year residents are asked to put up with any number of walks, runs, mayoral bicycle events and an Ironman contest. During last month’s Ironman, not only was Third Street blocked off, but so were side streets between Third and Fourth. Circumnavigating … Continued

Taste Bud: Check out Chuy’s chiles

One of the best things about having a column like this one is that you get invited to media shindigs, such as the one I recently attended at Chuy’s. I’d been to Chuy’s twice before, and both times I walked away thinking, “Eh.” Turns out that both times I ordered the wrong thing, because the … Continued


Drinking games Which came first, the music or the alcohol? For CatFight, the answer might be “both.” With their first EP coming out, the band plays a release show at Haymarket Whiskey Bar on Saturday. LEO spoke with guitarist Erica Sellers about drinking, music and drinking. LEO: Have any of you gotten in a catfight … Continued

It’s the rice, but not just the rice, at Taj Palace

Little things mean a lot. Even something as little as a grain of rice can mean a lot. Of course, it takes 7,200 grains of rice to fill a cup, or so sayeth the Google, but that’s not important right now. Let’s talk about rice, and in particular the spectacular rice at Taj Palace. Trust … Continued

Comedy: Start spreading the news

Lindsay Boling grew up kicking around the streets of Louisville and was on the forefront of our current comedy renaissance. One of our true stand-out stand-up talents, she relocated to New York City last year to take her career to new heights (ideally, at least). This week she returns to her hometown on the “J.F.K. … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. Wed SEP 4 Air Devils Inn: … Continued

Book: ‘Turf Wars’ takes on Louisville and lawn-mowing

‘Turf Wars’ By R. Barker Price. E.T. Hutchings Co.; 307 pgs., $11.95. So often, the tales of corporate-finance shenanigans are totally concerned with what happens in NYC … maybe venturing as far away as the Hamptons. And it’s infrequent that an author writing fiction about an industry will bother with an actual product that gets … Continued

Art: Blast from the past

Fourth Street today is a conglomeration of office buildings, the behemoth known as Fourth Street Live and the newly acronymed SoFo, a commercial strip where wig stores butt up against purveyors of artisan chocolates. Rewind 50 years, however, and down an alley next to the Louisville Public Media offices, in the former Gypsy Tea Room, … Continued