Issue August 6, 2014

Ziegler returns to bury Tiger, not to praise him

Back when I was a radio talk show host at WHAS (has it really been over a decade now?!), one of the things I was somewhat known for was my fanatical admiration for Tiger Woods. I then ran a mostly satirical (and now defunct) website, which was written about by major publications all over … Continued

Accidental seafood in Lexington

It was a happy accident I will explain later, but walking into Lexington’s Smithtown Seafood for the first time was like walking into a New York deli — but with way more fish. The narrow space featured a short-order-style counter with hanging menus and a cashier station, with furious fry cooks busting their butts in … Continued

The more Jack Fry’s changes, the more it stays the same

Jack Fry’s! The very name of this Highlands landmark makes many of us smile. Fry’s feels like an enduring landmark, a piece of Louisville culinary history that always stays the same. Which is kind of funny when you consider it has changed both owner and chef since my last review.   As it happens, this … Continued

Video Tapeworm

This Week’s Twin peeks: BUNNYMAN MASSACRE 2014; $24.98; UR  This sequel to 2011’s “Bunnyman,” about a chainsaw-killer (Joshua Lang) who wears a giant rabbit costume, is a slight step up from the original as he and his partner, Joe (David Scott, TV’s “His & Hers”), continue to kidnap and kill whatever jerk wanders into their … Continued

Somebody thought the children

It’s a normal, albeit stormy Saturday night. Bardstown Road is busy as usual — people are milling about and cars line both sides of the street. Carmichael’s Bookstore, a safe haven for those trying to find a spot away from the hustle and maybe try to find a good book, is glowing from the street. … Continued

Some tea, some shade

In 2002, Roy Haylock was a comic drag queen in New Orleans with a flair for costume design and a Don Rickles-like wit. As Bianca Del Rio, Haylock had a loyal following, but wasn’t a beauty or expected to become an international favorite. In an interview with New Orleans alt-weekly Gambit, Haylock cited Rickles and … Continued

Immigrant song

If you haven’t looked at a map of Central America recently, you really should. We should all have some idea of the vast distances, if not the horrors, people are facing in order to arrive on our teeming shore. Our government recently hired a New York advertising agency to create a catchy pop song called … Continued

One Hell of a (Bar) Belle

For 15 years of devotion, and on behalf of all the LEO staffers you helped guide, nurture, and impact along the way, thank you. And in whatever your next endeavor entails, the absolute best wishes and all the success in the world. Sara Havens has been a presence in and around the Louisville Eccentric Observer … Continued

Not My Father’s LEO

One score and five years ago, my father founded the Louisville Eccentric Observer. I was seven-ish. Four years ago, Congressman John Yarmuth began a 20th-birthday commemorative article as follows: “One score, five offices and two logos ago, this father brought forth upon our community a new medium, conceived in innocence and dedicated to the proposition … Continued

Unusual suspects

Two acoustic guitarists must mean a folkie concert, right? Wrong, at least when the musicians in question are Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriella Quintero, whose shared love of — wait for it — heavy metal music informs their concept. They grew up in Mexico City and came to the attention of many while busking in Dublin, … Continued


<FILM> Aug. 6-7 48 Hour Film Project Village 8 Theatre 4014 Dutchmans Lane $8.50; 7 & 9 p.m. If you haven’t heard of the films “Reversal of Fortune” and “Discompter Faux,” it’s because three weeks ago they didn’t exist. These are two of 30 offerings that emerged from this year’s 48 Hour Film Project, … Continued

These are the breaks

 During the 1980s, African-American hair went through perhaps its most difficult transition — the Jheri curl. In a nutshell, the curl involved sitting in a salon (all day), having caustic paste slathered in your hair, then having it set in rollers and then heated under a dryer.    Needless to say, pretty often after getting … Continued

Mystery still shrouds fatality

 There are more questions than answers almost a month after a high-speed chase ended in death near Churchill Downs. Many who knew and loved Justin Beeler, 29, say there’s only one reason he would have fired gunshots at the other car: he feared for his life. Beeler’s life ended shortly after noon July 9th when … Continued

Inbox — August 6, 2014

LEO Weekly welcomes letters that are brief (250 words max) and thoughtful. Ad hominem attacks will be ignored, and we need your name and a daytime phone number. Send snail mail to Inbox, 301 E. Main St., Suite 201, Louisville, Ky. 40202. Fax to 895-9779 or email to We may edit for length, grammar … Continued

Go west, Louisville

There’s an abandoned building at 30th and Main that I’m smitten with. It looks like it was an apartment building at some point, but now it’s boarded up. Lonely. Crumbling. The thing that’s striking about the building is that the entire façade is covered with cement patterned to look like bricks, and the cement is … Continued