Issue July 15, 2014

Music Issue 2014: Where Louisville music meets the world

From its humble beginning as a locals-in-Tyler-Park day to today’s big-time international attraction, the Forecastle Festival has continued to book a handful of local acts alongside many bigger touring names. LEO asked a pair of notable locals playing this year, rapper Jalin Roze and Edward Grimes, drummer/vocalist for the trippy noir-rock band Seluah, for their … Continued

The tipping point

Legislation to increase the minimum wage in Louisville is about to take off full-steam ahead in the next several weeks. One of the toughest battles in this #raisethewage campaign will be the effort to include tipped employees (namely restaurant servers) in a wage increase. As I’ve described in this column before, the tipped minimum wage … Continued

The tainted Republican brand

In March of 1964, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. descended on the U.S. Capitol to hear Senate debates on a civil rights bill proposed by President John F. Kennedy the previous year. It is widely believed this was the only time the two iconic leaders ever met. Four years and one month later, … Continued

The good-morning game

It’s been heartening to see the dramatic increase in bike riders and the enhancements to bike infrastructure in Louisville over the past decade. Our city still has a lot of room for improvement, especially in the areas of driver and cyclist safety awareness, but we’ve come a long way. For about eight months of the … Continued

Music Issue 2014: Buy the ticket, take the ride

I’ll never forget March 2, 2013, when Tame Impala played Headliners. The Australian band had been playing 1,200-3,000-capacity venues and festivals, and Louisville was seeing them in a 700-capacity room. The tickets were announced months before, and you could feel the excitement all over social media and at bars when the show was brought up. … Continued

Where it counts

Mark and Michelle Pruitt didn’t expect their new neighbors to attack with burning pitchforks, but they did question whether a local market existed for the philosophy they were promoting. The couple had just moved into Salem, Ind., to open Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, their 20-acre refuge for rescued farm animals that doubles as a campsite and … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed JUL 16 Baxter’s 942: … Continued

Music Issue 2014: In a different groove

Dani Markham was there when elementary school teacher Diane Downs found abandoned instruments in a closet in the early ’90s. “She was, like, ‘Look what I found! Let’s do this.’ And we started a group.” The group Downs started is now called the Louisville Leopard Percussionists, and it has become known globally. In the group’s … Continued

Music Issue 2014: Morgan Lebus’ Ribbon Music movement

Growing up in Louisville, Morgan Lebus wasn’t necessarily one of the cool kids. When he started discovering underground music in middle school, his first favorites were bands from the Washington, D.C., Dischord scene. But he found them by following other kids to shows at unconventional venues like the Another Place Sandwich Shop on Frankfort Avenue. … Continued

Music Issue 2014: Max Moore sees a lucky tree

If you are a fan of local punk and indie, chances are you’ve already seen some of Max Moore’s work. A young filmmaker, Moore has worked with local luminaries like Coliseum and Xerxes, as well as national acts like Converge and Into It. Over It., to make stylized music videos that serve as a visual … Continued

Union grounds

Operating out of the Old Louisville neighborhood for nearly three years, Smokey’s Bean coffee shop (1451 S. First St.) is named after the mellow chow-lab mix that is a constant presence in the somewhat uniquely dog-friendly local business. Soon the business will truly be breaking unique ground in Louisville, as it is set to become … Continued

Music Issue 2014: The David Geffen of Louisville?

You might call Brian Lueken the David Geffen of Louisville. Like Geffen, Lueken has merged his business acumen with his creative interests to become a stalwart of the local scene. The founder of Decibel Mastering and the live concert-recording project Coincident Pair, Lueken operates behind the scenes of many Louisville acts, from Rachel Grimes to … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE 2013; $9.98-$29.98; UR Caitlin Stasey from “I, Frankenstein” is a lovely, if dark and brooding, cheerleader with a grudge against the local football star in this comic tale of high-school revenge, mystical orgasms, the undead, blood slurping and icky resurrections. The cast is amazing, led by hotties Sianoa … Continued

Music Issue 2014: Still just a dirty punk kid

Laura Jane Grace, the songwriter, producer and lead singer of Against Me!, says her earliest memories are of gender dysphoria, the feeling of being disconnected from her body and her gender. Grace was born and raised in Florida as Tommy Gabel, but she never felt like a boy. When she was 4, she saw Madonna … Continued


<MUSIC> Wednesday, July 16 Jason Lescalleet’s ‘Trophy Tape’ Dreamland 810 E. Market St. $10; 7 p.m. Jason Lescalleet isn’t your typical musical artist. He records and performs his bizarre, experimental songs on equipment (lots of old tape decks) that most would call archaic at this point. However, his sound is far ahead of that … Continued

Culture: Latrice Royale — The wind beneath her wings

“I didn’t expect to be doing no drag ever, ever, ever,” says Timothy Wilcots, who has been doing drag as Latrice Royale for two decades. The south Florida resident, 42, has seen her art form rise from the underground to the mainstream, and her own fame is due to competing on the TV series that … Continued

Bar Belle: ’dix out

A funny thing happened on the way to a Fourth of July party, and it landed me in the hospital. It was a long, arduous journey to said hospital, as I took the road much taken by health care bureaucracy where I encountered a name-your-own-adventure style of service. More on that later. As shocking as … Continued

Harvest inspires our critic’s rant

For a change of pace this week, let’s start with a rant. A political rant! A rant about food politics! I don’t want to say Michael Pollan or Mark Bittman are latecomers to the party. But I’m sure I’m not the only Boomer who woke up to the issues of food justice a generation earlier … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: Two questions, Dan. 1. Recently, I went to a bar with my brother and encountered a friend from high school. My brother told me that, toward the end of the night, my friend followed him into the bathroom and made a drunken pass at him (which apparently involved a clumsy grab at his penis). … Continued

Inbox — July 16, 2014

Unearthing Stories I agree with Erik Martínez’s letter published in the July 2 LEO Weekly. Drag almost always dominates discussions about gay pride, but to be fair, drag queens also garnered much attention with their chorus-line kicks down Christopher Street after the raid at Stonewall. Neither side of the conversation mentioned the history, which leads … Continued

Book: Words that light a fuse

The poem is printed on a single sheet. The paper is thick and the letters are set noticeably deeper than the page’s surface. The bottom half is taken up mostly by an illustration of a tree with a single bird’s nest in it, imagery from the Graham Foust piece above. “A broadside is a poem … Continued