Issue July 12, 2011

LEO Weekly’s 15th Annual Music Issue

Louisville’s music scene was one of the main reasons I moved to this fine city. That was many years ago now, and I’m consistently (and happily) surprised by the amount and variety of new, challenging and beautiful music that emerges from the weird and wonderful people of Louisville. In the stories that follow, LEO talks … Continued

Check ignition and may God’s love be with you …

I am moved by a sense of nationalistic pride about as often as I am moved to trumpet the benefits and great promises of consumer capitalism. For everything there is a season, though, and this week I feel a mixture of both as NASA concludes its ambitious, oft-maligned and storied space shuttle program after 30 … Continued

Precious memories, how they linger

Terri and I recently drove to Nashville to hear one of our dearest friends perform at the renowned Bluebird Café, a venue for some of the greatest singer-songwriters in the land. We’ve known Walt since he was a teenager. I was his youth minister — me at the ripe age of 24 and he a … Continued

Bridge to conflict

  Alarms sounded late last week when critics of the Ohio River Bridges Project alleged a conflict of interest. A construction firm jockeying for a contract wants to lease River Road property west of Zorn Avenue — if it’s rezoned. As it turns out, the land is owned by Paul Buddeke, brother of Charles Buddeke, … Continued

Inbox — July 13, 2011

Behind the Bid Regarding the recent story on No Kill Louisville’s (NKL) bid to take over adoptions at Louisville Metro Animal Services (LEO Weekly, July 6): The author suggested three board members resigned during and because of the bidding process. This is inaccurate. These members left before NKL decided to put in a bid. As … Continued


<MUSIC> Wednesday, July 13 R. Kelly KFC Yum! Center 1 Arena Plaza • 690-9000 $39.50-$92; 8 p.m. R. Kelly’s “Love Letter” tour stops here Saturday, which will mark the fourth time I have found myself in tenuous finances when the Pied Piper of R&B visits a city I’m in. I’ve never been able to … Continued

A short talk with Softcheque

Softcheque is a three-piece band from Louisville that creates a mysterious blend of music, reminiscent of avant-garde composers and the ’80s keyboard revolution. Featuring Dane Waters, Arsenio Zignoto (aka Alan) and Warren Christopher Gray, the band is brainy without any uptight overtones — plus they throw in some funky humor and catchy electrofunk pop hooks. … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: DUMBSTRUCK 2011; $26.95, PG Got wood? If so, then you need to be in Fort Mitchell, Ky., this week, July 13-16, for the annual Vent Haven Convention. What’s that? Why, you must be some kinda dummy not to know that Fort Mitchell is the ventriloquism capital of the world, and Vent … Continued

Joan Shelley’s family values

Joan Shelley started making up songs when she was just a little girl. “My mom helped me record and submit my first song to a contest when I was 9. I got a trophy for that, which really encouraged me. One day, I found my mom’s old guitar in the attic and started learning from … Continued

The Taste Bud: It may be deep-fried, but it’s still asparagus

I have noticed in recent years that more and more restaurants are deep-frying vegetables and serving them as appetizers. Sure, Japanese restaurants have always had tempura, but this new wave seems different somehow. It was strange enough when people started frying pickles. (I know they’re tasty, but still — pickles?) Then I started seeing batter-fried … Continued

Seluah’s vision returns

After a long break, Louisville’s dub/doom-rock ambassadors Seluah have reunited with a ferocious live show and a stunning new album, Red Parole. LEO spoke with Edward Grimes and Andrew Killmeier about music, films and why they both had a briefcase handcuffed to their wrists. LEO: You’ve worked together since you first started making music with … Continued

Southern fare is just what the Doc (Crow) ordered

Amid all the recent angst about Louisville’s Whiskey Row on West Main Street and the arguments over whether these historic buildings are in danger of falling down, it’s instructive to step into Doc Crow’s impressive quarters. Just a door or two west of the fenced-off Whiskey Row buildings at the center of the controversy, Doc … Continued

A budding Roze

Just a few years ago, James Lindsey was a regular sitting at the TARC stop, headphones on, rapping to himself. “Two and a half hours a stretch waiting for the bus. You get good at it,” he laughs. The man who would become Jalin Roze put in the time, and thus the work, to become … Continued

Culture: Good to be geeky

Comic books aren’t just for kids or nerds anymore. In 2010, an estimated $418 million was spent on the sale of comic books and graphic novels in North America. Movies such as “Thor” and “Iron Man” (bringing in $437 million and $582 million worldwide) have brought comic book stories to mainstream America. The craze has … Continued

Better than OK

Aaron Chadwell and Alex Bell started OKDeejays in 2008, and since then the duo has spun tunes at local clubs, bars and events, and also brought visiting DJs and bands through town, finding common ground between Louisville’s mods, rockers and mockers. This year saw the debut of their new radio show, “Night Visions,” on WFPK, … Continued

Comedy: Underground for five years

Originally launched as Unprotected Sets in 2006, the Louisville Comedy Underground is celebrating its fifth anniversary this weekend with two shows. Still held every Thursday and Sunday, the open-mic show has undergone many changes, but one thing has remained constant — its founder and guidepost Adam White. LEO talked to White on the eve of … Continued

Nerves Junior are pop and proud of it

The first show that Cory Wayne, Stuart Phelps and Chris Snow ever played together was dysfunctional. The three were clad in costumes — Cory as a bee, Stuart as a bunny, Chris as a lobster. Their drummer sounded like a “dead watch,” and Chris accidentally kicked off the power during their first song. It didn’t … Continued

Book: Junk magic

‘I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive’ By Steve Earle. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 256 pgs., $26. Steve Earle’s rough and tumble years, his stint in prison and his dope habit are well-known, so too is the popular fascination with hard-living creative types. So I’m not sure if it was the laziness of this reviewer … Continued

JD Green’s got soul

“I miss your voice!” said the unexpected Facebook post. Yolanda “JD” Green was surprised by the message, not having given much thought to singing since leaving her hometown of Detroit for Louisville, for reasons of love and pursuit of her PhD. Sure, college included the requisite classical training, an early group, contests and showcases. But … Continued

Forecastle: Rising above the tide

Louisville’s Forecastle Festival is in a transitional phase. After years of growth and growing pains, the increasingly popular annual summer attraction has entered into a new partnership with Knoxville’s AC Entertainment, producers of Bonnaroo and other festivals. Founder JK McKnight decided to skip producing a full-scale weekend festival this year in order to have time … Continued

Art: Foiled again

Currently on display as part of the “Cuba Now” exhibit at 21c Museum Hotel, Alberto Casado’s paintings are luminescent and bold, reminiscent of stained glass or the glowing golds of Byzantine artwork. But they are made from materials you’ll find in most homes — ink, foil and glass. To create these works, Casado has employed … Continued

Coco Yam offers eclectic sound

Coco Yam is an eight-piece ensemble whose reach encompasses a decade’s worth of history about Louisville music. Nearly every member is also in two or more other groups, ranging from jazz and rock to hip-hop and avant-garde. The band swelled to as many as 15 at one point, but has since settled into its current … Continued

The Broken Spurs seize the moment

On April 13, 2010, The Broken Spurs anxiously waited backstage at Freedom Hall. The arena was packed to capacity, with 20,000 people eager for the band to play. This wasn’t just another show — they were opening for AC/DC. As the lights dimmed, guitarist Benny Clark expressed his fervor, letting loose a scream that echoed … Continued

Appalatin combine Latin music and mountain folk

Appalatin is an accidental band that, in all likelihood, never should have become a reality, at least not in Louisville. How six guys found their way from all over the world to meet here with a shared love of Latin music and mountain folk is serendipitous, indeed. Marriages, work and family are what lead most … Continued

Brit Beat

"Confetti and classics" Wedding season is now in full swing, and marching up the aisle with the bride and groom — alongside the sugary sweetness of the lovey-dovey stuff — comes the fear of choosing a wet whisper of an entrance tune or, worse, a totally naff first dance. Yes, if music be the food … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act, comedian, open mic or karaoke listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. WED JUL … Continued