Issue July 5, 2011

Newport, Ky.

Newport, Ky., is like Cincinnati’s cool cousin — it’s got all the hookups and none of the headaches of big-city life. Just a straight shot up Interstate 71, Newport is a burgeoning river town with a handful of must-visit tourist destinations including the Newport Aquarium and the Hofbrauhaus. It’s even got one of the coolest … Continued

Games without frontiers

My son’s little brother is learning to talk. It is one of the dearest joys of my life that I am friendly with my ex and her wonderful new family. As I occasionally work with clients in family court, I hurt for the number of people who have “less than perfect” arrangements with the co-parents … Continued

Operation Tree Hug

The U.S. military is embracing alternative energy — but not because of climate change. Up to half of the yearly American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan have been incurred guarding fuel convoys, and the Pentagon will no longer tolerate oil’s “burden in blood.” … Plans have been approved for dozens of solar-power installations at bases … Continued

From ‘Possibility City’ To ‘Super-Region’

In February, Democratic Mayor Greg Fischer joked that Louisville and Lexington were “dating,” eyeing each other as potential mates for an economic “super-region.” Last week came the promise ring, a loose commitment to a somewhat abstract concept. The official news was announced at the Clinton Global Initiative America event in Chicago. Fischer and Lexington Mayor … Continued

Back to the drawing board

In the week that saw Louisville Metro Animal Services’ 3705 Manslick Road shelter briefly shuttering its doors due to a viral outbreak, the city announced it would change course yet again in a nearly decade-long quest to turn around the troubled agency. Seemingly breaking a campaign pledge to replace MAS’ haphazard interim directorships with permanent … Continued

Leavenworth, Ind.

My favorite character on “Fraggle Rock” has always been Uncle Traveling Matt. In addition to slightly resembling the Indiana Jones-inspired Muppet creation, I also share his love of exploring unknown territories, having adventures and sending postcards to loved ones. This yearning to discover more about the human world, some place scary but exhilarating and far … Continued

Mucca Pazza: The Greatest Show on Earth

It’s safe to say you haven’t seen many bands like Chicago’s Mucca Pazza. Their two-dozen or so members play a circus-like mix of marching band, jazz, modern classical and avant-garde music with a punky attitude and an every-night-is-New-Year’s-Eve mission. LEO spoke with members Jeff Thomas (guitar) and Gary Kalar (mandolin). LEO: How did this evolve … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act, comedian, open mic or karaoke listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. WED JUL … Continued

Me Vs. Music

"Kid, we’re trying to make you cool." Being a kid is not easy. Remember the years of pimples and learning to walk without feeling that our limbs are poorly matched to our bodies? Those of us with younger family members try to help them by offering a few pointers. Don’t worry about your walk. It … Continued

Inbox — July 6, 2011

Walk On By Thank you, friend Joe Manning, for putting into fine words (LEO Weekly, June 29) the tragedy it is that the space left vacant by a place that held so much meaning for me and for so many has been filled by a place that is just … a place. When I first … Continued


I’m going to die. That I’ll die in July is a bit of a letdown, as I don’t want mourners to have to endure agonizing heat at my funeral, sweating through their suits and dresses for my benefit. That I’ll die surrounded by 20,000 hipsters, those funky Red Bull-and-vodka-swilling masses, depresses me to no end. … Continued


<MUSIC> Thursday, July 7 Devin Townsend Phoenix Hill Tavern 644 Baxter Ave. • 589-4957 $15; 7:30 p.m. In the mid-’90s, heavy music was in an awkward stage. The instrumental leaps made from the thrash innovations of Slayer, Metallica, et al. had lead to the dead end of death metal, where Cookie Monster grumbling and … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: [REC] 2 2011; $19.95, R The original “[rec],” about a TV film crew who finds themselves quarantined inside an apartment building where a horrific virus has infected the residents, was the scariest damn movie we ever saw. This much-anticipated sequel picks up just moments later when medics and a SWAT team … Continued

Theater: ‘As You Like It’ in the ’60s

‘As You Like It’ Part of the annual Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. Directed by Rob Clare. Continues through July 10 in Central Park, 1340 S. Fourth St. For more information, go to Now in its 51st season, the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival pays homage to its early roots with a likeable, 1960s-flavored production of “As You … Continued

Film: Molehills out of mountains

‘The Last Mountain’ Documentary directed by Bill Haney. Rated PG; 1:35. Opens Friday at Village 8 Theatres.  LEO Report Card: B+ Let’s face it — the mountaintop removal thing is kind of done, right? Massey is going to get their coal, so what do you want me to do about it? Recycle more? I suppose … Continued

Road trip to Rick’s White Light pays off in good eats

I settled in, craving a po’boy, and asked the gent behind the counter what seemed like a simple question: “This month doesn’t have an ‘R’ in it. How are the oysters?” The raspy-voiced guy in the ball cap shot me a grin. “Are you kidding? You’re thinking about Gulf oysters. These are from Chesapeake Bay, … Continued

Bar Belle: Dog Days are here

I wrote a few months ago about the possibility of getting a dog. Most of you responded in kind — “Don’t do it,” “Kiss happy hour goodbye,” “The only walks you should be doing are the ones home from a bar.” Well, I listened to you and continued on my path of solitude. I was … Continued

Comedy: No balls allowed

When I say this show has no balls, no one involved will take any offense in the least. The second annual “No Balls of Meat: All Female Comedy Contest” kicks off this weekend with a preliminary round featuring 12 comics who all share the XX chromosome. Founded last year by comedians Teresa McCammon and Janelle … Continued

Book: Two local authors deliver thrills

There’s a pair of readings coming up this week where proven local talents show off what’s new — and you might get a shiver or two. Kevin Gibson — whose reliable byline has graced LEO and other periodicals around town for a long time — is presenting his first novel, “The Liberation of Crystal Hill.” … Continued

Art: A trip down America’s accidental highway

The Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany is a quietly elegant building. The outside is red brick, and walking inside, you find yourself between two white-walled, gray-carpeted rooms surrounded by faux-marble Grecian columns leading to a white arched ceiling and skylight. The simplicity of the building is a perfect complement to its … Continued

Industry Standard: Insider info for those who dine out

With the economy barely keeping its feet amid record unemployment levels, I thought I’d give you a peek behind the kitchen office door — and perhaps educate a few job seekers — with a look at the restaurant hiring process. This industry encompasses a wide range of workplaces, from the smallest mom-and-pop-do-almost-everything establishment to giant … Continued


Was that last Budos Band a little repetitive? Good, but a retread of their excellent first two albums? As fun as the nu-funk movement is, it’s easy to see the end of the rainbow. The playing may stay top-notch, but the freshness has worn off; painting-by-numbers is much more prevalent. Ocote Soul Sounds, the Latin-funk … Continued

Homebois in Outerspace

The scene: a mother and daughter in a studio. The toddler is there to say a few words for a hook, a reference to an Internet meme from a couple years back. The daughter, obviously well-behaved, balks at the request at what she’s asked to say, and her protests are golden. Played in family court, … Continued


Satire is the smartest and most honest form of comedy. Spoofing is cheap and has no shelf life. As a little guy, I loved Al Yankovic, had all his records, and later, tapes, and played them repeatedly on family road trips. I’ve kept up, as my brother still counts himself a fan. I’ll chuckle upon … Continued

David Comes to Life

Hardcore opera. Those are the words we’re going to go with to describe David Comes to Life, Fucked Up’s third full-length album. It tells the story of a factory worker (spoiler alert: His name is David) who falls in love with a girl named Veronica. They build a bomb together as an act of protest. … Continued