Issue July 2, 2013

A flavor is born

Erica Parker has a pretty distinctive, no-nonsense way of creating a new ice cream flavor. “If somebody says they want bleu cheese ice cream,” says The Comfy Cow production manager, “I want to make sure there is no doubt it’s bleu cheese ice cream.” Never mind that bleu cheese ice cream sounds disgusting; if that’s … Continued

That joke isn’t funny anymore

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Will. Isn’t he great? Don’t you just love seeing seasoned semi-professionals at these open-mic events? You’d think they’d have rules against such a thing, you know, like with the Olympics or college sports: If you’ve done it for money, you can’t share the stage with those of us who … Continued

My war with the squirrels

When I heard my wife call out, “Wow, your German Johnson grew three inches overnight,” it took me a couple of seconds to process the news. At first I wondered if she had spontaneously begun reciting the contents of her email spam folder. But that didn’t seem right. She was out on the back porch … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: NURSE DIARY: WICKED FINGER 1979; $19.98; UR Yes, it’s another visit to the skin-obsessed world of Nikkatsu Studios, Japan’s infamous adult-film juggernaut of the 1970s. This is the first in a trilogy of films featuring nurses, such as the one played by Etsuko Hara, secretly dating a hunky doctor at Murata … Continued


<FEST> Thursday, July 4 Kool & the Gang Waterfront Park (Great Lawn) Free; 5 p.m. There’s a party going on right here, July 4, and it’s headed by Kool & the Gang at the Waterfront Independence Festival. Original members of the Gang include drummer George Brown, alto sax player Dennis Thomas and the Bell … Continued


Core strength Since the spring of 2010, Louisville hardcore punks Written Off have been unflinchingly honest, making their name by playing the type of music they want, how they want it. But Written Off aren’t all serious. On the one-sheet for their impending 7-inch record, they lampoon the state of Louisville music, decrying the city … Continued

Cheyenne Mize: Time is on her side

To become a professional musician, Cheyenne Mize had to give up the idea that time still moves at the same speed it does for other people. In this version of reality, a drive from Alaska to Michigan between shows is a day at the office. An album primarily recorded in December 2011 can become a … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed JUL 3 Air Devils … Continued

Thinking inside the (bike) box

Mayor Greg Fischer suggests there are three types of people in the city: those who will ride their bicycles on anything, those who will never use their bicycle as a regular form of transportation, and those who might, if certain conditions existed. Managing the desires of these three vastly different groups is a balancing act … Continued

Supreme equality

Last week’s landmark ruling by the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which had prevented married same-sex couples from receiving more than 1,000 federal spousal benefits. The strongly worded majority opinion declared that the 1996 law “violates basic due process and equal protection,” “demeaned” and “humiliated” gay … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: I’m a newly aware bicurious woman newly wed to the man of my dreams. Before our wedding, I hooked up with my first lady-crush, and now I’ve opened a Pandora’s box of potential threesomes. My husband is supportive and enjoys the bonus of getting to fulfill all of his MFF fantasies. In addition, my … Continued

Inbox — July 3, 2013

Great Writing The June 19 LEO Weekly cover story about Deric Lostutter and the Steubenville rape case shows Joe Sonka is a good investigative reporter and also a writer — a damn good one. I couldn’t stop reading as he chased this interesting story with words and wondered if he could capture it. He did! … Continued

Film: Just say yes to ‘Drugs’

‘How to Make Money Selling Drugs’ Documentary directed by Matthew Cooke. Starring 50 Cent, Eminem, Susan Sarandon and Woody Harrelson. NR; 1:36. Starts Friday at Village 8 Theatres. LEO Report Card: A- For at least a solid 20 minutes into “How to Make Money Selling Drugs,” I thought I had found my next career path. … Continued

Kentucky’s nectar and fine fare lift Bourbons Bistro

With apologies to Bulwer-Lytton, it really was a dark and stormy night. Rain pounded down. Thunder rolled and lightning flashed — and smartphones throughout the dim room flashed red, pink and green, too, as diners nervously checked the weather radar. Suddenly a rumbling, clanking roar rang out! It sounded just like a freight train! A … Continued

Bar Belle: Electric youth

Remember a few weeks ago when I lamented how I’m not going on any vacations this summer? That’s still true, and sad, but apparently this is my year of live music. In addition to seeing Madonna, Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift earlier this year, last week I saw five amazing singers/groups within six days of … Continued

Comedy: Henry Phillips — What a way to live

It’s hard to say what you’re going to get from Henry Phillips’ show. Is it a concert? Is it stand-up? Is it something in between? My money is on the latter, but you never really know when it comes to this kind of show. Phillips has also proven himself with the critical acclaim of his … Continued

Book: The talented Mr. Thomas

‘The Black Russian’ By Vladimir Alexandrov. Atlantic Monthly Press; 304 pgs., $25. True stories can often be more unbelievable than the most fantastic fiction. The life of Frederick Thomas, born a free man in Mississippi just four years after the Civil War, begs for cinema’s sweeping scope — if the average moviegoer would accept the … Continued

Close Encounters

Nothing like some friendly competition to bring out the best in you. Island Earth, home to Villebillies, Bass Drum Aliens, Josh Woods and their affiliates, teams up for the inevitable “crew” record, and surprisingly, turns out some of the strongest material any of the individual acts have made in their careers. It appears to largely … Continued


The buzz on trumpeter Terence Blanchard’s new album is almost deafening, and rightly so. Magnetic is a tour de force, featuring his working group (saxophonist Brice Winston, pianist Fabian Almazan, bassist Joshua Crumbly and drummer Kendrick Scott), with appearances by Ron Carter, Ravi Coltrane and Lionel Loueke. The urgent, fragmented rhythms of the title track … Continued

Soft Will

Though the name Soft Will lacks the brash and youthful imperative of Dye it Blonde, Smith Westerns’ latest finds the band sharpening their songwriting chops while further dialing back the fuzz. This isn’t to say they’ve gone soft in their old age (these once-child stars are now in their early 20s). Where they once came … Continued


That the term “muscular” can be applied to any release by Sigur Rós reveals a profound shift in their musical lexicon. While undeniably Sigur Rós, their seventh full-length record, Kveikur, sees the band exploring sounds remarkably more aggressive than on previous outings, most notably with opener “Brennisteinn,” which sounds heavily influenced by fellow Icelander Ben … Continued