Issue May 3, 2011

Nightlife Guide 2011: A day in the night

Freddie’s — leave your plastic (and your high-horse) at home BY JONATHAN MEADOR Under a moonlight-blue lamp and situated above and to the left of the register (cash-only, please) hangs a black-and-white photograph of Fred Scarlott, owner of Freddie’s 220 Bar & Lounge, clad in his U.S. Navy uniform: Youthful, spry and handsome, the … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your club, comedian, musical act or karaoke listed, please send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.     … Continued

Vandervelde and friends’ raw vibe

David Vandervelde has been playing music since he was 14 and gained notice for collaborations with the late Jay Bennett of Wilco. Today, the Michigan native is winning over listeners with his classic-rock attitude, delivered on an indie budget. LEO caught up with him as he neared town for a not-so-traditional Derby weekend bill with … Continued

Rocking from London to Bowling Green

Even on a cloudy day/I keep my eyes fixed on the sun: Such not-quite-sunny determination (heard on the single “Shake Me Down”) has been the attitude that works for Bowling Green’s Cage the Elephant on the road to getting out their fabulously well-received second album, Thank You Happy Birthday. As guitarist Brad Shultz tells LEO, … Continued


Download This Little Brothers, the new-ish band led by Michael Weis (formerly of The Grand Prize), are making their new EP, Nostalgia Trip 2011, available online. Go to to learn more. The six-song collection is available for free, or you can make a payment, if you would like to support local artists. Faux Mahones … Continued

Nightlife Guide 2011: Bar Guide Listings

Here I sit, hungover and slow, A fun night was certainly worth it, though. I drank lots of beer And as bedtime came near, I ordered another round So now my head does pound. I love Louisville’s bars, but don’t know what to say, I’ve gotta come up with something original in a creative way. … Continued

Nightlife Guide 2011: Mic check

Open mics seem to exist in the ether, a remnant of Beatnik culture that still permeates through the world of live performance. They’re art for the sake of art. They’re where the greats started their careers, found their voices and made their names — names like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and George Carlin. Open mics … Continued


<CELEB> Wednesday, May 3 Alexis Mateo Hotel Nightclub Fourth Street Live $5; 8 p.m. Alexis Mateo had little chance of winning “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on the Logo channel this season. The Puerto Rican native placed third on the competition series, but in my personal contest of drag queens with whom I would like to have … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: I SAW THE DEVIL 2011; $26.95-$29.95, UR Korean director Kim Ji-woon (“A Tale of Two Sisters”) jumps into the revenge-flick business with both feet in this two-and-a-half-hour ode to unrelenting, brutal retribution. Byung-hun Lee stars as a secret agent who implants a tracking device in serial killer Min-sik Choi. Why? So … Continued

The Taste Bud: Dairy Kastle keeps it cheap and easy

Perhaps the flooding is finally behind us. To be perfectly honest, I am tired of working on that ark I started building in my back yard last week, and am plenty ready to get the spring and summer under way (as opposed to underwater). And so as I drove by Dairy Kastle recently and noted … Continued

Burger or bánh mì? New cheap eats abound

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Actually, not to be wimpy about it, I would gladly pay daily for a gourmet-style hamburger at Bluegrass Burgers. And when finished, I wouldn’t at all mind running a few blocks down the street for a daily Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich at NamNam Café. Both … Continued

Industry Standard: Insider info for those who dine out

Happy Derby week! Enjoy your light workload, unless you’re a hospitality worker in Louisville. You’ll be pulling horses’ names (written on tiny paper slips) out of Styrofoam cups; getting off early to attend (or evade) the parade; and showing off your hat. It’s our week, people! Are your relatives in town? Perhaps your brother and … Continued

Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

My brother and I were sitting in a pub, criticizing the menu but praising the beer list. We had just come from an Asian restaurant where we’d done the flip side: lauded the food but damned the drink. It’s always like this: We have to go at least two places to find true satisfaction. I … Continued

Culture: In their own words

Long before the Biography channel or VH1’s “Behind the Music,” there were celebrity autobiographies — where the high and mighty would recount their life stories for all the world to read and pick apart. Name anyone who’s anyone, and it’s just about guaranteed they have their sordid tales told in the pages of a paperback … Continued

Art: Haunted by the art

Even before Michelle Amos opened up her new installation at Zephyr Gallery, people were trying to get in. “It took about a week to install, and while I was working, people walking by would stop and knock and try to come in,” she says. It is easy to see, even from the other side of … Continued


Being easily confused by science, I’ve always been fascinated by special effects. How do they do it? As an obsessive music nerd, I hear a lot of new releases, and I’m always impressed when I hear someone today making a record that sounds like it was recorded a long time ago. I know it has … Continued

Helplessness Blues

Ah, the dreaded curse of the sophomore album. When Fleet Foxes emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, in 2008 with a stunning EP and an instant-classic full-length album, they set a high bar for themselves and for their fans’ expectations. After a wait, they have returned with a follow-up that’s basically more of the same, which … Continued

Middle Brother

This self-titled debut features the vocal and songwriting talents of Deer Tick’s John McCauley, Delta Spirit’s Matt Vasquez and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. Each of the frontmen takes a turn singing lead and penning songs on the album, which might give potential listeners a reason to fear that the record will feel disjointed and bizarre. … Continued

Family Favourites

Despite carrying a hefty résumé of high-caliber collaborators over the years, The Big Eyes Family Players — a project primarily revolving around artist James Green — has operated just under the radar of notoriety during the band’s decade-long existence. The latest release is a reworked retrospective of sorts as it features old songs, new songs … Continued