Issue April 29, 2014

Nightlife Guide 2014: A snapshot of Louisville’s favorite bars

Sergio’s World of Beers 1605 Story Ave., 618-2337 Sergio’s is the Land of a Thousand Beers. Literally. Tucked away in the Butchertown neighborhood, what Sergio’s lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in having the widest damn beer selection you will find in the Metro area. Odds are, you will be able to … Continued


By Kim Green “Turn around,” the frat boy grinned. Clearly he was impressed by the ensemble I’d selected: matching print blouse and knee pants, featuring a vaguely airbrushy orange-and-black beach sunset pattern. I’d picked out the material myself with my mom, who’s always been a whiz with a sewing machine. “Commmere and look at this … Continued

Book: Andy made it after all

‘Potluck Supper With Meeting to Follow’ By Andy Sturdevant. Coffee House Press; 224 pgs., $22. Louisvillian Andy Sturdevant left his hometown in 2005 for Minneapolis. Since, he has thrived as an artist, writer, arts administrator and man-about-town, connecting creative types of all stripes. His first book was published recently, and LEO checked in with the … Continued

LEO local and Yarmuth once again!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 15 years since I first met John Yarmuth. He was holed up in his street-view office when LEO resided in the Billy Goat Strut building on East Main. His office was cluttered from ceiling to floor with golf publications, crumpled up newspapers and various knickknacks one acquires from … Continued

The Derby is contagious and outrageous

Growing up in Louisville, the Derby has always been a part of my life. When I was a kid, it meant having cookouts with family, getting to drink soda and watching adults scream at the television during the race. One of my favorite activities was looking at all of the new license plates of people … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: BROWNIAN MOVEMENT 2010; $22.98-$24.98; UR This Dutch look at marriage, freedom and sexual expression as a wonder — as in, “We wonder how this woman can still walk after all that sex!” The woman in question is mature, pixie-ish German actress Sandra Hüller, who plays a respected married doctor with a … Continued

Nightlife Guide 2014: Infusion confusion

When the tea-infused hooch Hillbilly Tea sold for two years suddenly disappeared off the menu back in December, it wasn’t because the drinks weren’t popular. Customers loved them and were constantly giving feedback, says owner Karter Louis. It was the Alcoholic Beverage Control department that took issue with the hooch, leading to its removal from … Continued

Defining American

Immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas visited Louisville last week to screen his new documentary, “Documented,” which tells his amazing story of becoming a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist while secretly being an undocumented immigrant, and the journey he took once he decided to reveal his legal status and risk deportation in an effort to push forward immigration … Continued

Nightlife Guide 2014: Bar Guide

Welcome to LEO’s annual Nightlife Guide, where we provide locals and out-of-towners with all the pertinent details needed to have a great time running amok in Derby City. This year, we scoured the Metro and left no bar unturned in our quest to provide you with a full list of all the watering holes the … Continued


<MUSIC> Wednesday, April 30 International Jazz Day Louisville Free Public Library 301 W. York St. Free; noon Start your day off with the ultimate party, celebrating International Jazz Day at the downtown branch of the library. Party! From noon until 1 p.m., U of L Jazz Program director Michael Tracy will perform with students … Continued

Taste Bud: Everyone’s a regular at Wall Street Café

You know you’re in a neighborhood hangout when the server already knows what you’re going to order. And your first name. And the first names of all your friends. And that’s exactly what Wall Street Café in Jeffersonville is. When my dad invited me to join him and his buddies for breakfast at the quaint … Continued

Industry Standard: Insider info for those who dine out

What? What did you say? I’m sorry, what? We nod, we smile. We cup our hands behind our ears. We attempt lip-reading. There is a number of times (right between four and five, I believe) that Americans can bear to ask and re-ask “What did you say?” After that, all bets are off. We nod … Continued

Comedy: From Boston to Scrabble with Matt Graham

Louis C.K., Marc Maron and David Cross are some of the biggest names in comedy, but there was a time when those guys thought Matt Graham was going to be the next big thing. As happens, life often gets in the way of dreams, and Graham (who is also a world-renowned Scrabble player) ended up … Continued

Inbox — April 30, 2014

Correction An incorrect photo ran next to Chuck MF Deuce’s Derby story in last week’s issue. LEO regrets the error. U of L Remains Committed to the West End A recent LEO column in which Ricky L. Jones announced the end of the University of Louisville’s involvement in the Saturday Academy (LEO Weekly, April 16) … Continued

Up to 11

Music by chance In Salem, Mass., people were lining up in droves at the Peabody Essex Art Museum to hear what it sounded like when 70 zebra finches played the electric guitar and bass with their claws and beaks. Ten Les Paul guitars and four Thunderbird basses were suspended horizontally from the floor on stands … Continued

Derby Derby do

If you haven’t heard, it’s Derby Week in Louisville, Ky., which means that, as always, the eyes of the world are upon us. So, of course, some of the world’s best, most exciting musicians are coming to play — it’s like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Forecastle and Times Square on New Year’s Eve rolled into one. WEDNESDAY … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed APR 30 Baxter’s 942 … Continued


Reap what you sow When LEO first met White Reaper in 2012, they were a modest-yet-promising two-piece punk band eagerly anticipating their debut performance; a year and a half later, they’re a ferocious power trio who just landed their first record deal, and they’ve got their sights set on the national stage. Originally composed of … Continued

Goin’ back to Cali

How did a Derby that once seemed so simple get so confusing? For weeks, this horse handicapper has been going around telling everyone that there are only two horses in the 140th Kentucky Derby: California Chrome, and All the Others. A neatly wrapped notion to kick off any horse talk: Either California Chrome will win … Continued

Locavore Lore

What comes to mind when you think of traditional Kentucky cuisine? Hot browns, burgoo, perhaps the odd squirrel-tail stew? Little do many folks know that our fair state has a long, storied history on the sweeter side of the kitchen, with bluegrass bakers shaping American culinary traditions since the frontier days. This is the story … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

I’ve heard your calls for bisexuals to come out to their friends and family, and I think it’s a great idea. Here’s my conundrum: I’m not sure I technically classify as “bisexual.” I’m a 40-year-old guy who strongly prefers sex with women to men (percentage-wise I’m 70/30). I’ve had sex with dudes in the past … Continued

Derby at heart

Louisville’s own Damaris Phillips is the chef/host of “Southern at Heart,” which airs Sunday mornings at 10 on Food Network. This week’s episode focused on her favorite horse-based holiday, and she shared these recipes that every Louisvillian can make:   Hot Browns with Pimento Cheese Mornay 1 bone-in turkey breast half (about 2 pounds)? 4 … Continued

Art: The creation myth

It’s easy to dismiss the things that move us as a byproduct of natural talent — or perhaps a divine gift from the gods of good art. It’s harder to acknowledge that behind most of the pieces of art, music or performances that inspire us is a method and legwork. “Print & Process,” the latest … Continued