Issue April 26, 2011

The ABCs of Derby

Arrested: Believe it or not, your chances of getting arrested at Churchill Downs on Derby Day are slim. Extreme drunkenness, nudity and public urination are typically ignored, meaning you have to be a total fucking moron (see “Porta-Potty Surfing” below) to end up in handcuffs. In 2010, police arrested only 66 degenerates out of a … Continued

Song of the South (Home Hurts)

I’m standing my ground this year. The bright green tie I bought for Derby last year was vetoed by my lady. But that ugly, green S.O.B. is making it onto my neck in this year’s ensemble — as god as my witness, it is. I like getting gussied up now and then just to prove … Continued

Abandoned hope

Angela Zito doesn’t have a realtor’s license. She doesn’t possess a degree in city planning, and she’s the first to admit she’s not a formally trained expert on the Great Recession-inspired zeitgeist of urban decay. But after noticing the state of several abandoned, dilapidated buildings surrounding her daughter Elise’s school, Byck Elementary, the self-described stay-at-home-mom … Continued

Up to speed

Going out on a limb. A leap of faith. The Derby’s wide open this year. Clichés for sure — and we’ll probably need every one of them to get Brilliant Speed home in the 2011 Kentucky Derby. Three weeks ago, Brilliant Speed won the Blue Grass Stakes in Lexington. But the horse has arrived at … Continued

Inbox — May 4, 2011

Correction Last week’s theater review of “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” incorrectly identified one of the actors. The actress who played Fabiana Aziza Cunningham is Meg Caudill. Green Perspective Seems to me that your Green Zeitgeist Radar in the April 20 LEO Weekly is out of whack. Of course, most of LEO’s staff was … Continued

Too marvelous for words

A couple weeks ago, Sen. John Kyl (R-Ariz.) — while addressing his colleagues and the nation at large from the Senate floor — said something that got a lot of attention. His actual comment isn’t really that important; he was talking about Planned Parenthood, and, honestly, whenever anybody says anything about Planned Parenthood, somebody else … Continued

The Derby forecast

The National Revelry Service in Louisville has issued a severe carousal warning for the first week in May. A widespread rowdy front will remain nearly stationary across Kentucky and Southern Indiana through Saturday, May 7. There is potential for a perfect storm of merrymaking that will move slowly throughout the region, causing widespread pagan rituals, … Continued

Plugged In

Wednesday, April 27 11th Frame: Karaoke with Allen; 9 p.m., free (R) The Bard’s Town: De Blenniss’ one-man show "Just Say Know"; 8 p.m., $3 (donation) BBC 4th Street: Songwriters showcase with Ashley Burchett; 7 p.m., free, (R) Blu: Craig Wagner & Carly Johnson; 7 p.m., free (R) Buffalo Wild Wings, St. Matthews: Emily Clark … Continued


The kingdom of Kong The legendarily danceable King Kong is scheduled to perform Friday at 9 p.m. at the Monkey Wrench, with burlesque troupe Cirque Airotica and DJ Matt Anthony. Dreamland After four years of screening movies in backyards and nightclubs, the Louisville Film Society is launching their first permanent space. The Dreamland Film Center … Continued

Young Widows’ otherworldly triumph

What does it take to keep a band going forward with hard-edged rock that’s mesmerizing but also thought-provoking? For local trio Young Widows, it seems to require some bold restlessness. They’ve previously experimented with making tracks that combined live and studio recordings. For their new CD In and Out of Youth and Lightness, they worked … Continued

Bargain bridges?

The proposed reduction in the controversial Ohio River Bridges Project continues to generate mixed reactions ranging from celebration to skepticism among opponents with mixed agendas. In January, the governors of Kentucky and Indiana and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced a plan to trim $500 million from the cost of the $4.1 billion project by rebuilding … Continued

Inbox — April 27, 2011

LEO Jones I’ve been reading LEO for the past six months. I like it! You’re becoming the Mother Jones of Louisville. Keep up the good investigative reporting. Peter E. Tanguay, Louisville Not So Taxing Rich (in name only) Mills in his letter last week assumed that all of the poor are families who get the … Continued

Wolves in the hen house

In an office building off Brownsboro Road, some 20 people mill about the open, carpeted conference room, inspecting the computer printouts and Xeroxed pages that line the walls as if they were paintings in an art gallery. News cameramen are at the ready, filming interviews with members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by … Continued


<THEATER> Wednesday, April 27 ‘Solo Command Performances’ Thrust Theatre 2314 S. Floyd St. • 852-6814 Free; 7 p.m. Nine U of L graduate students are out to make you laugh, cry and experience every emotion in between at tonight’s “Solo Command Performances.” The plays, penned by the theater students, cover a wide range of genres, … Continued

Film: Sounds of silence

The Dreamland Film Center will open its doors for the first time on Saturday with a fundraiser and special screening of “Six Silent Films in Search of a Soundtrack.” This 16-mm mash-up will feature classics from the pre-Vitaphone era, with live musical accompaniment by Sapat — Louisville’s own jammy, garage-adelic rock collective. If you’re like … Continued

Locavore Lore: A face on food

Farmers markets have sprouted up — 24 of them to be exact — in every part of town, every day of the week. The rising demand for local produce has helped farmers markets thrive, and it has made it increasingly easy for consumers to get fresh local produce with regularity. It’s worth noting that fresher … Continued

Bar Belle: Stained

Once a fan, always a fan. That’s the glass-half-full version of my truth. Others might say I’m a lot like herpes — impossible to get rid of and annoying to be around. I’m gonna shoot for somewhere in the middle — I’m kinda like a white stain on a blue dress … I may get … Continued

A Brit’s guide to the Royal Wedding

This week, I knew Royal Wedding fever had finally caught on in the Bluegrass State when the frenzied excitement (shared by a few when they would hear my English accent) reached a new cheesy level. Yes, thanks to Louisville’s Papa John’s, the world could see the future king and queen of England on a deep-pan … Continued

Three of Chelsea’s finest

Sarah Colonna, Brad Wollack and Josh Wolf are some of the hottest writers and stand-up comedians in Hollywood. All three, however, are better known for their regular appearances on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” and as the stars of the spin-off pseudo reality series “After Lately” (Wolf appears sporadically). With comedian Chelsea Handler as their fearless leader, … Continued

Art: Wherefore art thou horses and hats?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink bourbon. It’s Derby time again, with artists, galleries and museums doing their part for the “Run for the Roses.” Jeaneen Barnhart has a reputation around town as an equine artist extraordinaire, whose energy results from her quick drawing technique. Her Derby exhibition, … Continued

Van Wars

Hard rock and heavy metal fans can be well-informed and quick to champion new favorites. Just as often, however, they can tend to want the same thing over and over — Sabbath riffs and lyrics about hot rods being tireless favorites — with no sudden upgrades to a format that has held up remarkably well … Continued

The Brilliance

 The pairing of emcee Jalin Roze with producer Josh La Rock should have every hip-hop group in Louisville quaking in their headphones. Better than that, it should leave them inspired and hungry, as the bar has been raised. Louisville hip-hop does not have to be “local.” Roze’s The Brilliance will end up in my favorites … Continued

A Jillion Kicks

Heypenny are capable of defying expectations now and again (as with the “Voodoo Child” quotation in “Water,” or the surprisingly funky “Give Me the Ball”), but mostly, they’re content to let A Jillion Kicks simply glide along, rarely varying in tempo or tone. The differences, then, are in the subtle details that distinguish the often … Continued

Move (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

 Technology has made it much simpler lately to create a brave new world in one’s cramped, debris-strewn studio apartment. Another 7 Astronauts, the vision of world-class drummer J.C. Denison (Lucky Pineapple, Invaders, Cheyenne Marie Mize), is such a world. Granted, it’s not an entirely new world. If you are familiar with modern composers like Brian … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST 1968; $24.95, PG-13 Simply put: The greatest spaghetti western ever made, now on Blu-ray. With a story by Sergio Leone, Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento, starring steely-eyed killer Henry Fonda and tough-as-nails beauty Claudia Cardinale, and shot in Monument Valley — site of John … Continued