Issue April 23, 2013

Horse tales

The 139th Kentucky Derby Mystery begins with a pair of standout favorites — the unusually named Orb and the neatly named Verrazano. Toss in a handful of promising contenders, a wild card from Ireland, and a real, live dark horse, and you’ve got another Derby head-scratcher. A confounding cast of 3-year-old thoroughbreds ready to write … Continued

Love is a rose

The monster got away. I had walked up to the store out on the state road, and I was gone for a couple hours. It had never been a problem before. He would always sleep during the day, but sure enough, when I got home, the latch was busted, and the monster was gone. It’s … Continued

Hands-free Internet

“Three prominent venture capital funds want software developers to know they are on the hunt for apps and software for Google Glass, the company’s Internet-connected glasses. They are trying not to miss out on wearable computing, which many analysts say could be the net big wave of tech investing … and (they want developers) to … Continued

We three drinks

Whether you live here or you’re only in town for the ponies, chances are good you’d like to have a few Derbytime drinks. Drinks you can sip respectably in broad daylight. Drinks steeped in nostalgia and tradition. Drinks that make you slap your knee and proclaim, “By God, I love Kentucky!” Well, never you worry … Continued

Revitalizing weirdness

The signature slogan “keep Louisville weird” prompts questions of genesis. Where, when and why did we get so endearingly eccentric? The answer begins in the mid-1970s on the River City Mall, an anemic scheme to revive Fourth Street (between Liberty and Broadway). Remembered for its wig shops, it attempted to solve a problem filmmaker Al … Continued

Waste not

As guests and media were bused into the heart of LG&E’s Mill Creek power plant facility, past billowing smokestacks and a mountain of coal combustion waste, it seemed an unlikely setting for an Earth Day celebration. But that’s exactly what Monday was billed as, with the utility company and elected leaders praising the announcement of … Continued

Inbox — April 24, 2013

Finding Complexity The April 3 cover story concerning the hidden and growing epidemic of genetically modified foods motivated me to learn more about the spider web of issues that expand from this international issue. My A.P. Literature teacher Mr. Metzger would be proud of the LEO editing staff, as he can often be heard saying … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK 2012; $19.98-$39.98; R Local lass Jennifer Lawrence stumbled away with the Best Actress Oscar for her work in this lively drama; and rightly so, turning a good, if unremarkable indie potboiler into something quite amazing. Bradley Cooper stars as a man starting his life over, forced to move … Continued

Me Vs. Music

I go round I haven’t had the chance to change CDs in my car in a very long time, not since I got my car back from the body shop two years ago, after 25 feet of my neighbor’s tree fell on it. Now, I have loaded the car with the music that got me … Continued


<MUSIC> Wednesday, April 24 WFPK Waterfront Wednesday Waterfront Park — Big Four Lawn Free, 6 p.m. After forming in early 2006, Ra Ra Riot experienced a quick climb to fame, attributed to their energetic performances and catchy demo. Offering a taste of baroque pop and, more recently, synth pop, the band has branched out … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed APR 24 Air Devils … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

DEAR READERS: Last week was made of problems. The bombing of the Boston Marathon, the explosion that leveled a small town in Texas, the rising tide of antigay violence in France, the North Koreans being North Koreans. And when I sat down to write this week’s column — while the manhunt was still under way … Continued


Crescent Hill Radio eyes FM license When Kathy Weisbach launched Crescent Hill Radio three years ago with a restored 1937 Zenith radio that belonged to her grandfather and an AM1000 Rangemaster transmitter, she only planned to play vintage radio programs, mostly over the Internet. But on Sunday, April 28 — with the community Low Power … Continued

Film: ‘Like Katrina without the storm’

‘Burn’ Documentary directed by Tom Putnam and Brenna Sanchez. NR; 1:26. Detroit is the hottest town in the country, but not in a good way. The city sees an average of 30 fires a night, easily the most of any major U.S. metropolitan area. What would be an incredible stress on any fire department is … Continued

The amazing adventures of Houndmouth

How was your winter? Mine wasn’t great — but Houndmouth’s was awesome. After recording their first full-length album, From the Hills Below the City (due June 4), they hit the road, traveling all over the United States and, for the first time, in Europe, sharing stages with the Drive-By Truckers, Lucero, Alabama Shakes and Grace … Continued

Locavore Lore: Butter with a kick

It was a chance encounter at the Douglass Loop Farmers Market back in December. At one of those booths where I don’t usually stop, a man was smiling in my direction, inviting my husband and me to sample his product. Normally the business of sampling gives me a mild case of heebie-jeebies. If I try … Continued

Industry Standard: Insider info for those who dine out

Derby again already? I feel like I’m still recovering from last year. Since my column is usually published the last Wednesday of each month, I’ve written a few Derby week columns over the last five-plus years. I started out aiming to reread them this morning, thinking, “Well, I don’t want to repeat myself.” First impressions: … Continued

Bar Belle: It’s a Wonderful Derby

As do most of you residing in this here river city, I live for Derby. It gives me an excuse to go crazy, make bad decisions and spend way too much money. Going to the gym is last on my list, as are household chores, proper hygiene and etiquette, grocery shopping, calling Mom, keeping up … Continued

Comedy: Brian Regan is still having fun

After three decades on the road, Brian Regan has become one of the most respected comedians around, performing in front of millions. He has recently appeared with peers/fans like Marc Maron on the “WTF” podcast and Jerry Seinfeld on the video series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” LEO: How many years have you been coming … Continued

Art: Racing art

The Kentucky Derby is surrounded by tradition, so much so that many festivities repeat year after year. It’s up to the creatives in town to envision new ways to celebrate an event that’s been around since 1875. The Gallery at The Brown Hotel (Fourth and Broadway, features an annual Derby art show. This year’s … Continued


That Wolf leads with “Fuck You” as the introductory vocal is a fair indication of what to expect. Known for controversy, Tyler and his Odd Future crew are ever apt to offend, casually throwing out race, gender and sexually-oriented epithets with a cavalier flair, as if to punctuate how little they care at who they … Continued

The Invisible Way

Since The Great Destroyer, Low seems compelled to hinge each successive album on the merit of one central idea, be that to rock out — not Low’s signature move — or to explore electronics. Surprisingly, Invisible both continues and breaks with that tradition, creating a record that embraces yet another thematic trope while managing to … Continued

Same Trailer Different Park

Kacey Musgraves’ major-label debut is an oasis of all I’ve needed from a songwriter; this album is immediately in the conversation of greats. The biting, smart-ass and maybe a little more-grown-than-her-years lyrics are a font of wit and depth. Each song is its own snapshot of middle — and Southern America, a glimpse into flyover … Continued

Samuel Street Songs

Drummer Bobby Falk’s second album showcases his playing, writing and arranging, with support from Luke Barker and Graeme Gardiner (saxophones), Kris Eans (trumpet/flugelhorn), John Arstingstall (guitar), Wade Honey (keys) and Lee Puckett (bass). His versions of Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne,” Pat Metheny’s “James,” and Dave Matthews’ “Crash Into Me” provide entry points for newcomers, balancing … Continued