Issue March 9, 2010

Flower power

Some people are born celebrities, their personalities too large to be contained. They become known at a relatively young age and become the subject of stories told by people they haven’t even met. A handful of these figures become known by a single moniker, shedding their given name forever: Prince. Madonna. Sting. Daisy. If you’ve … Continued

Will you civil union me?

I used to be politically active. I would regularly write letters to my representatives in Congress, sign petitions and attend protests. I volunteered at the Fairness Campaign booth at the State Fair in the 1990s, and kids from all over Kentucky would approach seeking information, asking questions I wouldn’t dare repeat to my mother. But … Continued

Possibility City? Possibly

Pop Quiz: What city has 390,000 energy consumers who could soon be saddled with a 12 percent overall rate hike, has no controlling stake in its power utilities, and isn’t Düsseldorf, Germany? That’s right, it’s Louisville, Ky. Possibility City. Mayor Jerry Abramson held a press conference last week to discuss the potential sale of LG&E … Continued

Bar Belle: Green Tie Crash

I can smell free drinks from a mile away … 3.5 miles, actually. I’ve experimented. So when I heard about Brightside’s annual Green Tie Bash last Friday, I knew I had to crash. It was sponsored by Brown-Forman, for chrissake … of course there was gonna be booze. And green just so happens to be … Continued

This Joe Davola won’t kibosh you

Fans of “Seinfeld” will remember “Crazy” Joe Davola as an ominous character, a violent psychotic who threatened to “put the kibosh” on people he didn’t like, which meant pretty much everyone. So who’d name a restaurant after that scary guy? The odd shtick works for partners James Tyler and Christopher Stockton, who push the Crazy … Continued

The Grape Escape: Tiny bubbles, in my wine

The entire world, it is said, is divided into two groups of people. I propose that one such division falls between those who love bubbles in their beverages and those who do not. Sparkling water, fizzy beer or the bubbly wine that reaches its peak of price (and maybe quality) in the French region called … Continued

Inbox — March 10, 2010

Good Times at Freedom Hall After reading c d kaplan’s article “Leaving the nest: Louisville Cardinals bid farewell to Freedom Hall” (LEO Weekly, March 3), I have a greater appreciation of what U of L fans and supporters are leaving behind. Born in 1978, Freedom Hall is all I’ve ever known as a home for … Continued

Closed for business

Retail sales and manufacturing data released last week may have spurred growing rumors of a recovering U.S. economy, but good luck discussing that over cigars and Cognac at Louisville’s once-storied downtown Jefferson Club. The private business club, which operated from the 29th floor of the PNC Plaza office tower, has shuttered after filing for bankruptcy … Continued

Mr. Smith Forgoes Washington

The story of Republican Sen. Jim Bunning’s one-man hijacking of the U.S. Senate is, for the fortunate among us, old news. In a nutshell: Four filibuster-filled days wherein legislation to extend unemployment and COBRA-health insurance benefits to hundreds of thousands of jobless Americans was held hostage by a junior senator from Kentucky, thankfully ending with … Continued

You don’t know SWAT

By late evening on June 25, 2007, Sharon Ramage had already swept the deck, cleaned the kitchen and ironed a freshly laundered load of clothes. That mundane housework was interrupted, however, when a loud explosion rocked the house. “I thought something blew up outside,” she says. “It shook the whole house.” The 60-year-old grandmother, who … Continued

Them Apples

Space novels that Robert Schneider read as a kid inspired Apples In Stereo’s new album, Travellers in Space and Time. Schneider, a founding member of the Elephant 6 collective, explains. LEO: How did the touring collaboration with The Generationals come about? Did you know them, being from Ruston, La.? Robert Schneider: Somebody gave it to … Continued


<COMEDY> March 10-13 Nicholas Anthony Comedy Caravan 1250 Bardstown Road • 459-0022 $8-$12; various times This weekend, Nicholas Anthony will be headlining at Comedy Caravan. He appeared as a finalist on two seasons of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and is Comedy Caravan’s youngest regular headliner. Raised in Minneapolis, Anthony relocated to Louisville because it … Continued

Hunter’s ground

Geoff Graham has seen the end of the world. Last October, the bassist for Baltimore’s Lower Dens worked for the United States Antarctic Program. His job was to provide logistical support for researchers on the continent while living in dormitories in McMurdo Station, population 1,100. “Before they let you go down there, they make sure … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your club, comedian, musical act or karaoke listed, please send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before publication. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. Wed. Mar. 10 11th Frame: … Continued

Theater: ‘Phoenix’ rises to the occasion

Phoenix Part of the 34th Humana Festival of New American Plays. Continues through March 27 at Actors Theatre. Directed by Aaron Posner. For tickets or more info, call 584-1205 or visit The Humana Festival of New American Plays is always an amazing time in Louisville and in theater in general because of the remarkable … Continued

Theater: Humana Festival lays rotten egg on ‘Ground’

Ground Part of the 34th Humana Festival of New American Plays. Continues through March 28 at Actors Theatre. Directed by Marc Masterson. For tickets or more info, call 584-1205 or visit A century ago, the Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov invented what might be called the iron law of dramatic foreshadowing. It goes something like … Continued

Theater: Laughing in sin with ‘Hell’s Awesome’

I picture heaven a very clean, cozy place full of polite and patient people, where there are unlimited free massages, dark chocolate, lots of greenery and happy woodland creatures. There is no loud noise, cigarette smoke or sporting events, the air smells like Snuggle dryer sheets, and Barbra Streisand sings all day long. But Corey … Continued

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with comedian Nicholas Anthony

This weekend, Nicholas Anthony will be headlining at Comedy Caravan. He appeared as a finalist on two seasons of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and is presently Comedy Caravan’s youngest regular headliner. Raised in Minneapolis, Anthony relocated to Louisville because it was a central location for a young comic who needed access to several major markets. … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS ASTRO BOY 2009; $16.95-$24.95, PG Astroboy is one of the longest-running, most successful characters in modern history, dating back to 1952 Japanese comic books, arriving as the first-ever anime in America in 1964 — a full three years before “Speed Racer” — and still it gets no respect. This latest version … Continued

Comedy: Joan Rivers is done with kissing ass

At 76, Joan Rivers is perhaps the hardest-working funny lady in show business today. Besides crashing the talk-show circuit on a regular basis and hawking jewelry on QVC, Rivers’ TV Land show “How’d You Get So Rich?” starts up again on May 5, her “E! Fashion Police” Oscar wrap-up show just aired Monday, her documentary … Continued

Book: Diary of a Godling

It’s not easy to pin down Divinity Rose. Hell, I feel like I am limiting her already just by scrunching her into journalistic form, but back off, man, I’m doing my best with this wild woman. Just one glance at her upcoming graphic novel, “Diaries of a Godling: The Promise,” and you see why she … Continued

Talking to You, Talking to Me

If you can forgive Chandra and Leigh Watson for skipping the Commonwealth and moving out to the Left Coast, Talking to You, Talking to Me will pleasantly surprise you. In the past, I’ve felt like their songs were musical marshmallows: tasty, but no real substance. The question was never if their voices sounded nice (they … Continued

Back In School

Neil Brewer is gifted, but Back In School hardly seems to be the best use of his abilities. All of these songs are whimsical and nostalgic of his childhood in Corydon, Ind., but every note seems rudimentary and juvenile. I’m sure this album would play well to elementary school ears, but I can’t imagine anyone … Continued

25th Anniversary Remaster Series

Two out of three ain’t bad. Celebrating their 25th year in business, Priority Records gives us three of the biggest albums, newly remastered. EPMD’s debut is an absolute classic, from “You Gots To Chill,” “It’s My Thing” to “Jane,” I had to have gone through at least two copies of this on tape before I … Continued

The Best Of

In 1960, blues enthusiast Chris Strachwitz and folklorist Mack McCormick went searching the Brazos River bottomlands in East Texas for players similar to Houston’s Lightning Hopkins. The man they found, sharecropper and songster Mance Lipscomb, was one of the most important vernacular music discoveries of the era. To call him a bluesman is to under-appreciate … Continued

The Monitor

“If we build the grand framing concept, great songs will naturally come to it.” That might be how singer Patrick Stickles imagines his own “Field of Dreams.” Last year’s Airing of Grievances introduced a band that could tee up pretentious songs, but then get a lot of good mileage (and some great, rough-edged surprises) out … Continued

Snakes for the Divine

Expectations can erect hurdles only overcome by a willingness to engage in repeat listens. The sum of this album’s noticeable dependence on recurrent musical themes and absurdly inaccessible vocals will likely be repellent to the uninitiated — however, after a few more spins, it generously rewards a patient preference for deliberative, psychedelic heavy metal. On … Continued