Issue January 21, 2014

Sean’s Louisville

It’s approaching 2 in the morning on the first Friday in November when Sean Bailey and I step out of our third and final concert of the night. Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. has just wrapped up a relentless performance at Diamond Pub, and Bailey is driving me back to my car downtown when I ask … Continued

Be brave

Living in New Albany is an odd experience for a Louisvillian. I, like so many from the 502, am wedded with a sick dedication to my city. Why Louisville? Because Louisville. With that, I’m proud to say that, recently, I’ve developed some unique relationships with my neighbors in New Albany that have shown me a … Continued

Medics, meds and monkeys

There are a few precious milestones I thought I might not live to see, but my soul is a little more rested now that a nurse practitioners’ bill is on a fast track for passage by the state legislature. Last week, Senate Bill 7 was among the first measures to clear a committee and the … Continued

The Senate sleeper

Most political observers give Louisville businessman Matt Bevin little chance of shocking the political establishment by defeating the most powerful Republican in the U.S. Senate. But according to Matt Bevin, that’s just the way he likes it. Shortly before his town hall meeting in a crowded Mexican restaurant in Louisville’s South End last Thursday, the … Continued

Completely Obsessed

Bridge to nowhere How do you listen to a song? Do you turn it on and let the song arrive as it is? Do you concentrate on it and find yourself nitpicking at its parts? Do you find yourself playing armchair producer? As a fan of pop music, and as someone who hears close to … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: LAST VEGAS 2013; $29.98; PG-13 When lifetime-single geezer Michael Douglas decides to get married (to a 30-something, no less), he invites oldster buds Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline to one last blowout in Las Vegas. Despite the obvious AARP “Hangover” jokes, this is a surprisingly warm and wonderful … Continued


Something else!!!! Saxophonist Graeme Gardiner is a Lexington native who graduated from the University of Louisville School of Music’s jazz program, where he was followed by drummer and percussionist Lourenço Vasconcellos. Thus, one might guess their debut recording, Kinetic Meditations, would be full of hard bop and bossa nova. One would be wrong. This album, … Continued

Kiran Ahluwalia’s world of music

Kiran Ahluwalia’s life probably could not have played out this way if she had lived in an earlier generation. Born in India, raised in Toronto and now residing in New York City, she has spent much of the past decade adding her passion for West African music to her border-crossing sounds. Her husband and musical … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. Wed JAN 22 Air Devils Inn: … Continued


<MUSIC> Wednesday, Jan. 22 WFPK Winter Wednesday Clifton Center 2117 Payne St. Free, 7:30 p.m. Another fourth Wednesday in the month, another free concert provided by the mighty fine WFPK. They’re a generous bunch — they even provide free music 24/7 on the radio in addition to their concert promotion business. This edition’s headliner … Continued

Home sweet rental

Is the American Dream of owning a home with a white picket fence officially dead? Not quite. But it is changing. The State of the Metropolitan Housing Report 2013, released last month, focused on the changing demographics of renters within Louisville and the surrounding area (referred to as the “metropolitan statistical area,” or MSA). Among … Continued

Orchestra: The making of an orchestra

“Music Makes A City” — a PBS program that airs Friday night at 10 p.m. on KET Channel 15 — chronicles the birth of the Louisville Orchestra and an ensuing magical period at mid-20th century when the symphony commissioned, performed and recorded new music by an array of the greatest composers of the day, including … Continued


I should have learned my lesson when the first Ben Wa ball fell out, but I really thought I had the situation under control. I arrived at my friend Maree’s house for a typical night of wearing pajamas, drinking wine, catching up on “Girls” and eating salad and chocolate. When I walked in the door, … Continued

Taste Bud: Avocado hummus intrigues

The first time I went to Big Four Burgers + Beer in Jeffersonville (134 Spring St.), I ordered a burger (duh) before noticing something quite intriguing on the menu I had missed: avocado hummus. Obviously, I vowed to go back — well, right after letting out a small squeal — to try this strange, exotic … Continued

Ginza glitters, but ultimately disappoints

As the signature upscale shopping district in Tokyo, Ginza is a landmark akin to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Miraflores in Lima or Chicago’s purportedly magnificent Michigan Avenue. Which suggests that Ginza, a newish suburban eatery in Louisville, has set itself to a mighty high standard with its choice of moniker. And when you first … Continued

Book: Hankering for Hawking — We want more!

‘My Brief History’ By Stephen Hawking. Bantam Dell; 144 pgs., $22. I guess I can’t claim false advertising with a title like that, but this is still disappointing. Stephen Hawking spends under 150 pages glossing over his life, telling little more about his personal life than most Wikipedia entries. One of the more fascinating people … Continued

Inbox — Jan. 22, 2014

Tolerance for All I have just finished reading Jaison A. Gardner’s column in the Jan. 22 LEO Weekly. He taught me about many famous people I had no idea were gay. But his feelings reach all of us who didn’t fit in — too fat, too gay, too black, too Jewish and, believe it or … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: I’m a straight 24-year-old female, and I just recently lost my virginity. I’ve had sex only three times (not with a monogamous partner) and have found each time to be incredibly painful — even when the guy’s just using his fingers. I’ve always been extremely sensitive. In the past, I’ve had guys run their … Continued