Issue January 14, 2014

A Key to the past

Before I am first introduced to June Key, her daughter Tara warns me that I won’t get much out of her right now. After 89 years and a whole lot of listening, June’s ears aren’t what they used to be, and the speech-to-text app on her iPad isn’t working for some odd reason. She will … Continued

Medical bluegrass

In a crowded committee room of Frankfort’s Capital Annex last Thursday, state legislators heard the emotional testimonies of parents desperately seeking medication that is currently unavailable for their sick child. While the medicine they are seeking — marijuana — has been legalized for medicinal use in 22 states, it is still classified as a Schedule … Continued


By Carrington Fox Like so many paths to hell, my road to kombucha addiction was paved with good intentions. I started hanging out with some cool girls. They grew vegetables and raised chickens. They composted and crafted. I wanted them to like me. When one of them led me to her pantry and lifted the … Continued

Man Man’s business plan

Man Man ended 2013 with CNN’s Anderson Cooper mangling their name. It was the perfect capper for a band that has spent a decade baffling both fans and critics, a band led by a man named Ryan Kattner, who also calls himself Honus Honus. The CNN shout-out, following up on a story Cooper reported in … Continued


No strings attached  “I’ve been traveling (to Santa Fe, N.M.) because my girlfriend is going to grad school,” Evan Patterson says. “She had this old parlor guitar that didn’t have any strings on it. You really couldn’t play past the fifth fret and make anything that was in tune. So I worked with what I … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed JAN 15 Air Devils … Continued

Watching Dead Empires in Decline

English ambient artist Leyland Kirby is generally known for the tender, melancholy work he’s released under his own name and under the moniker The Caretaker, but Watching Dead Empires in Decay, his debut album as The Stranger, finds him working in much darker, more unsettling territory. It’s an apt title for the album, which sounds … Continued

Guilty Pleasures

We’ve lost our soul. Louisville is a desert when it comes to quality R&B. There is no scene to speak of. There are countless singers, but no albums. People who can blow but will never blow up, to say nothing of releasing a record. So I’m left to write about one Sabatahj the Freak, Southern … Continued


James “The Range” Hinton comes out swinging with Nonfiction, his debut full-length of idiosyncratic post-dubstep and future bass. While certainly in conversation with the underground U.K. bass scene, Nonfiction never relies on passing fads to foster an emotional connection — the artist makes it clear he’s following his own muse. There is a loose formula … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: BEST MAN DOWN 2012; $27.98; PG-13 Atherton grad Jess Weixler (“The Good Wife”) is Justin Long’s bride-to-be in Phoenix — when the best man, Lumpy (Tyler “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” Labine), drops dead. They cancel their honeymoon and begin funeral planning in this knowing comic drama that’s filled with neat … Continued

Death of a telephone

I recently conducted an experiment to see how long I could go without making a phone call. This was not a pursuit of pure science: Just before Christmas, my phone died. The experiment occurred to me because A) I rarely make voice calls anymore, and B) Generally speaking, I would rather set my hair on … Continued

Heavy Hearts

The quartet offers up a more melodic interpretation of punk stalwarts Fugazi, eschewing savage guitar feedback for sing-along harmonies. All said, Heavy Hearts is an entirely accessible affair, and everything is in its right place. The guitar work is more often than not drenched in distortion, the choruses are soaring, the drums hit hard and … Continued

New Column: In Visible ink

When I was a kid, I wished I could be invisible. Not in the way Superman comic books and cartoons inspired young boys everywhere to imagine being imbued with gifts of strength, X-ray vision and the power of flight. My desire had a much more practical application. I learned in elementary school that when boys … Continued

Forever unclean

 Back in August, a team of researchers from the University of Louisville held a public meeting at the California Community Center to detail their plans to test blood and urine samples from residents living near the former Black Leaf Chemical plant. The contaminated industrial property and backyards of adjacent homes were set to begin remediation … Continued

Bobby Petrino: Here and gone, and here again and still winning?

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich moved so quickly in hiring a new football coach last week to replace Charlie Strong, who split for Texas, that it is almost like he knew Strong would be leaving. Of course, Jurich is known to keep a vest pocket stock of coaching possibilities ready to reference. Several possible candidates … Continued


<MUSIC> Wednesday, Jan. 15 The Cedric Burnside Project The New Vintage 2126 S. Preston St. $10; 9 p.m. For this month’s “Blues Night,” the meeting of the Kentuckiana Blues Society, the headliner is a man who has played the blues his whole life and learned from his grandfather, R.L. Burnside. Cedric Burnside has made … Continued

The January blues

 Most college basketball teams run out of gas in February when the season gets longer and the wins get scarcer. But that’s not been Louisville’s problem. In recent seasons, the Cardinals have generally picked up steam in February and marched into March playing their best basketball of the year. The most obvious example came just … Continued

On Strong and Petrino

The recent exit of University of Louisville football coach Charlie Strong and re-entry of prodigal son Bobby Petrino created understandable controversy. Reviews have certainly been mixed. Sports Illustrated painted Petrino’s hire as almost demonic. Antithetically, Forbes saw it as brilliant. There is little I can say on the subject that’s new. But, as a columnist, … Continued

Theater: ‘Pirates’ is a treasure trove of romping fun

‘Pirates of Penzance’ Performed by The Hypocrites. Directed by Sean Graney. Continues through Feb. 4 in the Bingham Theatre at Actors Theatre of Louisville, 316 W. Main St. For tickets or info, call 584-1205 or go to Even in a conventional production under a proscenium arch, Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera “Pirates of Penzance” … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: My friend is in her late 20s and married, and she has two little kids. Her husband had a rough childhood and has some issues. Since their most recent child was conceived, they have not had sex. He says he believes there is a difference between a lover and a mother, and he refuses … Continued

Inbox — Jan. 15, 2014

That’s Showbiz Jennifer Lawrence received a lot of love and attention on her recent return back to her hometown, and it’s well-deserved (considering her talents as an actor). But another hometown performing talent, James Dickson, received little. But then he supposes that’s how the “game” is played — a game he’s been at for more … Continued

Learn your French tastefully at New Albany’s Louis Le Français

All right, boys and girls, it’s time for our French lesson! First, let’s review: “Bonjour” … “Merci!” … “S’il vous plaît” … “Je voudrais un verre de vin rouge.” Very good! Now, let’s learn two important food words. Repeat after me: “Cassoulet.” Draw it out, warm and rich, just like the hearty dish itself, “Cahs-soo-lay.” … Continued

Bar Belle: Do better blues

I was doing some research in Indianapolis this past weekend, spying on locals and observing their bar-going habits and trends. (Or, as my friends would tell you: I was making a trip north to visit the girlfriend.) Saturday night I found myself smack dab in the middle of downtown where there was a big Colts … Continued

Comedy: Mike Birbiglia — Closing in for the kill

Comedian and storyteller Mike Birbiglia has mastered a fusion of the two forms, turning jokes into stories that become radio, one-man theater, books and movies. His newest stage show finds him going back to his first love, jokes, while still uniting them in a larger story. LEO caught up with him by phone last week. … Continued

Art: Napoleon’s passion

Napoleon Bonaparte was either a savior of the people or a dictator, depending on your interpretation of the French Revolution and its aftermath. But there’s no doubt he was one of history’s best art patrons. The French Revolution, which began in 1789, claimed the life of Louisville’s namesake, Louis XVI, and his queen, Marie Antoinette. … Continued