November 7, 2006

Erosia (Letters to the Editor)

LEO welcomes letters that are brief (250 words max) and thoughtful. Ad hominem attacks will be ignored, and we need your name and a daytime phone number. Send snail mail to EROSIA, 640 S. Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 40202. Fax to 895-9779 or e-mail to We may edit for length, grammar and clarity.Yarmuth vs. NorthupYes, I know it is the day after the election. I intended that. So who won? I don’t know! So why am I writing? Because now that either the outstanding John Yarmuth is headed to Washington, or the Bush-clone Northup is returning to office, this letter won’t be accused of trying to sway a vote. It is just my chance to say a few things in general.First to Anne Northup: Your bold-faced lie about John Yarmuth not paying his restaurant employees’ minimum wage should have lost you every vote you may have earned by working hard for the city of Louisville. That was intended to convince ignorant people only. It does not take much of a mind to realize that instead, he was attempting to force those who did not pay above minimum wage to do so.To Tom Raque (from LEO’s Election Issue, Oct. 25): You should be ashamed. First, only a Bush clone could try to sell the Clinton recession package. Why don’t you instead look at the deficit in 2000 and today? Why don’t you look at how the MIDDLE class has disappeared, and the number of jobs so many of our good people must hold down at minimum wage to survive. But when you said that Anne Northup is strong on moral values and John Yarmuth is a far-left wacko, out of touch with the mainstream, I had to laugh. Are you suggesting Anne is more moral than John? How well do you know them? I don’t think running a filthy campaign, where she blatantly lied, makes her that moral. And I am not aware of one single thing John Yarmuth ever did that could be called immoral. Oh, are you judging John on his support for gay rights? According to my Bible, loving your neighbor is quite moral. And what mainstream, Tom? The 65 percent who think we were wrong to go to Iraq? The majority of Americans who support stem cell research? How about the middle class/poverty mainstream? I would not be surprised by your calculations if John only got 5 percent of the vote. He is a WACKO out of the mainstream. Or maybe, Tom, he is simply out of your investment-banker-suit-and-tie, $9-martini-at-Fourth-Street-Live mainstream, because even though he has lots of money, he still cares about those less fortunate.OK, the election is over, and I pray that Anne Northup is looking for work. But I KNOW that John Yarmuth will be doing good things somewhere, no matter what. And in two more years, we will have to do this all over again. And we should all be ashamed for allowing it to happen.Richard HodgeGrasping at StrawsI hate to burst Rick Redding’s bubble (LEO, Nov. 1), but The Courier-Journal’s editorial board does NOT diligently meet with every candidate, nor do they always have a basic grasp of what the issues are in a given area or, for that matter, even do their homework on the candidates. I’ve been a community and political activist for almost 30 years. I’ve dealt with the editorial board, including twice as a candidate. Everyone should chip in a send them dime so they can buy a clue!Paul HosseHalfway DownI was disappointed after reading your article regarding the candidates for mayor (LEO Election Issue, Oct. 25). While it may be true that Ed Springston stands little chance of unseating “Sir Jerry,” I am miffed at your refusal to offer Springston’s effort any semblance of significance. True, he may not have the political pedigree you acknowledge as being necessary, but his efforts as a blue-collar, working-class individual going “all in” to try and help our community is, in a way, heroic. There was nothing in the article’s words that left me with a feeling of hope that your average citizen can or should enter politics. And, if one would try, they would be shot down immediately by biased journalism toeing the political mainstream line.As a musician, I am sure that writer Stephen George knows what it is like to be an outsider. And with this article, by completely dismissing Springston, an outsider in his own right, it appears to me that George and LEO have not only dismissed Springston, but the ideology and hope of outside political thinkers everywhere. Springston may not “have a prayer,” but as long as biased journalism continues, neither will anyone else outside of the two-party monopoly that has proven corrosive at best. Stephen George and LEO’s banishment of the independent Springston has, at least to me, left me with an uncomfortable feeling that this publication has finally and unfortunately acquiesced. Congratulations.Adam ColvinAgree to DisagreeRegarding Christopher M. Spellman’s diatribe (LEO’s Erosia, Oct. 25): While I might agree with him that Tom Louderback can be somewhat ubiquitous in his letter-writing, perhaps Spellman should not have returned to the fold of LEO readers. We were treated to a VERY lengthy paragraph in his letter that expounds in great generalities and with absolutely no substantiation, all his perceptions of the ills and errors of “progressives.” I doubt he excluded any soundbite, cliché or overwrought tortured phraseology in describing progressives in general and John Yarmuth in particular. Apparently Spellman does not think John Yarmuth should be the next Representative of District 3. That certainly is his prerogative. However, it would be refreshing if he would back up his assertions with some semblance of factual data, rather than just another tiresome litany of regressive distortions of reality.Robert P. FrederickMojo a Joke?I’ve never written a letter to the editor before, but I feel compelled to do so regarding the lack of “Southern hospitality” exhibited by what could and should be a great asset to the Louisville community. In particular, I’m speaking about Louisville Mojo, an online site supposedly dedicated to bringing Louisvillians together to exchange information, chat, hook up … whatever. From the moment I signed up, it was as if I was a complete outsider who was not welcome at all into what seemed like a high school “clique” — I was harassed constantly and people were allowed to post obscene photos of my head superimposed on graphically pornographic images, all without any consequence whatsoever. This has happened to several of my friends who have joined and left after the same kind of treatment. It seems a shame that a Web site that purports to be some kind of representative for Louisville and its citizens turns out to be nothing more than a venue for hatred and pornography. If this site is indicative of the city of Louisville and its attitude toward newcomers, it certainly is not doing us any favors in the PR department. I hope there are other ways for newcomers to get their first impression of Derby City.Michael ReeseA Weird CampaignI never really jumped into the “Keep Louisville Weird” mania that began spreading across the city a couple of years ago, and I was unable to determine why until a couple of weeks ago.If it was a legitimate attempt to maintain Louisville’s uniqueness, instead of just a marketing campaign, I’d be all for it. When you consider keeping Louisville weird, do you think about the Muhammad Ali Center? Do you consider the diverse political make-up of our citizenry or the simple politeness that can be found, sometimes, on our sidewalks, but that is noticeably absent in other cities our size? Or do you think of eating at certain restaurants or shopping at certain stores? I agree that supporting local business is an important way to help our city maintain its uniqueness, but it is certainly not the only way.It seems that some local businesses have used the “KLW” campaign as their only means of attracting customers. They have sacrificed customer service and now use guilt to attract customers. I shop at Carmichael’s because they are local and they provide great customer service. I do not shop at some stores because the value of supporting local business doesn’t outweigh the lackluster customer service I’ve received there.I support local business and I Keep Louisville Weird by supporting local arts and using my vote and my voice to support progressive goals. The two are not the same, and the attempt to make them seem so is a marketing campaign and nothing more.Jonathan Smith

Mojo a Joke?

By Laura East

Dear Micheal Reese,
I am sorry you feel the way you do about Louisville Mojo, but there are two sides to the story. Note: I am a regular user on Mojo, not a mod, or an admin; my view expressed are not necessarily the ones of mojo. Micheal was banned from the site because of constant trolling and disregard to the TOS guidelines about posting pictures. I'll admit, he was an easy target for Mofos to pick out, with his thin skin. What I do not appreciate is that you imply that mojo was biased in banning you from the site to begin with. You were told that you could even keep your log-in for the sister site of LexingtonMojo as long as you stayed off of Louisville, and you didn't comply, it took you less than 24 hours to break this rule. You created numerous fake profiles and posted as a woman, and other men that you were not. You also had more than one profile, all of this is against the TOS, which you agreed when you signed on to the local free site. I would recommend in the future you learn your manners and how to follow directions before trying to join another site, you'll have better results that way. I also hope that you choose to take a seperate path in this "Mojo bashing" and start owning up to your fair share of the problem, which was at least 75%.


By Suzieq1201

A while back a friend of mine asked me if I ever heard of Louisville Mojo. I said "yes, why"? He said he had joined. Right then and there I warned him about Mojo. I told him that I once had an account there but felt very unwelcome and that the people there are not my kind of people and I felt he would find it to be the same. But my friend loves to be positive and talked me into joining. He said "I'm sure it's differnt now." So, I did. Right away there was trouble.

Louisville Mojo is made up of a few individuals who have been with Mojo from the beginning of its time. Therefore, they have clout and can do or say anything that they want, and I mean anything. Some of there thumbnails can be deemed pornographic (and I'm not talking about the ones posted on the uncensored forum).

My friend has a dry witty sense of humor that is not everyones taste. However, it is clean of profanity and is usually in good taste, especially when compared to what the 'elders' (the long timers) say themselves on Mojo. He was timed out and deleted from the site. But that's not bad enough. Because my friend had made friends on that site, he rejoined. Since the 'elders' took a disliking to him, no matter how clean his comments they found unreasonable reasons to ban him.

Again, that wasn't bad enough, they decided to mock him, make fun of him, and create a porn photo of him and his sister.

Again, that wasn't bad enough. When one of the sisters came to her brothers defense, she was banned. Alright, maybe she came on too strong, but it was her brother and she didn't say anything out of place for MOJOs most common offensive team (the ones who curse the most and never seem to get banned or deleted) Now the other sister did nothing wrong. She had made friends and liked her friends and tried to stay away from the 'elders' forums. But guess what, she was banned, and she hadn't done anything. It seems anyone who knows my friend was banned. I was banned and accused of being my friend. Seems we all are accused of being him. One of the monitors has posted and bragged on Mojo about how many times he has deleted my friend and yet he has no idea of how many people he actually deleted. I feel sorry for anyone new who joins Mojo, because if you sound a little bit like my friend, you too will either be timed out or deleted from Mojo. They really are obsessed with him. They will ban you if they even suspect you might be him, even if you are not him. I saw some new guy on there that had a beatles on his post and they accused him of being my friend and mocked him, and yet we have no clue who that guy was?

There are just a few hateful people there, many of the others seem to be nice, but the few rule the forums and cause discomfort for others(and these few are never banned for it, but YOU Mr. Public, being the newby, the outsider, most likely will).

I tried to warn my friend. But, like I said, he tries to have a positive attitude about things and thought it would all blow over. But once the few rule against you, you might as well just leave.

We have a new name for being done wrong now. If someone does something we don't like to one of us, we joke and say "that person just Davbellakashad You". Now you won't know what I mean by that, but there are a few people at Mojo that probably can figure it out.

So Mojo this Mojo, you only deleted my friend 3 times. Everone else you deleted, thinking they were him, was someone else. So all this time you thought he was hungry for hurt, he wasn't. He just wanted to make friends and have a place he could go to use his humor.

Mojo a joke?

By Harmony

The person who wrote in complaining about how horrible he was treated at forgot to mention one thing. There are hundreds of places to visit within the website besides the ONE forum where he supposedly received all this abuse. If it was so upsetting to him, why did he continue to post in that area? I'll admit mojo can be a little cliquish, but the average person usually figures out the unwritten (and abides by the written) rules or doesn't post in the forums. is a wonderful website which has enriched the lives of many. There were plenty of people who were kind to Michael, but he chose to try to force himself on people who wanted nothing to do with him. That was his choice. I don't know anything about the multiple profiles, whether some or all or none of them were actually created by "Radguy". I never saw any pornographic photoshopping of his image, which tells me if it was in fact posted, it was deleted pretty quickly. I think it's a shame that this person would attempt to defame the whole site because of the actions of a few. If he had taken the time to look around the rest of the site, he would have eventually found a place to fit in, because has something for everyone.

RE: Mojo a joke?

By ian

There's a word for what Michael Reese was on Louisville Mojo.


Anything and everything he received there was a direct result of his own actions. As has been mentioned, Mojo is like any other community or club or regular grouping of people. If you walk into any of the umpteen small bars in Louisville and immediately make a loud, obnoxious horse's ass of yourself, you *WILL* get a negative reaction. Michael Reese experienced this phenomenon by virtue of his own misbehavior on Mojo.

And for the record, like any other internet community, Mojo administrators have tools at hand that allow them to tell with reasonable certainty in most cases who any given poster is, especially whether or not they are using the same PC/internet connection as another poster. The internet is not anonymous.

I'm not a mod or an admin at Mojo, but I am confident that when Radguy and his clones were done away with, it was justified by that and probably other evidence.

He deserved everything he got, and Mojo is a better place without him.


By gemmi

I find it odd to read that the people of Mojo are unaccepting of outsiders. I moved here from Texas, knowing no one. I met a gentleman who became my friend and he told me about the site. He said "check it out, you will see what Louisville has to offer as a town and you might meet some friends. I did check it out after a couple of months and I have made some wonderful friends, gone to some fabulous events and engaged in some very interesting conversation. My experience is that I was welcomed with open arms.

When Radguy, Michael joined he was immediately antagonizing, I personally tried to tell him to chill out. I extended him a posse request and I tried to offer friendship, but the guy must be by-polar because one minute he is egging people on and the next he is complaining about mistreatment. He started several thread where he only posted pictures of Ashton Kutcher, then he moved on to the Beatles. One minute he says he's gay and when no one reacts negatively to that, he ups the ante. He was baiting everyone in the forums.

My own experience is proof that if you don't invite drama, it won't come looking for you, at least not on Mojo.

Oh Gem... tisk tisk

By Suzieq1201

You posted below Ian who admits Mojo allows people to be foul. Try again dear.

Gem anyone who visits the site, knows you hang with the elders. Besides, all those being bashed right now online, know your full of it.

Besides Mike admited he met some nice people there. He said he also met some foul people who drum up trouble and even admit they like to "stir the pot". I was attacked too and never said a foul thing. I didn't set out to "stir the pot" like you and your kind. So how do explain the attacks on me, and some new people on the site right as we speak.

What on earth are you people thinking. Anyone can visit your site and see we are telling the truth, so why on earth are you guys digging the hole deeper. Oh, I get it. This is free publicity. Hmmmmmmm.


By Suzieq1201

I just visited the forums and there is alot of good chit chat instead of trash. I haven't seen The DavBellakasha group in the main forums yet. WoW!

Now how long will it last?

Yet there are some questionable thumbnails still. But wow. They are actually trying to be civilized to one another. Way to go Michael.

I've seen some people on there that I've never seen post in all the time I've been on mojo. They are coming out of the woodworks now that the DavBellakasha team has been silent. Wow!!!!!!


It looks like the Davbellakasha group has been band to "THE DEEP END" forum.
Whether it was Chucks intention to save his site or he just decided to open his eyes (or it could be a temporary fix until he feels things have cooled down) it seems to be a step in the right direction.

I've seen more postings than I've seen in a long time and they don't include the DavBellAkasha team. So see David, you don't need them to have a popular site. You thought all this time they were bringing in the business because others wanted to see them bash people, but look at your site tonight.. isn't that better. There is even a thread where everyone is trying to help some woman figure what to do about some man that keeps harrassing her in her neighborhood. Now that's what a Mojo site else where is like. Why can't Louisville be that way too, all the time?

OOOPSS! Me bad. That didn't last long. I just read a bash by DEA in one of the threads. Just two guys starting there own thread and having a nice conversation (like one of the posters suggested Michael should have done -and did but got bashed anyway) and DEA comes in with her rudeness. Wow, thanks for proving us again.

But still, I've noticed that Mojo jumped from a mear 2,500 viewers online to over 3,100 in one night, now either this is giving them free publicity, or people are finding it a friendlier place to visit now the the Davbellakasha team is no longer in the main thread. Hmmmmmm. Or maybe a little of both. But whatever. It would be nice it it stayed nice.

However, I much doubt it.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that there are alternatives to Mojo if they go to any search engine online and type in Louisville Forums. You will find other choices, should you decide Mojo is not your cup of tea. Just thought I'd mention it.

A reflection on the mojo discussion

By Clockwork

Dear Leo readers

I have strong ties with the US and a great many friends in the beautiful city of Louisville, where I lived for almost two years.

To anyone who’s ever lived in another country for any period of time. It takes time before you adapt to the culture, get to know the area and make a group of friends. It is for this reason that the first weeks and months in a new area are some of hardest.

Having moved to the US from Europe some months earlier, it was one of these difficult moments when I decided to join Louisvillemojo. When I left, there were tears and the overwhelming urge to one day return. Louisvillemojo was, on the whole, an entirely positive experience.

Today, I like to think that my European background, combined with my US links, allow me to form somewhat balanced opinions on many aspects of American life. One thing that always strikes me about America is the way that things are often so polarized. You’re either Democrat or Republican; you’re either with us or against us; if you’re his friend, you’re not mine… All of which is complete nonsense (sorry if I sound harsh), because life is all about making things better through consensus and reasonable discussion based on all our experiences.

Some of you – not just those supporting Mr Reese’s initial letter – have a habit of reducing the debate to mud slinging and name calling and a large amount of what I’ve read on this page has undertones of this.

Social networking sites are not immune from flaws. Ultimately, they’re all a cross-section of society with all the good and bad elements of every population. I understand Louisvillemojo has approximately 60-70,000 members. So, the previous comments made about some of Mojo’s members fail to accurately represent the remaining 99.9% (please excuse my mathematical shortcomings but I think that leaves us with a number still in the high thousands). Take this extreme: On the news, I regularly see stories about school shootings in the US, but I don’t form my views of Americans based on these unfortunate events.

We often like to think of ourselves as sophisticated beings but, all too often we react based on our emotions… not always a useful thing. If Mr Reese and anyone else, has an idea of how to improve Louisvillemojo, I would recommend that they write a short and polite email to Chuck with their suggestions – perhaps they could even discuss their ideas with him personally over a coffee. My experience has been that Chuck is a completely reasonable man and will take on board whatever any of you think.

I’m no longer a member of Louisvillemojo, I have no hidden agenda. I only wish to share my good experiences of a wonderful city with others and see something constructive coming out of this “debate”.

Best regards to all of my friends reading this

That was done...

By Suzieq1201

Mike did send a nice letter to Chuck. And as for the mudslinging, we said only the truth... The Elders try and try and try to discredit us. But you can hide behind your many "fake profiles" it won't work.

Oh and David...good job at deleting alot of the trashy posts so that people can't see what your site normally looks like, kudos to you.

re: mojo a joke


Dear Radguy sisters,

Will you admit that your brother has made a mistake or been wrong about something in his life, ever?

My One Cent..

By IbeHoey

I have been on Mojo for about 2 years now. I wouldnt consider my self an "Elder" or even an avid forum poster, but I have seen first hand the darkness that resides within the community.

My 1st year and half on the site went by real smoothly, it was everything you would expect from an online community based here in Louisville, friendly, courteous, and a GREAT alternative to MySpace. For me personally, (and I know this a seperate issue of its own) I had a bad feeling that things were going to become ugly when I first heard about the Inner Circle accounts. For outsiders that dont know, Mojo (which is 100% free) started offering "premium" accounts with added features for who ever wanted to pay for them. Now before I start another mud slinging debate, let me say that I thought this was a good idea based on the notion that the added income would help foot the bill needed to keep Mojo online.

With the new accounts in place, this split the community into two groups, those who pay for mojo and those who dont, and as a result, we now have the "if your not in, your out" clique. So for anyone wanting to oppose this and voice thier opinion on the matter would quickly be labeled as non-supportive (even cheap) and were given the same treatment as what Radguy is speaking of; harrasment, irrational understanding and tasteless photoshoping, So I guess what im trying to say is the example given above is proof that a "if your not in, your out" clique does exsist within the Mojo community, and its no coincidence that the very people opposing Radguy, are in fact, part of this clique.

All things aside, Mojo is a great community thats pack full of interesting people and offers a medium from which I can use to (not with out harassment of course) express and share my ideas. I see it as being merely a reflection of our society, where the "elders" of Mojo are nothing more than the cheerleading squads of high school, if your not "in", your out.

I'd believe that if...

By Suzieq1201

....If I were an idiot and hadn't seen with my own eyes what was going on. Or did you forget that I too was accused of being radguy? And someone else was accused of being radguy. So if the moderator's know who is who, then why delete those who were not radguy? OH yeh, I guess we ALL broke the rules, right? NOT. Again, I say, the rules are broken everyday by the "elders" of the "clique" with no response from the moderators. So please don't give me the "he broke the rules" guf. If the rules apply to him, then they should apply to everyone. He might be accused of being not funny to your taste, or even annoying to some, but there are some that are foul mouthed on there and they stay. So as I'm seeing it, annoyingly funny is banned but foul mouthed and porn looking thumbnails are not. Hmmmmmm.

i'll bite again, i'm

By ian

i'll bite again, i'm bored.

foul language is allowed in certain places on mojo. read the TOS.

"porn" is not, anywhere, and I have rarely seen any in my couple of years on the site. What you call "porn-looking" is a pretty obtuse, generic term that could encompass many things to many different people. I can only assume that you're talking about OMC Worm's thumbnails. They're PG-13, without exception that i've seen.

Your behavior on the site, however, was intolerably stupid. And the thing is, you know it! You PURPOSELY trolled for negative attention, and when you got it, you complained. Repeat that ad nauseum, and here we are.

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I am POSITIVE that i'm not the only person who had to continuously restrain myself from tearing you down on Mojo, and violating the TOS in the process. You got off easy. Ask Prosper what getting a hard time on Mojo is like. Your little situation doesn't even compare for sheer ruthlessness.

I'll tell you why

By Stacy Reese

He continued to post, even after all of the abuse from the "foulness" who inhabit Mojo because he also met some really wonderful and understanding friends there. They are the silent majority who watch and decide who they want to meet or be friends with. I also met some wonderful people there. These people are supportive and good to the core, but they are AFRAID to post anything because of the obvious and unwarranted VICIOUS attacks that ultimately happen, once a person is noticed for being "nice" or even "humorous." How does that make you feel, that the people who could truly add to the friendliness and good-hearted fun are too scared to say what's on their minds or even mingle with friends in the public forums?

Sad.....and disgusting, that foul bullies are allowed to "rule the roost" and hinder actual social growth and peacefulness.......

So who's defaming who? At least the accusations by Michael and myself and our friends are TRUE. WE didn't make any of this up ---- yet all of your accusations are unfounded and untrue. That's the definition of defamation, if you'd care to check your dictionary.

You do realize that he did

By janedoe

You do realize that he did not HAVE to post in the forums to keep in touch with these people correct? I never even knew about the forums when I first got onto Mojo.

Call me crazy but if I felt like I was being harassed somewhere I would quit going there. I definetly wouldn't keep coming back and coming back. Seems like someone has a victim mentality that they just refuse to let go of.

Be responsible for your own actions. He knows that he was purposely trying to aggravate people. He knew the ones he chose were the ones that would in no way put up with it. He brought a knife to a gun fight and now he's crying because he got hurt first. As Harmony stated the forums are not the only things on mojo. Did he try the Live Groups? Same concept, different people of like minds.

From what I saw of his posts he was no more than an attention starved person who was trying to annoy everyone so that they would pay attention to him. When it backfired on him he switched to his victim role so he could get more attention.

Why don't people ever realize that this is the internet. This is not a group of your buddies. These are complete strangers. What they say should have no effect on you. They don't know you, and if you don't want them to they never will.

Live Groups.

By ShellyfromJeff

Yep, Janedoe, He DID try a Live Group... He started one and had some people who joined. But, guess what... It was DELETED... We couldn't even talk in peace without being harassed. So, he eventually left and went to Lexingtonmojo and Cincimojo and was actually popular and making new friends, but guess what... He was followed there and deleted by the Louisville administrator. Now, the Lexington/Cinci "powers that be" wrote an email to David and asked that he not do that anymore, but I think my brother has had it. It's too bad because he really liked the friendliness that was so evident in both Cinci and Lexington.

And, you're right, these are complete strangers. But the idea here was to actually meet these "computer" people like is so common with the mojo group. He was invited by several mojo-ites to accompany them to Petrus on Thursday. He wanted to, but is too afraid of the response. If these people are so full of hate on the computer, what will they be like in real life? I do thank the few who were actually nice to my brother - sorry it would lead to repercussions for you if it be known who you are. I shan't mention your names, but Thank You..

And one more point, Jane. Yes, you're also right that he "tried to aggravate people" as you put it. But actually he was just trying to start some stimulating conversation. You have to admit that the forums were SO interesting and fun when he was there. People were hanging on their computers just to see what was said next. Even David admitted that he was good for mojo membership at one point. It's rather boring now, as so many people have commented. People miss RAD whether they'll admit it or not..It's their loss, but unfortunately it's Mojo's loss...

And JaneDoe

By Suzieq1201

by the fact that you are going by JaneDoe tells us something doesn't it?


By Harmony

"How does that make you feel, that the people who could truly add to the friendliness and good-hearted fun are too scared to say what's on their minds or even mingle with friends in the public forums?"

This sentance sounds like a line in a letter from a jilted lover. Instead of wondering if all the forum posters of mojo are feeling contrite and guilty for "persecuting" you, why not spend your energy looking for a place on the internet that is more in line with your posting style and social habits?

"all of your accusations are unfounded and untrue."

What accusations? I didn't accuse anyone of anything. I merely stated the fact that Michael insisted on trying to gain acceptance of people who wanted nothing to do with him. You know this is true.

More Lies from you Mofo Elders...

By Suzieq1201

You didn't state a fact.

And you misspelled sentence.

Louisville BlowJoe

By darlene sommers

I'd like to say this about LM.
This is a site not unlike AOL. Steve case brought millions of internet junkies to his ISP and created a massive Web site in doing it at 21.00 per month. The only problem with this was that the power he gave the moderators of this site was too much power and if you were not in the clique of the particular room or disscusion groups you could be easily booted out, have your screenname banned from the particular group or ultimately lose your account.
Now the only problem with this is that while AOL and Mojo are of course privately owned and can edit and make rules....they both depended on the adversity of their members to grow memberships. I'm not a great communicator but what I mean is this....many flocked to AOL for the adversity in chat rooms, for the sex in chat rooms, and the outrageousness and while AOL's terms of service spelled all the reasons out what would get your account deleted it depended on the terms of service being ignored for it's very existance. Moderators were given total subjectivity to the TOS rules and total power to delete an account.
Now as we all can see AOL is in a shitload of trouble.
Mojo is the same. They attact and welcome TOS infractions by allowing members (mostly female) to cater to those who will answer an "advertisement"(an advertisment being a half dressed or even less woman in her photo's). Members can post provocotive photos and then wonder why they get outrageous comments. Go figure. This is hypocritical of the site owners.
I have looked at the "advice" section and it's a joke how and what is said in this section.
I've seen profiles of female members that belong in playboy and comments posted that would make Xaviar blush.
It's all a joke anyway, that Chuck jackass is a hyprocrtie and sounds like some sissy from High School that got his ass kicked a few too many times and had to create a haven for himself that provides absolute power.
It's laughable because who really cares about Louisville Mojo or it's members? Who cares if you get banned? It's a hypocritical piece of shit website thats good for a laugh once in a while.
So accept it for what it is and stop giving Milk Money to it's owner because it's making him money and he can just delete the perceived bullies at his disgression and not have his milk money taken like in high school.
New Albay

Dear Laura

By Suzieq1201

Which one of the three woman that were accused of being Michael (Radguy) and deleted are you talking about? One of his two sisters, or me? And you all assumed we were him, which we were not. So missy if that fact is wrong, than what about your other accusations?

But good try taking up for your friends. It was worth a shot.

Dear Suzie

By Laura East

It wasn't my intention to "take up for my friends" nor was it mentioned that way. He did have fake profiles, they scanned his i.p. address and it was the same and he was told he would have a ban. The last few he openly admitted that he was Radguy and then argued with Administrators on the site. I understand the want to stick up for the under dog, but he deserved to be dismembered. You have clearly put that you do not want to take into consideration his behaviors and the backlash, so your opinion is going to be biased.

Sorry, but...

By Suzieq1201

If they really did check all the ISPS (and that sounds like obsessive behavior to me) they would have seen that not everyone they banned had the same IPs.

Try again.

Simply Not True

By Stacy Reese

Dear Laura East,
Your opinion is based on total untruths that you have been "fed" by certain moderators on Mojo who unfairly FROM THE BEGINNING banned my brother Michael. (Notice the spelling please -- it's M I C H A E L, not Micheal.) He honestly does have 2 sisters, one of which is me. He also has friends that have moved to the Louisville in the past few months who have signed on to "meet friends" (and I say "meet friends" on Mojo with a HUGE amount of sarcasm). I was one of the first to also be banned and deleted because my sense of humor mirrored my brother's and my perfect English (which was openly made fun of and degraded by the less intellectual inhabitants of the sight) also seemed similar. I assure you as I have assured the members, moderators and administrators of the Mojo that we are in FACT 2 separate individuals, posted photos for proof, and the response that I received was from a "regular" of the site like you who took the facial features of my photo as well as my brother's and superimposed the likeness onto a PORNOGRAPHIC PHOTO showing 2 people having sex "doggy style". From there, I proceeded to be called "trailer trash", "the mongoloid sister", "the c***" and even more clever and colorful names by the precious and self-righeous members (such as you) until I became physically sick and CHOSE to leave LouisvilleMojo.

Now, pardon me for pointing out this fact of what so many of you "Mojo regulars" have been deceptively accusing my brother and myself of doing ----- but posting lude remarks and calling people derrogatory names and cussing at them, ALONG WITH POSTING PHOTOS THAT WERE MODIFIED TO PORTRAY DISGUSTING PORNOGRAPHIC BEHAVIOR is "against the terms of service!" (That's what "TOS" means, for you slower Mojos)

So as far as the pot calling the kettle black, you and your friends who have defaced and defiled what could have been a wonderful site to perhaps attract people to our area, well.....YOU TAKE THE CAKE! Congratulations to you all for showing how truly depraved and socially disgusting Kentuckiana people can truly be!!!

Stacy Reese

Mojo a Joke?

By the guru

There are few things worse than when an innocent person is persecuted for absolutely no reason. For instance, when someone is harassed for simply being "different." Or annoying. It is, after all, society's fault that someone people feel compelled to be as unpleasant as they can possibly be on a daily basis. The victim certainly can't be blamed for their inability to follow basic rules of discourse even after being repeatedly warned about the possible reprecussions for their behavior; everyone else should be forced to bend to that individual's will. Sure, that sucks the fun out of it for everyone else, but as long as the purported victim and his friends (who are, in fact, simply multiple profiles created by the same person) enjoys his smug, self-satisfied jokes, that's all that matters, really. Especially when one of the things that the victim finds upsetting is when people try to engage him or her in an actual, straight-forward discussion.

None of us want a society wherein we are actually responsible for our own behavior. And it is mutually agreed, I'm sure, that owners of private websites should have no control at all over who participates, and the participants on that site should have no right to express their dismay about people who try to make the experience unpleasant for everyone else. That would be, I dunno, fair, or something.

My tone is sarcastic because I can't believe in good faith that Michael Reese was serious in his letter, and I've responded in kind. LouisvilleMojo is not a utopia; it's a community like any other. And like any other community, it has societal norms to be followed. Over 65,000 people from across the country have figured out how to get along with the other members. It's inevitable, I suppose, that some people simply cannot or will not learn how to play well with others.

Some people think they should be allowed to jump rope naked in church. They shouldn't complain if they are escorted through the door.

Mojo a joke?

By ShellyfromJeff

I feel compelled to share my story about Louisville Mojo... You see, I, too, was one of those "so called" fake profiles of Michael Reese. I, along with many others, was deleted from mojo because they thought I was Michael. If you check the forums right now, they think a poor guy named "Eggburger3foo" is "Radguy", Michael's code name...I am his sister and legitimately tried to join because he told me I could meet new people and have intellectually stimulating conversations. Our friend, Sue W., tried to join and was likewise deleted. Our sister, Stacy, also fell to the same fate. These people were so crude and hateful that I would be sitting by my computer crying night after night. They just couldn't stand that Michael was so witty and intellectually stimulating. We are in contact with several "inner circle" members who are too afraid to let it be known that they enjoy Michael's writing and actually like him as a person. If that were known, they, too, would be persecuted. I've never in my life met such nasty people. I still have an account with them, but I have no desire to every go back. What's up with Louisvillians?

It's unfortunate, because what a good idea this would have been. To theoretically let people network and meet new friends and get introduced to the wonder of Louisville. I grew up in Louisville (although on the Indiana side of the river) and always had a soft spot in my heart for the area. But now I truly wonder what became of the town I used to know. That's another thing - they really persecute the Indiana people. Don't they realize that the Louisville area encompasses Jeff and Clarksville and New Albany as well as Louisville? It's just a shame, that's all... I just wanted you to know the truth...

Michael and I want no more of this farce known as mojo... I'm truly sorry it turned out to be this way - but life is just too short to deal with this kind of injustice... Thought you should know......

Now THERE's a real bit of truth.

By Stacy Reese

I couldn't agree with my sister, Shelly, any more and I couldn't have said it any better. I, too, have been reduced to tears and sleepless nights over the unsolicited attacks unleashed on ALL of us. My tears turned to anger, though. And I tried to "fit in" by giving it right back in hopes that I might also be accepted and then be free to just meet "funny" people and network with no further attacks. Even that didn't work, because of the seething hatred coming from the majority of posters on that sight. Nope, they wouldn't hear of ANYONE NEW getting "inside the realm" of their foul little mindless world.

I feel sorry for anyone new who wants to move here and happens upon LouisvilleMojo. )I mean, except for the people with a total lack of education and social respect. The honestly good types of people will only see the worst of Kentuckiana if they visit LouisvilleMojo for any length of time. How sad.

Ok guru, but what about when you bend the rules?

By Suzieq1201

Just the other day, Guru, you said something about one of the other members. You were not timed out, nor was your post deleted. However, another member said "according to" your post in the forum that that person was...", Guru, and she was timed out and her post was removed. Why then do you get to bend the rules (elder), but others who follow your lead can't.

Think about it.

And if certain members of MOJO aren't obsessed with ragging on Radbuy, and are so goody two shoed, then why is an innocent like Eggburger3FOO or whatever his name is, being accused tonight of being Radguy (Michael).

Go ahead Elders, take up for Mojo, but I'm sure Michael wasn't the first to be harrassed by this site.

Who else is brave enough to come forth and give your story?

Who else wants to tell the tell of how hateful these people were to them. I even asked one of the members one day why she was this way and she said that she came on that site to have fun and she was going to have fun. Do the elders of MOJO consider bad mouthing people and calling them awful names, fun?

Whatever, dude.

By the guru

I don't bend the rules, I merely skate pretty close to them. There's a difference.

I'm certainly not an "elder" of the site by any means. I've received and given.

I have no idea who this person is who was timed out for allegedly quoting me, but I'm assuming she (or probably "he", since it was probably one of Michael's many alter egos) probably either misquoted me or took what I had written out of context. Or, more than likely, you're making the whole thing up.

Dumb, annoying people receive a hard time everywhere they go. You may call it harassment, I consider it thinning the herd. Don't want people to give you a hard time? Don't be dumb. Problem solved.

Skated right into it...

By Suzieq1201

Geeze Guru, all anyone has to do is go though past forums and see you don't skate close to it, you skate right into it.

AND, anyone can go on Mojo and see who the elders are, all they have to do is see who the top posters are. You are amoung the top 12 posters. Hmmmmmm.

And who was it that posted earlier and said that Mojo has over 60,000 members? Maybe if you count all the Mojos across the country. But I've been to some of the other Mojos and they don't have hateful people like Louisville Mojo does. So what does that say about Louisville people? What kind of impression are you leaving for people who are considering whether or not if they want to move here or even move there business here. Hmmmmm.

And those forums can be read by children who stumble across Mojo, looking for forums to connect with their friends. What kind of impression is Mojo leaving on these young minds.

Re: Mojo A Joke?

By Wes May

"They're nerds..." - Bernie Casey in his role of Revenge of the Nerds

Discrimination based on one's attributes is hardly ever started due to provocative behavior... right? All one has to do to be labeled a "minority" is react to the majority's actions differently than other members of the majority... right? Superficial differentiality doesn't warrant an issue within an intelligent, non-biased community... right? I believe the issue in the case of Mr. Reese's quarrels with the community stems from the "hit and run" complex that made him socially infamous.

My experiences with began much like Mr. Reese's did. I took the brunt of jokes as though fresh meat was tossed into a herd of hungry lions. Socially unacceptable to be who I was, I muscled my way into an opening and found my spot at the bar (metaphorically speaking). Afterwards, I may not have been a respected member of the community; however, I was not the victim of the alleged lewd and malicious actions that "violated" Mr. Reese.

Mr. Reese joined and was immediately labeled as opinionated and obnoxious due to the nature of his posts. He made so much noise with his obnoxious behavior that people were sending me messages asking me if the handle "RadGuy" was me operating on a duplicate account. I, of course, was not the guilty party in this occasion. Mr. Reese would constantly provoke negativity toward his posts and would afterwards be "outraged" by the ensuing replies. Instead of quietly voicing his opinion to moderators and/or administrators of the site, he chose to publically become even more opinionated with those who he didn't agree with. This type of behavior warranted an immediate disapproval from's members and staff. When the ruckus that always seemed to follow his posts got to be enough of a problem that the staff felt action was needed, action was taken. It was at this time in which it was discovered that Mr. Reese clearly violated the terms of service that states that you may not possess more than one account. Whether or not Ms. Reese was the culprit behind this "duplicate account" is irrelevent. He was showing signs of being a "troll" and was dealt with accordingly. Had he been more mature about his actions regarding his posts on the site, I believe he would've been allowed to stay, pending that it could be proven that Ms. Reese was, in fact, a valid member.

I have been a patron of for nearly 3 years and have never heard of someone being so negligent to the social norms that surround the culture of a community, all the while expecting such a "southern hospitality" welcome. I hope that Mr. Reese can avoid future contact with communities that do not share the majority of his opinions due to the fact that this scenario will likely repeat itself, otherwise. I firmly believe that brings to your life whatever it is you put into it, whether it is a heartfelt welcome or the door hitting your ass on the way out. Mr. Reese was a "victim" of the latter and should not receive any credibility to the cause that he has started here on a different website.

Louisville Mojo

By swissmiss

It's a shame that Mojo is getting this kind of negative attention because I think it's a wonderful way to "meet" both the city and its residents. I'm not from Louisville, not even close. Yet because of Mojo I see Louisville as a cool city with funny people and lots to do. Sorry Michael Reese that you must see and dwell on only the negatives, because Louisville Mojo is truly a gem for the city. i wish my city had a Mojo.

Partly agreed

By Stacy Reese

Yes, swissmiss, Mojo WOULD be a "wonderful way to meet both the city and its residents" ---- if only the people who rule the site were honest, good, fair people. Michael Reese did NOT dwell on only the negatives, but he got bombarded with them! As I've said before, he stayed there as long as he did becuause he DID meet some genuinely nice people. However, the fact that he was intelligent, witty and generally popular with the people who wanted to experience Louisvillian Hospitatlity, got him persecuted, degraded and subsequently deleted from the site ----- a behavior that I would hope YOUR city's Mojo would not exhibit.


By Suzieq1201

Lets's see now...Wes May said "My experiences with began much like Mr. Reese's did. I took the brunt of jokes as though fresh meat was tossed into a herd of hungry lions. Socially unacceptable to be who I was".

So basicaly it sounds like what you are saying, Wes, is that they ARE rude to newcomers and you must take the beating in order to stay, but if you can't then you must leave...

...AND that they were even asking YOU if you were radguy. Hmmmmmmm. So another person was assumed to be radguy, and yet he is taking up for them. Hmmmmm.

Brain washed perhaps...You sound like you've been in the lions den a little longer than you should have Wes.

Re: Hmmmmm

By Wes May

I was somewhat obnoxious myself, Ms. Suzie. I expected to be treated with the disrespect due to the fact that I was always trying to stir the pot. That's why I was temporarily mistaken for Mr. Reese. If I had taken the same approach to the replies I got as Mr. Reese, I would've been treated accordingly. I wouldn't have complained, made numerous new profiles in an attempt to rejoin the site, etc. In all honesty, I was dismembered myself due to my behavior at one point. I was only allowed back based on a promise to "clean up my act" which I have.

It's an online community that I didn't give much credence to but have since found that it's genuinely a great way to meet people as long as you have a civil attitude. If you're wanting to trap me into defending your "hmmmm"s and "hmmmmmmmmmm"s, then I suggest looking into finding a new target. The fact remains that I acted somewhat immaturely and was obnoxious and was treated the same way. The "high school" scenario that Mr. Reese pointed out is a vague accusation that everyone he encountered (except himself, of course) was socially immature. I've often found that when you're the only person to be free of any flaws, that you have the disillusioned idea that you're better than everyone else. Do you think that Mr. Reese is better than each and every member of the "high school" community in which he was "shunned"? I know for a fact that there were people who tried to be friends and civil with Mr. Reese. His stubborn attempts to win the acceptance from those few who disapproved of him in some way (people have preferences in who they talk to, you know... or do you?) and his "high school" attitude towards them after becoming frustrated of his unacceptance is what provoked the entire situation in question.

Seattle Man

By FormerMojo

I'd like to add my 2 cents to the Louisville Mojo topic. I moved to Louisville from Seattle several months ago, and was told by a friend that Mojo was a great website to meet people in the area. I joined yesterday and posted a thread asking what were the best coffeehouses in Louisville (important info for anyone from Seattle). One of the first responses to my thread was "Hi, RadGuy!" - and soon I was notified that not only was my topic inappropriate for the general forum but that I was being "timed out" and unable to post again for 48 hours. Now, I can understand being told my thread belonged in their food and drink forum, but to REVOKE my posting privileges for 48 hours for such a "serious" infraction? Please. Apparently since I was new I was immediately "under the radar" of the administrator, David, as a possible "RadGuy", I deserved to be banned for 48 hours. I feel really let down by my short experience on Louisville Mojo as I had hoped to find new friends after leaving my old friends behind in Seattle. So yes, I too can attest to this extremely unfriendly mindset that is so pervasive on Louisville Mojo - in fact, I have no doubt my account will be deleted if "David" whoever that is (I don't know his last name) reads this. And for the record - I am not "RadGuy" but from what I've heard I wish I could meet him as he seems like a hell of a guy to hang out with.

Meeting Rad

By ShellyfromJeff

Hi Seattle Man,
You're right, RADGUY is a nice guy. He'd do anything for you. Sorry you were unjustly persecuted also - join the club! It's a rapidly-growing club... Perhaps he'll contact you thru this site.

RadGuy Responds.

By RadGuy

Michael Reese here. Since I am the "man of the hour" and object of Louisville Mojo's hate and scorn (by the 10 or so "elder" idiots who run the forums) I thought I would respond. First off, the ones posting in this forum about me in so very typical hateful Louisville Mojo fashion are the "elders" who harrassed me from the very beginning. Guru - who is nothing like that particular "handle" as none of his posts are neither wise nor remotely humerous - called me every name in the book, including (LEO feel free to edit as necessary) idiot, asswipe, fucktard, retard, RadDouche, RadGay, RadQueer to name but a choice few, as well as saying that in my profile photograph I looked like a "smug idiot with a shit-eating grin" or something to that effect. This was the "conversation" he is referring to where he so generously tried to talk to me like a real person or something. I responded "Great, the usual bunch of idiots have arrived to bash me" and for that my account was deleted, even though he had just called me every name in the book. Of course since he is an "elder" he is still there sniping away at new people or anyone else he doesn't like. I was also told by two of these lovely people "Too bad you're mother didn't have an abortion" as well as "Why couldn't your father have just jerked off that day?"

I actually HAVE two sisters named Shelly and Stacy - and I can assure you they are not "voices in my head" or fake profiles, as the "elders" and administrators (namely David) continue to assert. We can all show up somewhere and you guys could like...poke them.. to make sure they are real humans. Sue is also not me, and once again you can poke her also, as she is definitely not a "voice".

I not only was called every name in the book by these "elders" but did indeed have photos of me and my sister Stacy superimposed on a pornographic photo of a man and woman engaging in "doggie-style" sex, with the clever title "Incest Love." I also had my head superimposed on an ice cream truck driver's head with the name "Pedo-Pops" suggesting I was a pedophile. In fact, I was repeatedly called a pedophile by several of the "elders", most notably someone who goes by the handle of "Akasha." If that is not character assassination and slander I don't know what is. These photos were allowed to remain posted indefinitely while everyone got their yucks in.

The fact that I mentioned at one time that I was an award-winning journalist with a BA in journalism from Ohio State University was also the subject of much ridicule and apparent jealousy - someone posted something to the effect of "Which Kroger are you working in, retard?" Oh wait - maybe that was just all good-natured "fun" or something like that.

In short, this is the atmosphere of Louisville Mojo. Do not take my word for it - go to their website and see for yourself. I'm not sure who the "victim of the week" is but I do know that since I've been barred several people have been attacked and of course called "RadGuy" - and many have been deleted just because they somehow sound like me, meaning they actually had wit and humor, two things the "elders" do not have and were quite furious with me for daring to have and for interrupting their rambling and boring posts with - shock - actual humor. Better yet, join as a member and post something - I guarantee you if your post is even remotely humerous you will be "under the radar" of David the administrator and in all likelihood banned.

As for all these witty and charming posters claiming to have been my "buddy" - all I can say is did you guys go to the George W. Bush School of Deception? Please. Not one of you has ever had anything remotely decent to say to me nor have you at any time been my "buddy." While you're at it, why don't you tell us all where those weapons of mass destruction are too?

As for me, I have moved on and am in the process of getting back some of my self-esteem that took quite a beating during the four unfortunate months I was unlucky enough to be associated with Louisville Mojo.

Michael Reese "RadGuy"

Wanna see what the TRUE rulers of Mojo are really like?

By Stacy Reese

Anyone reading all of these posts can go to:

You don't even have to sign up to be a member!!! That's right, just go there, to THAT website. When it opens, go to the top in the navy blue band under the banner. Click on "forums". Here's the trick if you want to see "LouisvilleMojo elders, moderators, and general trash in action".......Go to the VERY FIRST THREAD. Today, it's labeled "Rincewind's Redolent Return", but it changes daily.....You'll know it's the MAIN controversial forum because the description states "The Random Chit-Chat forum. This forum is for light hearted chit chat and-- Oh look! Something Shiny!"

Take a look. I dare each and every one of you who are now torn by the posters here on Leo....Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? You MUST, however, keep in mind, that the moderators known as "David_1" and "Nishi" along with some of the others have now DELETED most of the threads started or even COMMENTED IN by Radguy, myself, my sister, my friend, and even friends that stood up against the debotchery that is masked by being a "Public Forum".....

Public forum, my ass.

Hey, if you get in there fast enough, before David_1 reads THIS post, you can even go to the bottom of the page and click on "Need a moderator" and just see for yourselves the foul, violent, socially degraded, depraved and most disgusting profile I've EVER witnessed in my life.....Just click on "David."

Hurry, though.....I'm sure the real owner of the website will have David's b***s in a sling until he changes his profile to make himself look "more pure" to the human eye! *SHOCK*

Go ahead. See for yourselves....(assuming of course, that the WHOLE forum there hasn't been "swiftly revamped" to hide their true nature.....) ;) However, it still IS a PUBLIC forum, no?


By IAmWormPoop

dearest mr. reece,

it saddens me greatly that you feel the need to misrepresent the facts in your editorial. i was one of the first people on mojo who reached out to you. we had mutual friends, and i tried to look past your obnoxious forum spamming traits. your profile was deleted(by you) a number of times before admins(elders?) deleted you. i know for a fact that at one time i had three requests to link our accounts, using three different names. i found it very strange that you had so many accounts, and i reported you for violating the TOS.
maybe if you hadn't filled every random forum with pics of your favorite film star(obsession?), or hadn't started five pointless threads at a time, people wouldn't have been so critical of you.

i am sorry if you or your "family" had to stay awake late into the night crying or whatever it is that happens when you read mean words on a screen(it has an on/off button by the way). i wish you no ill will, and hope that your life/lives turn out just dandy. it will help for you to move on if you stop obsessing, i believe. got jesus?



PS. pow pow

pss. poop

hi guys

"Worm Poop"

By ShellyfromJeff

I believe we have just proved our point... Ahhhh, the intellect....


By IAmWormPoop

i love your family

Just a sample of Mojo

By Suzieq1201


Love your sarcasim. That's pretty much what these posts are about in Leo, you and your friends. Hmmmm.

But, you never got a chance to know them or me because we were constantly being attack for being Radguy. And with all I've read of the responses from Mojoers, it still hasn't sunk into your thick heads that he didn't have multiple profiles at one time, that there were actually several different people posting.

Same trash....

By Suzieq1201

Do you people really believe your unintelligent dribble? Michael has never had more than one identity at any given time. The TOS refers to haveing more than one identity at a time. It says nothing about once you delete yourself or once you've been deleted that you can not create a new identity. Maybe you need to learn to understand what you read and not just read the words like a three year old just learning to read and not understanding what he is reading.

But yet, I think you do understand, you and your crowd are so desperate to cover up your actions that you are trying to pull needles out of a haystack.

Again, thanks for proving the entire point of the article. :)

By Stacy Reese

Yes, I do agree with your name. Well done! Again, your facts are incorrect and your rambling is not only incoherent, but lacks the ability to appear intelligent in the slightest way to anyone who remembers what they learned in English class as a 3rd grader. Also, once again, someone of your stature who professes to speak on behalf of the majority Mojo players, has once again proved just how socially retarded Louisville has become ---- for one by your wild accusations of things that are not true, as if someone of your stature could know in the first place, and for two by your obvious attempt to try to discredit the facts presented in a intelligent manner by people who HAVE THE POWER TO PROVE THE TRUTH AT ANY GIVEN TIME.

Way to go! Your point has been made, and as usual, I'm sure you are now being applauded by the inherently stupid people who have taken over Louisville Mojo and still continue to control it according to the laws of the "Dregs of Society" who claim that they represent the rest of us who live in this area. ***APPLAUSE!*** Great job, there, Worm. WooHoo!!! ;)

LouisvilleMojo - The naked truth

By Lark

I remember quite clearly the first evening I saw Radguy post on LouisvilleMojo. It was right after a long and “bloody” battle against another unpopular poster there who went by the name of Prosper. It actually came to be known as the dogpile wars, I believe. I hadn’t posted in a long time before that, but the hatred and nastiness that was spewed forth upon him caused me to come out of the woodwork in his defense. This did not gain me any popularity amongst the many vile Mojo denizens, but I’ve never cared about things like that.

So, right after the dogpiling finally culminated in Prosper’s dismemberment, Radguy - in his innocent, silly way - popped onto the Mojo scene. He posted funny little quips and committed the “unforgivable sin” of creating discussion threads with an interesting topic and then having his first post say only: “UR thots?” He was instantly accused of being someone else. He was accused of being the fake profile of various people who had been kicked off of Mojo in the past few months. And even of being an “undercover” moderator.

In those first couple of days he was attacked at nearly every turn and called names that civilized adults should be ashamed to use in a public forum. So...I wrote to him and said, “Who ARE you?” And told him -- whoever you are, you’re funny as hell and a breath of fresh air. He didn’t ignore me (as people here are trying to say.) His quick reply was humorous and intelligent and we became friends. He was rather stunned and bemused by the reception he had received. And he kept on posting. They let it be known that they absolutely hated the photos he posted, so he posted more. Yeah, childish, but worthy of having your face photoshopped onto a full-frontal nude photo of a woman defecating? I don’t think so. (I actually sent that photo to the owner of Mojo and asked him to give me his reaction. He made some comment about how awful it was, but since the woman who posted it had since removed it herself, nothing was done about it.)

I was definitely in a minority, but there were other Radguy fans. People who still say they never saw what the problem was that caused such outpouring of pure hatred from the elite crowd. (I refuse to call them “elders” - that title implies wisdom and there sure wasn’t any coming from that corner.) My friendship with Michael drew fire my way, too, of course. I was called some nasty names and made the butt of jokes, but, as I said earlier, I really don’t care what people who stoop to those means think of me.

I’ve been a member of Mojo for over 3 1/2 years and I have made some wonderful friends there, mostly through the live groups and just by meeting people through my “real life” friends’ posses. So I appreciate the good things that Mojo has brought into my life, but I long ago stopped going to Mojo events because they are overpopulated with people who are in real-life nerdy jerks and social rejects who get off on attacking people from behind the safety of their computer screen. I still read some of the forums at times and sometimes there is actual humor or genuine information there. But most of the time lately, it’s like some kind of sophomoric hazing, with the usual suspects trying to see who can be the biggest badass. hope springs eternal...all this dialogue will turn that around, because when Mojo started I thought it was a wonderful concept and up until recently I had a lot of respect for its founders.

Thank you for your honesty.

By Stacy Reese

Lark, I could not possibly commend you and your honesty enough to even warrant a human response....yet I'm going to try. Your courage and utmost honesty and candor have absolutely restored my faith in the people of Kentuckiana who would be, in my estimation, worthy of owning, moderating and most of all LEADING a website that truly DID represent every one of the good-hearted, honest and wonderful people who DO inhabit this place.

Realizing that the packs of uncivilized "wolves" who call themselves "members and representatives of LouisvilleMojo" will probably begin attacking you for your honesty, bravery and candor about coming forth and stating your truthful experience, I wish to call upon the normal and decent individuals who share this Kentuckiana space to stand up for YOU and back YOU, as well as the others who are brave enough to honestly step forward, through each and every heartless, retarded and cruel attack that the ever-so-predictable "Dregs" will unleash upon you...

Please, people! If there's an ounce of decency left in our beloved community, then won't you please stand up and make a difference here? Why, just THINK what it would truly mean to the growing Louisville area, 4th Street Live, and all of the city-wide expansions and refurbishings if we could all TRULY HAVE A WEBSITE DEDICATED TO THE GOODNESS OF LOUISVILLE & THE SOUTHERN INDIANA AREA to attract future inhabitants and actual ADDITIONS to the positive side of our area!!!!! THINK about it!!!!

Can't we all (meaning the intelligent ones who truly CARE about the future of our community) please just BAND TOGETHER and protect ourselves as well are our future????

If not, then why? The only negative answers to that question would come from the negative, socially retarded, ill-mannered and irresponsible people who currently inhabitate Mojo and like the fact that their foulness "rules" there....Or at least, that's my educated prediction.....

Watch and see. Who, among the civilized people who reside in our area, will be the first to admit that "I told you so..."


Respectfully and honestly submitted,
Stacy Reese

Overheard at Mojo...

By FormerMojo

People are beginning to make themselves heard - I just read this in the forums:

Yes, I'm sure you are sick of hearing the truth. Guess what else is tiresome? Your constant negativity and putdowns. You never have anything positive to say and you are always belittling others. Maybe you feel little yourself?
Others might be afraid to say anything, but I'm tired of seeing you walk all over people that try and state their minds in the forums.

We're being heard..

By ShellyfromJeff

Yay!! Thanks for letting that be known, FormerMojo... That's what my brother is trying to do - let it be known how people are treated, and perhaps shake up things a bit. Wouldn't it be nice if the decent people who are tired of this portrayal of Louisville society could actually effect a change? Wouldn't it be neat if Mojo became an actual forum for welcoming new people and introducing people to the city of Louisville? I think that was the original plan, although it got sidetracked a bit. I am a member of CincinnatiMojo and I love it. They were so welcoming to me and I look forward to meeting those people in person. Wouldn't it be neat if Louisvillemojo could learn from their smaller cousin in Cinci? But I digress...just wanted to thank you for your input...



By Suzieq1201


Finally the public knows the truth and its just not a few "disgruntled former" mojoers who are saying this.

Just to let you know. Your message on your HOME page doesn't mean squat when new people enter into your forums and see we are telling the truth.

Oh, and by the way Chuck, you mispelled laughing on in your article on your homepage. Just thought you'd want to know. (Just dishing a bit of (though mild mind you) taste of Mojo 'elder' humor.)