Extreme Makeover: God edition

Since last summer, your Church Hoppers have visited nine houses of worship. And each one gave the Man Upstairs a slightly different look. Pleasant Grove Baptist Church saw him as the Dad-in-Heaven concerned with our everyday needs. “The thing that I remember,” said Zach, “is the married couple that stood up and said they got … Continued

Church of the Advent talks about hell

Let’s talk about hell. Yeah, so we just lost half our readers. But we didn’t bring it up; the Rev. Timothy Mitchell at Church of the Advent put it in his sermon. Blame him. No one — except a pastor who wants to scare people onto the membership rolls — enjoys the subject. All of … Continued

Music, marriage and a mosh pit

There was a lot going on in New Vision Ministry Center’s sanctuary. Robotic lights pivoted on shiny metal trusses that hung over the stage. Huge woofers pumped out Gospel-infused rock while lyrics flashed on video screens. But the Church Hoppers’ overwhelming first impression of the church was people. Folks were crammed into the modified gym … Continued