The teacher who was the lesson

Patsy Lundblad made an unforgettable impression on students, parents and her fellow educators because we best remember those who change us for the better. None of my teachers loved students more maternally — and none resembled my mother more than she. Both were close to 50, still stunningly attractive, slender, with chiseled faces and jet-black hair streaked with grey. They always dressed fashionably, wore red lipstick and spoke well — Mrs. Lundblad, with the most mellifluous Southern accent I’ve ever heard.

She was everything I wanted and needed in a teacher when I entered the womb of her 5th grade classroom at Wilder Elementary six months after my father died from a heart attack. She, too, knew the heartbreak of premature tragedy, having survived one of her two sons.

We bonded immediately.

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Better time, this year

It was the best of years; it was the worst of years. Let me be less equivocal: 2015 predominantly sucked. Despite precious few mixed blessings and curses, it previewed hell on Earth — if hell is the impossibility of reason.... Read More ›

Hope for a less toxic health policy

Yesterday, Lexington-Herald-Leader Frankfort Bureau Chief Jack Brammer turned 65. On Saturday, Gov. Matt Bevin will turn 49. Happy birthday, fellow Capricorns. I have more in common with Jack than with Matt. But in the spirit of Bevin’s inaugural goodwill challenge... Read More ›

A year of swagger and violence

Among the hilarious tunes in the songbook of comedian Steve Martin, who is often accused of being my twin, is a misleadingly pretty ditty that begins, “Oh, death and grief and sorrow and murder.” It epitomizes the dissonance between two... Read More ›

A best friend’s merciful exit

Heidi filled our hearts with joy at first blush, when she mirrored our exuberance, previewing a symbiotic relationship we were eager to relive in early 2003, after our third miniature schnauzer succumbed to liver failure amid a toxic pet food... Read More ›

A grandiose feast of heroin

In a perfect needle exchange program, all addicts would just pull themselves together and collect as many used syringes as the new ones they request. Clairvoyant health workers would magically counsel every soul in the fast-lane-to-oblivion onto Recovery Road —... Read More ›

Disqualify Taint Elsewhere

Happy Veterans Day, when it’s less forgivable not to do something we should do throughout the year: thank them for their service and sacrifice. It warms my bypassed heart that our deep debt of gratitude is messaging more meaningfully. Businesses,... Read More ›

More whores and wars

Woe is us. The incalculable collateral damage from the University of Louisville sex-scandalized basketball program is spreading like STDs at a crack house. Former prospects who publicly confessed that they humped a hooker are straining to explain wherefore to their... Read More ›

Of whores and hoops

Four months ago in this space, I blasted political consultant Jacob Conway, who, while attempting to collect an alleged debt from primary candidate Daniel Grossberg, said, “You are why people don’t like Jews.” In my ongoing struggle to be less... Read More ›

Holy, high hopes and humps

It gives us comfort to think we’re in the driver’s seat, that we control the pace and path to paradise — except, perhaps, during those Carrie Underwood moments when we run too fast, too low on faith and gas, spin... Read More ›