May the best woman win

I am strong. I am invincible. But, according to recent research and statistics, it’s very unlikely I will run for office, make spontaneous investments or compete for the same job as my male counterpart, the requirements for which I am equally (if not more) qualified. To be sure, women are as likely as men to win an election if they run, The New York Times wrote in its editorial “Too few women in the political pipeline.” But they won’t.

Similarly, women are equally capable of making sound, profitable investment decisions, but instead they typically hold onto investments longer and are more risk averse. Despite statistics that reveal women will probably outlive their male partners, and act as caregivers for more than one generation of their families at a time, they believe they are less well-equipped to make financial decisions.

Women often hold three jobs, the BBC World News reported in March: a paid job, for which they earn income, an unpaid job, such as nonprofit work or work with a child’s school or advocacy and a third job, taking care of family members. And in none do they earn what male counterparts earn for the same work.

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Bouncing Forward

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