Bernie Sanders, another viewpoint

On Memorial Day weekend last year, a few compatriots and I, for the first time, put together a small booth and sign-up list to find volunteers for Kentucky for Bernie Sanders. People wished us well, but few had any faith in the movement. That movement has now led to this Democratic socialist challenging the darling of the Democratic establishment to win state after state and potentially forcing a contested convention.

There are those among the Democratic establishment who play to fear in a much more subtle way than do Republicans, but for the same effect. The argument that they make to the Democratic base — and make rather well — basically hinges on the electability of a socialist Jew. Ignoring that he polls better against Donald Trump than does Hillary, there are some other very important facts to note.

In Bernie Sanders, America finally has a candidate who has truly eschewed the smoke-filled rooms and traditional power-brokering that has been the norm. He is a wildfire that has raged out of control, from the least likely source. In massive rallies, upwards of 30,000 people, the firebrand liberal has spoken truth to power with the zeal of a Pentecostal revival. With the same fervor, his supporters have opened their wallets to the only candidate who has refused the support of the unlimited corporate money through Super PACs, setting records for money raised by individual contributions from common citizens. This is in stark contrast to Clinton, whose high-dollar fundraisers held by special interests have been closed to the public. Although Sanders supporters may not care about Hillary’s emails, we are deeply interested in the transcripts of the speeches that earned her millions of dollars from the banks that ran our economy aground in 2008 — transcripts she refuses to release. In this light, the word socialist doesn’t sound quite so scary, especially if you consider the social democracies that enjoy the highest standard of living and well-being in the world.

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