LEO’s new generation

What a difference five years can make. In 2010, LEO’s editors asked me to reflect in this space on the publication’s first 20 years. It was an honor I appreciated and an effort I enjoyed. Now my son, Aaron, has afforded me the same privilege, and I am thrilled to try it again on the paper’s 25th birthday.

It’s crazy how life can come full circle, or at least semi-circle. Five years ago, neither Aaron nor I could have remotely considered the idea that he would be at the helm of my other child. But that is reality, and for me the development is both exciting and heartwarming.

I should resist the instinctive urge to make this (another) tribute to the man I have written about so often … but I can’t. While my perspective is about as biased as it could be, LEO’s recent history, present and future, are Aaron’s story, and I can offer observations neither he nor others can.

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The failure party

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The Plain Brown Reaper

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A constitutional crisis of Obama’s making

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