Response to the March 11 cover story ‘A is for Adjunct’

University of Louisville The story “A is for Adjunct” in the March 11 issue of LEO raised some important issues about the financial strains faced by many part-time faculty at colleges and universities around the country. The University of Louisville employs many part-time faculty, and they play an important role in teaching general education classes, … Continued

Legislating priorities: like where people pee

This year marks my seventh in the Kentucky General Assembly as the Fairness Campaign’s director, and through all the good and bad I’ve seen, I never thought we’d be busy debating where people pee, but that’s the Kentucky Senate for you. Freshman Senator C.B. Embry, a Morgantown Republican, has sought to make a name for … Continued

A constitutional crisis of Obama’s making

As Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall at the close of the Constitutional Convention, a lady asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin famously replied, “A republic … if you can keep it.” And, for nearly 250 years, we have kept it and many heroes have died on the … Continued

Beyond the political games, why felony expungement is a good idea

Led by Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky politicians are earnestly discussing easing the path to civil rights restoration for convicted felons. Democratic politicians seek to gain more voters because they assume that the majority of convicted felons would vote Democratic. Republicans, like Paul, view restoring voting rights as a move that would reach out to minority … Continued

Why Unions Work

 During our long meeting, it became clear to me that while they were certainly interested in a legislative agenda specific to unions, they were far more interested in a broader economic agenda that would help reverse decades of setbacks for the American middle class.  Indeed, it is not stretching to argue that the stagnation in … Continued

The Minimum Wage Debate

 The same careful evaluation of political remedies is necessary because like in medicine, good intentions are not enough. Too often what seems to be a good solution may have disastrous consequences down the road. If only it were so simple that we could just mandate every employer pay his employees more money and presto, the … Continued

The Resurgence of Heroin

I’ve been fighting prescription drug abuse since my first day as your Attorney General, and our Commonwealth has been battling this issue for almost two decades. In Kentucky, more people die from prescription drug overdoses than car accidents, and Kentucky was the third or fourth most medicated state in the country.   This addiction to … Continued

Compassion is the ultimate gift

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Haiti. My father’s friend knew of a ministry in Haiti that needed help with their generators, so my father, a generator technician, jumped at the opportunity and brought me along. I didn’t know what to expect in Haiti. I knew it was the poorest nation in the … Continued

A Sweet Tea Party

Thanks to my friend, Dr. Ricky Jones, for the opportunity to clarify my position regarding my recent tweets on Sen. Rand Paul (see the Oct. 23 issue of LEO Weekly). Twitter is a powerful tool to communicate, but 140 characters cannot provide a comprehensive platform to adequately exegete one’s position. My tweet was in no … Continued