Deconstructing me

It was my Gerald Ford moment. I became president of the South Carolina High School Thespian Society because the president’s parents decided to move to Wyoming. Since then, I’ve taken on many challenges, but I never seriously considered running for political office. That is until November. I’m not in the habit of getting this personal … Continued

All they need for Christmas

Dear Santa, I thought I’d help with some gift suggestions in case the elves are baffled by what to get this crew. After all, we don’t know what to do with these people either. Gov. Steve Beshear Better taste in lieutenant governors The current LG makes hateful comments behind his back. Judging from what many … Continued

Ghosts of coaches past

I wasn’t sad to see Billy Gillispie go. Frankly, I would have given him a lift to the airport. Not long after Gillispie was heralded as the next great thing for Kentucky basketball, he proved to be a spoiled brat with an inflated ego of rock star proportion. Rarely was Billy G the paragon of … Continued

Piggish behavior all around

You say you’ve heard the story about three little pigs? Not this one. Little Pig One, a neighborhood association, built pretty loft condos and fostered urban development in a place called Butchertown, where unpleasant smells and industrial traffic from the local slaughterhouse shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Little Pig Two, Food and Commercial Workers … Continued

Not so pretty in pink

Poor November. It’s a month without a color, a month without a cause. Sure, Thanksgiving is fun, what with the Macy’s Parade, the turkey and the pie. But let’s be honest: It’s not October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but few know or care because October is drenched … Continued

Internal combustion

In today’s society we live our lives out loud. Personal dramas spill out in memoirs and on reality television. Facebook shares our every feeling. “Wednesday morning. I’m still bushed. Lots o’ coffee today!” Twitter instantly broadcasts even the most mundane of our moves. “Grabbing a snack — Cheetos — then off to bed.” Because of … Continued

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

“You BITCH!” I really didn’t mean to yell. But she tricked me. It was ingenious, really. You see, I’m not good with needles. At all. So when I went to get my first flu shot at my neighborhood grocery store about 15 years ago, I asked the nurse, “Will it hurt a lot?” She looked … Continued

It’s only black and white

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. All I know is that it used to be a whole lot easier to tell right from wrong. Today, with increasing frequency, we tend to employ situational ethics. We say the end justifies the means. We excuse bad behavior if it happened for what we deem is the … Continued

An indistinct possibility

I’m sorry. I am sincerely proud of Louisville, but “Possibility City”? It’s just not true. OK, it’s true in the same way it was possible that I was going to spend the entire Labor Day weekend repainting my basement. However, it was also highly improbable because I didn’t want to. The Possibility City ad campaign … Continued

(Town)hallmarks of dissention

Ever watched a movie so bad you wished you had those two wasted hours back? I’m hoping that’s not my regret next week after I moderate Rep. John Yarmuth’s in-person town hall meeting at Central High School (Wednesday, Sept. 2, 6:30 p.m.). When it appeared that the congressman only intended to have three tele-town halls, … Continued