The best and worst of Frankfort

We knew the 2017 Kentucky State Legislative session was going to be crazy when Gov. Matt Bevin went toe to toe with union workers in the halls of the Capitol, accusing one of not being from Kentucky.

Thankfully, the session is nearly over, ending dangerous meddling by the GOP majority. Well, sort of… There are still reconciliation days to consider disputed bills and vetoes, and a potential special session for tax reform. Oh joy… But for purposes of grading the lawmakers’ performance this year, the main act is complete.

Here are the best and worst:

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Country club schools

In social media’s endless wisdom, one glorious meme summed up the charter school debate perfectly. It displayed a woman explaining: “My husband and I have decided the local parks just aren’t good enough for our kids. We’d rather use the... Read More ›

Go west, Louisville City FC

The success and support of a new soccer stadium will depend almost entirely on the site location. There is little debate that professional soccer is a hit in Louisville. Despite its undersized, ill-suited home field at the Louisville Slugger Field... Read More ›

Resistance vs. Obstruction

After eight years of complaining about the Mitch McConnell-led Republican obstructionism, many Democrats, including me, face a crisis of conscience: Do we become what we deplored and decried by doing all we can to make Donald Trump’s presidency one term,... Read More ›

Make Louisville a sanctuary city now!

Louisville has branded itself as a compassionate city and possibility city. It’s time that we prove we are both, and formally declare Louisville as a sanctuary city. It’s the right thing to do for our economy, and it’s the humane... Read More ›