UofL is wrong

When the week started, I wasn’t going to write about the self-imposed punishment by the University of Louisville on its basketball program. There seemed to be too many other important events to focus on a game. Plus, what more could I add to the conversation?

But since then, it has become personal. And whether it’s right or not, we cannot pretend that sports, and UofL basketball, are just a game. The university’s decision, by Athletic Director Tom Jurich and approved by President James Ramsey, is wrong. Their decision penalizes and causes hurt beyond those inside the locker room.

Every year LEO publishes a March Madness bracket. As with the rest of the paper, we are only able to do this thanks to the support of our advertisers. This year, we may not be able to bring that bracket to you, because five minutes into Friday’s press conference, our bracket sponsors backed out. And who can blame them? 

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Mud pit media

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We can’t afford to not fund the arts

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State of the ‘Dream’

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Fake it ’til you make it, Jughead

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Kentucky’s baby RINO 

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Unused (random) 
2015 thoughts

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The nightmare after Christmas

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Red, white and bluster

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It’s all gun terror

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