Deplorable vs. expletive

It’s almost over. Unfortunately, the final presidential debate Wednesday and the next two weeks will only drive America’s standards for decency further into the ground. This new low-level of language, and political contempt we have for one another, has been dragged beyond the red-and-blue divide, and into the mainstream of social behavior.

After the barrage of insults we received for reassigning the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Comedian, we realized just how deeply Donald Trump has stained society.

It cannot be a coincidence that so much of the hateful language we, and other media outlets, have received directly echoes language used by Trump. And has been consistent, from post to post on LEO’s Facebook page, and from commenters coast to coast. In addition to using the same words to disagree with us, the other constant was all of the commentators seemed to be white, and most of them, men.

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Even Bevin gets a best-of award

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Trump loses, still wins

It’s hard to believe that 100 million Americans watched the same debate. The most-watched debate in history turned out to be a Cliff Notes version of Trump’s last 15 months. And nothing will have changed because of it. And we... Read More ›

Colin Kaepernick is not deplorable

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The ‘Trump International’ experience

Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico sure went well — for the Democrats. He embarrassed himself and the country (and the Mexican president). But international embarrassment seems to be par for the course for Trump. Speaking of par, I recently went... Read More ›

Why we still need unions

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No post-gender society

Watching the Olympics, you cannot help but be mesmerized by the world-class female athletes who are killing it in their events and showing the world how to take absolutely no shit. Like 19-year-old Lilly King, who matched her outrage over... Read More ›