Dear National Rifle Association:

Really wish you’d just go away. Not just leave town. Disappear. Like evaporate. In lieu of that, however … Welcome to Louisville — our compassionate, possibility city!

I’ve been told the NRA does a lot of good: from proper training on how to use firearms to promoting safe practices and awareness. It’s too bad your leadership is hellbent on pushing an irrational, unreasonable, anarchist legislative agenda, which contributes to over 30,000 violent gun deaths each year.

But you must be doing something right: The NRA is the only organization that can bring together all three Republican parties in harmony.

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Primary complaint

Obviously as you age, your perspective changes. Politically, as you live through more elections, you inevitably see something you truly cannot believe you are witnessing. This year, you don’t have to look far to see something truly unbelievable — the... Read More ›

Curb your Bern

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No more student-athletes

As a lifelong UofL Cardinals fan and someone who loves college sports, I know this may sound shocking: I propose removing the word athlete from the term student-athlete. The time has long passed to divorce organized athletics from the institutions... Read More ›

Ramsey’s defenders echo Catholic Church cover-up

After recently watching the Oscar-winning movie, “Spotlight,” it occurred to me that the turmoil surrounding University of Louisville President James Ramsey rings eerily similar to the Catholic Church’s child sex-abuse scandal. Supporters of the current administration, Ramsey and his executive... Read More ›

Historic preservation or hysteric?

Clifton resident Mark Frazar has been fined $100 for violating city historic preservation rules by installing solar panels on his roof over a year ago. He has appealed the fine and is scheduled to go before an architectural review board... Read More ›

Mitch, you old dog

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Red bird down

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Nice caucus, Trump

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