NCAA, play your hand, or put the Cards down

The University of Louisville and the community are ready to turn the page on the school’s recent sordid history, but we have to wait for one more institution to weigh in before we can all move on.

Last week, interim UofL President Neville Pinto received a letter from the NCAA outlining a notice of violations of rules for the Katina Powell sex scandal. Pinto got the letter only because the former president, under which all of this occurred, James Ramsey, was forced to resign after this and many other scandals over the past several years.

The university and community collectively should want to do what it can to put all of this behind us. I would like UofL to just accept the allegations and any additional punishment. But, no — UofL says it will defend coach Rick Pitino, who is accused of having been derelict in his duties by not knowing about the sex-for-hire parties with his players, recruits and strippers.

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