Election 2016 redo: Morgan Freeman vs. 
Bradley Cooper

So the media narrative of this year’s presidential election is how loathsome the two candidates are. I even heard one pundit say it’s a competition to see who can be less disliked. This week, a Real Clear Politics poll-average has Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump 56 to 60 in unfavorableness.

Let’s be clear, Clinton and Trump are disliked for different reasons. Clinton’s ratings are the result of decades of attacks against her and President Bill, as well as because of her real shortcomings. Trump’s unfavorable ratings reflect the distaste for his character, and his very un-presidential behavior.

While I support Clinton, I won’t argue with America: We want new candidates! Both bases, from the farthest left — the Bernie Bros — to the farthest right want an outsider, someone to disrupt the system.

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White America, black america

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Fewer zoos now

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Will work for health

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Bevin, Ouster-in-Chief

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The Greatest

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Not a teachable monument

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We hear you LEO nation!

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Dear National Rifle Association:

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