GLI looks outside, but the answers are here

To the rest of the outside world, we talk about Louisville as though it’s the greatest city anywhere. But when we talk among ourselves, we lament that Louisville should be more like Portland, Nashville or Charlotte. We say we need to be younger, healthier and better educated and have better mass transit and roads.

That’s pretty much what Greater Louisville Inc., or GLI, Louisville metro’s chamber of commerce, told us after its annual Idea Development Expedition, known as GLIDE. The motivation behind the GLIDE trip was certainly genuine. But another trip, one that took over the news last week — a trip taken by people from local law firms, financial agencies, educational institutions and city — was more of a vanity project than investment in Louisville’s future.

To be fair, GLI should be lauded for its decision to visit Austin — a trip originally slated for Charlotte, but moved as a result of North Carolina’s passage of House Bill 2, the transgender-oppression-bathroom bill. GLI deserves credit for doing the right thing and relocating the trip to Austin.

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