Not asking and not telling

I did a lot of gay stuff on my recent trip to San Francisco. And probably not in the way you might be thinking. I visited a huge shared studio space for queer artists called The Big Gay Warehouse, where painters, street artists, clothes makers and writers create their work in an intentionally inclusive environment. … Continued

What’s so gay about it?

  When I was in high school, people didn’t say “That’s so gay” instead of “I think that is stupid.” Maybe because back then, the issue of being gay wasn’t something that was talked about all that much. Being gay was more something you hid about yourself, or that you were hidden from, especially as … Continued

Where are the homos in Hollywood?

Bette Davis’ famous line — “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night!” — would have been an appropriate introduction to the entire year of 2010. After a rollercoaster ride on the political front, accompanied by far too many tragedies involving gay teenagers, we finally ended on a good note with the … Continued

A gay letter to Santa

Hey Santa. It’s me, Pam. Look, I know we haven’t talked since I was a kid, and I never thanked you properly for that Walkman in the ’90s. Now that I am an adult and you and I are in, how shall I say it, different dimensions and everything, I know it might seem weird … Continued

The heart of the matter

In 1985, writer and activist Larry Kramer’s play “The Normal Heart” premiered in New York City at The Public Theater. At the time, it inspired mixed reviews from critics and assorted reactions from audience members. It is, after all, a play about something most people don’t want to think about, much less get emotionally involved … Continued

Dealing with Thanksgiving, gay-style

The holidays are upon us, y’all. The leaves are falling, squash is in season, and there’s no doubt about it: It’s Thanksgiving time. Or, if you prefer, ye old time to hang out with the family. I like to think of myself as a kind of Thanksgiving expert. First of all, I have been doing … Continued

Louisville wins best (gay) city

I showed up for the Louisville Youth Group’s Forum, hosted by the Metro United Way, which brought together 40 organizations and a packed house of individuals from Kentuckiana who are working to counteract anti-gay bullying by finding ways to support our LGBT youth. Well more than 100 people, from grandmas to teenagers, church members to … Continued

Listen to our kids

These questions are at the forefront of the minds of community leaders and individuals who are willing take the recent tragedies in the United States surrounding gay teen suicide and create positive change in the lives of our kids. The issue of anti-gay bullying and the serious effects it has on the well-being of children … Continued

Making headlines

What do an award-winning political humorist, a beef-tipped superstar beauty, and the University of Louisville all have in common this week? No, they aren’t all gay. But they are all speaking out about gay issues and taking some pretty interesting action to move gay rights forward. While the evening news is full of depressing stories … Continued

Choose your own adventure

Based on the few real-life awkward situations bestowed upon me in the past week (which specifically regarded my sexuality), this exercise is meant to engage you, the reader, in an exploration of options. It merely requires that you have some familiarity with the idea of making choices and being awkward. For the purpose of this … Continued