I closed my eyes and fell asleep

I went to the park.

On the way there, I saw a man on Taylor Boulevard, driving a Model T — it was that kind of a day. Heading through the gate on the road to the lookout I saw a woman riding a butterscotch horse, she was there on the road, and then dipped down the incline into the cut and was gone. Once I hit the first pavilion, I saw an ‘88 hard-candy Chevy Caprice, whose body was fresh out the cooker, but whose rims were wack as if the owner couldn’t resist the urge to show off his creation a little too soon. I saw in the grass, on the outer rim of the lookout a pile of hawk feathers. Something had gone down. I was interested in this spot of war, and so was a little boy and the woman he was with, as he exclaimed, “Damn what happened?”

I saw two youthful men on a slick, black Japanese motorcycle, without helmets. The passenger had his arms around the driver’s chest in a tight x-hold, the right side of his face planted firmly in the driver’s back. I saw a Cuban couple in their church clothes, their two children running zigzag on the walkway, pointing at dogs and giggling, picking up sticks and tossing them, kids acting silly. Once on the lookout, looking out over Louisville, I saw all the trees that cover the city, our canopy buds and blooms, a lot of purple and its thin spots, and I looked for my brother Aaron’s house, which I am convinced I’ll see one day. There were two women to my left, sitting, talking about work, work in the morning, work from last week and work everlasting. They, too, seemed to be dressed up, as if they had come from somewhere important, or were headed there. Directly in front of me was a man and a woman. Only their heads were visible, as they were sitting on the ground, their backs up against the small horseshoe wall. They seemed sad and tired and were not speaking, just looking out and resting. To my right were three men, two college age, and one a bit older, and they seemed to be practicing dialect, a foreign language I couldn’t deduce. They would ask each other things like, “Do you like bananas?” and then respond in a broken, yet confident-filled manner. They were learning something and enjoying the methods.

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Let’s keep the peace, y’all

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Milo Yiannopoulos won

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High voltage, stay out

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As we turn a blind eye

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America’s most-important son

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Your yacht is not in the mail

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