“Prepare yourself, you contemptible poltroon, for my imminent, bloody invasion into your heart or, if you don’t stand still, perhaps your left shoulder or your fundament. For as sure as you and your colleagues shall never again wear the vile fabrics of Europe, your death at this creekside today shall avenge my honorable lord’s character … Continued

‘Speaking’ of Homeland Security…

So far, it is difficult to tell whether or not Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are out joyriding in mom and dad’s car in the middle of the night or if they’ve reached the senior moment when their licenses need to be revoked. Whatever the case may be, they now have the keys to the … Continued

Legalization Now

The Kentucky legislature debated legalizing medical marijuana during this year’s legislative session. February 12, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo announced that his medical marijuana bill was not going to pass this year. Speaker Stumbo should be commended for trying to move our Commonwealth forward but his bill was a mere half measure. Kentucky should legalize … Continued

The Disease of Perfection

Project Beyoncé body has commenced for 2015! One of my goals for this year is to get back in shape. I needed to refocus on my fitness after a busy campaign season that created an estranged relationship between myself and the Louisville Athletic Club. I confess that I had not been happy about the lack … Continued

A love letter to Malcolm X

Rightfully, we pause to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. every year. Wrongfully, Malcolm X is still not so well received. Sadly, Brother Malcolm’s birthday often comes and goes without the majority of people realizing it. There is no fanfare in most quarters. No parades, no holiday, no television specials, no proclamations from the mayor … … Continued

Feeding Back

This week, I’m taking time to reflect on one of the more interesting parts of writing for a publication and that is the interaction with people who write me letters. These last couple of weeks I’ve received a few emails that, even in disagreement, make me extraordinarily appreciative. Why? I’m grateful because it means that they heard … Continued

Heroin and heroic storytellers

Long after we knew that the war on drugs was an epic failure, data compiled by the Public Performance Safety Project of the non-partisan Pew Charitable Trusts cited unduly punitive state laws as the reason America incarcerates more citizens longer than any other nation. House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Tilley, D-Hopkinsville, led a crusade for … Continued

African-American History Month

LEO has a proud history of tackling sensitive, uncomfortable issues and none more so than discussing race in Louisville and America. February is Black History month and we don’t just see this as an opportunity to discuss race relations, but as our responsibility to do so — particularly at a time when racial frictions seem … Continued

Public Schools, KIPP Style

My first read of 2015 was “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell and it has my mind racing about the current state of our education system. Education is the means by which one can change his or her stars. I suggest this strongly because my life is a testament to the fact that kids just need a … Continued

The empathy strip mall

Carefully keeping up with the news might be a formula for despair. Just in the past few months, we’ve endured a string of deeply disturbing behavior among our fellow humans. We’ve witnessed horrifying ISIS slayings, Boko Haram atrocities, terror in Paris, police brutality in the US, anti-immigration demonstrations, disease outbreaks and mildly underinflated footballs. A … Continued