Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find some gentle, constructive criticism aimed at some of the loonier citizens who walk among us. So it seems only fitting to also recognize a few of the sane people in our midst. So often in our culture the delusional and depraved get most of our attention while sanity is … Continued

Inbox – December 17, 2014

LEO Weekly welcomes letters that are brief (350 words max) and thoughtful. 
Ad hominem attacks will be ignored, and we need your name and a daytime phone number. Send snail mail to Inbox, 301 E. Main St., Suite 201, Louisville, Ky. 40202. Fax to 895-9779 or email to We may edit for length, grammar … Continued

A tortured report

Serendipitous that the CIA torture report came out the week before LEO’s Louneyville, because the reaction has been nothing short of looney, and nothing less than shameful. A $40 million, 6,700 page report, which took more than five years to develop, and this is the debate our country is having?  The most disappointing revelation to … Continued

The feminism in pageantry

I believe that every female should participate in at least one pageant in her lifetime (particularly by her 18th birthday).   As someone that has competed successfully on local, state, national and international stages, I will explain why… The Feminist movement began because since our nation’s inception, women had been treated as second-class citizens. We did … Continued


There’s no shortage of ammo this year. The stories in Louneyville, more or less, just wrote themselves. Don’t get us wrong, we obviously think this is a great city, one with growth on its mind and pride in its heart, but there’s also a special sort of fringe crazy, our own brand of lunacy — … Continued

Ball Droppings: 2015 New Year’s Eve listings

No matter if your budget is limitless or limited to “free,” whether your wardrobe preference is costume, causal or black tie and, truly, whatever your musical taste, Louisville has got a party for you. From karaoke to DJs, from the country strummings of JD Shelburne to the mashup band Q: Are We Not Them? A: … Continued

The progressive war on Christmas

It is Christmas season and once again we are confronted with the intolerance of the radical left. Every year traditional American values and our Christian foundations are assaulted in a new and heretofore unimagined way despite the fact that Pew Research states that 78 percent of our population is Christian. This year the Montgomery County, … Continued


The events in Missouri have sparked debate about how we deal with race in this country. During protests across the nation, activists are being condemned and called animals. As well, we see those who oversimplify the issues and Band-Aid them with “can’t we all just get along?” The problem with these perspectives is at the … Continued

Is income inequality intractable?

Two days before Thanksgiving, the Pope addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. But he might as well have been speaking to the Congress about the United States. “We encounter a general impression of weariness and aging, of a Europe that is now ‘a grandmother,’ no longer fertile and vibrant,” he said. “The great ideas … Continued