‘The Coronation: The Refinement of a Queen’

Over the last two years, completing my autobiography remained an unfinished goal. Thankfully, 2014 intensified my motivation to finish this project and I am happy to announce that my first book, “The Coronation,” will be released in 2016! I chose to write this book because after years of sharing my story, I realized how important … Continued

Smart, luxurious living

Next month, Apple will begin selling its new Watch, which will bring to users’ wrists what they already have on their computers, tablets and phones. The company believes this exciting new technology will make it easier than ever to browse Etsy while having sex. Apple also considers the Watch to be an important milestone in … Continued

Unusually typical McConnell

Here it is folks: the moment some of you never thought would come. The White House’s response to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s re-election victory was unproductive at best, or immature and childish at worst. Regardless of whether or not you like Netanyahu, would or would not have voted for him, agree or disagree with how … Continued

Inbox – March 25, 2015

An Ignorant Citizenry It is heartening, as Aaron Yarmuth pointed out (March 18 Editor’s Note), that people are dissatisfied with their government. He seems to feel that those citizens might now go on the offensive to change things. Sorry, but it’s not happening. Two changes could be made that would solve most of our problems: … Continued

Better test scores than points scored

The other day came the announcement that than seven University of Louisville men’s basketball players have been named to the 21-man All-ACC Academic Team. Well. There’s the problem. No. No. Just kidding. Academic achievement is an admirable thing for scholarship athletes who must devote so much time to their sports. And not in any way … Continued

Louisville has a Kentucky Problem

Over the last three years, the Louisville Cardinals have produced one of the greatest stretches in program history. During this time, the Cards have won three straight conference tournaments, went to the Final Four in 2011-2012, mixed in a Sweet Sixteen last year and, of course, hung a banner from the towering Yum Center rafters during … Continued

Lady Cards

While many Louisville fans were focused on the emotional roller coaster and tribulations of the men’s basketball team this season, the women’s basketball Cardinals quietly dominated their season. Of course they bounced over some bumps in the road — the Dec. 7 home loss to Kentucky was especially painful — but the Lady Cards consistently … Continued

The coming race war

Los Angeles – One of my closest friends once admonished me, “You’re a romantic, dude. You think you can save everybody. What you gotta realize is a good percentage of our people are already done. They’re dead and just don’t know it! There’s a war coming and you have to save what energy you have … Continued

Notes on shame: the predicament of punani

When thirsty (read: desperate) men get their feelings hurt, women still have to bear the responsibility of qualifying ourselves and our sexuality to prove his feelings are not our fault … poor, poor man-children. Rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have both publicly cast aspersions on their mutual ex, Amber Rose — a model, ex-stripper … Continued