A league of his own: talking with 1200

With the 2014 release “Symphony I,” 1200, aka Jecorey Arthur, perfectly encapsulates his musical marriage of theory and rap aesthetics, a blend that works on virtually every level. “My music is what I like to call poly-stylistic,” he says. “It is filled with many different things, but most often, atypical combinations. One minute you are … Continued


The first Free Week — featuring more than 15 local bands, over four days at four different venues, plus a kickoff party — is almost here. Organized by Do502, with the purpose of getting people out of hibernation in January and establishing an annual event that has the opportunity to take on a life of … Continued

Don’t think twice: 
A Lion Named Roar’s new publishing deal

A Lion Named Roar recently won American Songwriter and Martin Guitar’s “The Pub Deal,” a $20,000, year-long publishing contract with Secret Road. And, the weird thing is, for the band, winning was partially fortuitous. “We didn’t voluntarily enter; that was the funny part,” says guitarist Tyler Anderson. “We’ve done some stuff with them in the … Continued

Staying the course: a conversation with Coliseum

There is an old-school charm to Ryan Patterson, a kind of punk-rock disposition that surveys the situation and commands presence. A longtime veteran of the local scene, Patterson cut his teeth playing in bands like Automatic and The Enkindels before moving on to form his own longstanding institution in Coliseum. Be it working at/running record … Continued

Houses of the holy: the classic rumblings of The Hot Wires

Brian Gray and Brad White are old friends. The two met while attending college, and soon formed their first band, Pine Club. “We’ve been playing together a long time,” drummer Brad White tells me. “I moved away for a while and Brian joined a band called Danger Bird. They kinda ran their course, but he … Continued

Plugged-In (Jan. 21 – Jan. 27)

WED Jan 21st Brasserie Provence: Brian Curella Duo, Joey Thieman; 5 p.m. Diamond Pub (St. Matthews): Chad and Karsten; 10 p.m. Gerstle’s: Kimmet & Doug; 9 p.m. Jack Fry’s: Ray Johnson, Dave Wilson, Jenna Mattingly; 7 p.m. Jim Porters: Mixed Bag Wednesday From DJ’s to Country, Rock to Jazz, Comedy to Blues, Rockabilly and everything … Continued

Of a different variety: the return of The Cathouse

Every city has that spot — maybe a house, maybe a warehouse — where music and art just kind of happen, like a nexus for creativity that seems to occur organically. In the past, that’s been the Lava House, The Chestnut House, or the 540 — spaces that kind of bristle with energy — where … Continued

Worshipping The Beat

Jack Kerouac, a bluesman from a jazz age surrounded by rock and roll. I was in my early 20s by the time I came across “On the Road” — a quintessential recommendation, but I couldn’t get on board. I was out of time, but I wanted to understand. I wanted to find the passion that so … Continued

b-sides: Ken Vendermark

Ken Vandermark, who plays saxophones and clarinets, focuses primarily on improvisational music. In 1999 he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship (“Genius Grant”). He comes from the jazz lineage of innovation and invention, refusing to be typecast or defined by others. In a published March 2014 conversation with fellow musician Joe Morris, for example, he frequently … Continued

Rebels, rogues and sworn brothers: Lucero’s journey

Lucero is one of the most-respected and resilient bands in indie rock right now. In their 17 years together, they have released 10 studio albums or EPs, while becoming one of the most thrilling live shows on the road. Formed by a group of guys who grew up submerged in the underground punk rock scene, … Continued