The six best local songs of the month

This January has been the worst. I have a newborn daughter who I’d love to play in the snow with and a job that would potentially grant snow days, which are like Christmas miracles after the fact. Who doesn’t want a surprise day off? But this month has been gray and moderate temperature-wise — generally … Continued

Ghost Lights

I did not expect to ever see anything surface by local dub legends The Children, especially so many years after their apparent dissolution. With “Ghost Lights,” The Children blend their overt dub influences with a nice instrumental post-punk kind of vibe, which you might think would make for particularly sunny music, as is often the … Continued

Big Dark Love

Murder By Death has always looked to push their sound into new territory, but with “Big Dark Love” (out Feb. 3) they hit something that transcends pushing boundaries or not being redundant.The parallels ­— between the ominous, piercing voice of Adam Turla and the ambient, dreamy directions they’ve flirted with before, but go all in … Continued

Against the Wall of Forever

If there is such a thing as party metal — and maybe there is and I’m blissfully unaware — then this qualifies. Spearheaded by former Louisvillian Doug Walker, of Nixon/The Hookers acclaim (to name a few), Monolith plays a brand of metal that recalls the greats of the ’70s and ’80s, such as Iron Maiden … Continued


Jonathan Glen Wood seems as much a musician as he does the spirit of getting shit done. His second EP in less than 30 days during the final months of 2014, Wood is putting out quality content at an inspirational rate. Where “Alone” (released Nov. 27) served as a meditation on ambience and space, “Needle“ … Continued

b-sides: The Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble

Mike Tracy spoke to LEO just after returning from one of his many trips to Brazil, where he visited friends and soaked in music. He’s Director of the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program at the University of Louisville School of Music, but right now his focus is on his upcoming concert of strictly Brazilian music, … Continued

The Ben Folds balancing act

For many in my generation, “Whatever and Ever Amen” represented a careful balancing act in alternative. Here was an album that carried youthful angst with mellow instrumentation, while still managing to have some degree of emotional valance. The melancholic ballad “Bricks” and the sarcastic screeds in “Song for the Dumped” or “Battle of Who Could … Continued

Plugged In (Jan. 28 – Feb. 3)

WED Jan 28th Brasserie Provence: Brian Curella Duo, Joey Thieman; 5 p.m. Diamond Pub (St. Matthews): Devereaux Trio Gerstle’s: Kimmet & Doug; 9 p.m. Gypsy’s Sports Bar: Kettle Creek Ramblers; 8 p.m. Jack Fry’s: Ray Johnson, Dave Wilson, Jenna Mattingly; 7 p.m. Jim Porters: Mixed Bag Wednesday From DJ’s to Country, Rock to Jazz, Comedy … Continued

A league of his own: talking with 1200

With the 2014 release “Symphony I,” 1200, aka Jecorey Arthur, perfectly encapsulates his musical marriage of theory and rap aesthetics, a blend that works on virtually every level. “My music is what I like to call poly-stylistic,” he says. “It is filled with many different things, but most often, atypical combinations. One minute you are … Continued


The first Free Week — featuring more than 15 local bands, over four days at four different venues, plus a kickoff party — is almost here. Organized by Do502, with the purpose of getting people out of hibernation in January and establishing an annual event that has the opportunity to take on a life of … Continued