Winston’s rolls out revamped menu, welcomes back Sea Bass

Winston’s Restaurant and Chef John Castro kicked off 2015 by revamping the award-winning restaurant’s menu. It rolled out some dishes of note in a sneak peek luncheon last week that included the return of an old favorite and a delicious but messy foray into bone marrow. Castro presented 11 samples, ranging from a “Not Brown” … Continued

It’s my party

My (long-suffering) fiancé, John, had a celebratory dinner with workmates scheduled last Saturday for 7 p.m. at a popular sushi-hibachi restaurant in Fern Creek. At 7:45, he texted me: Still waiting for a table. Sure, it was Saturday night, and the place was packed, but that seemed a little bit too much of a delay. … Continued

Sunday, day drinking to calm your tits

Ahhhhhh. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and gratitude for that first sign of the glorious sun after Louisville’s Snowpocalypse 2015 — or what I refer to as a dark, dark place in my life when I stayed in my underwear until 4 p.m. every day, binge eating canned goods that have lived far … Continued

The cat ate my review. No, really!

After quite a few years writing a weekly column about food, I’ve learned a thing or two. For instance: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That which does not kill us makes us strong. The deadline monster must be fed. All these things seem to make good sense. But sometimes good sense … Continued

Pie for your inner kid at Blaze Pizza

Roasted garlic, please. And some brie. And spicy marinara. Oh, and more pepperoni. Ahem. I don’t normally write about chain restaurants in this space, but I do make exceptions. This week, I’m making one of those exceptions for Blaze Pizza, a place I’d heard good things about but had not taken time to check out … Continued

Ramen guys do ramen and dumplings at Rumplings

Warmed by the delights of four big bowls of steaming ramen at Rumplings in five day’s time, I asked my baby boomer pals on Facebook a simple question this week: When did you first encounter instant ramen? What did you think of it when you did? The discussion quickly blew up into a sharp, snarky … Continued

The Babes of Bourbon

Pouring bourbon, drinking bourbon and diva stomping around town, being overbearingly proud of my womanhood, have been pastimes of mine since I was legally able to do so (really, I’ve been diva stomping since birth — see also Google images for Beyonce — that’s how I came out of my mother’s womb). So, naturally, when … Continued

Dundee done be a gastropub now

What’s a gastropub, anyway? This culinary neologism has been floating around since the middle of the last decade, and some say it cries out for mockery. “Gastropub”? It sounds, a bit unnervingly, like some kind of medical condition afflicting the digestive system. What’s more, plenty of the more pompous food scribes decry the term. I … Continued

Discovering the BBC $5 lunch

Seems like it wasn’t that long ago that a $5 lunch was an easy thing to find. And I’m not talking about a McCombo meal, either — I mean something that actually resembles edible lunch at a place that makes food that didn’t come straight off an assembly line. Something that comes on an actual … Continued

Sourcing spring chickens for every yard

Victory garden propaganda during WWII urged citizens, namely women and children, to grow vegetables and raise chickens for eggs. At the time, self-sufficiency was considered a patriotic duty. Families stretched dollars and ration coupons by growing their own food. Today, consumers stretch household budgets with manufacturer’s coupons for processed food products; convenience is marketed over … Continued