Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10
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Ignorant vacation

I’ve been on vacation, and I’m still technically not at work as I write this, although I am technically working because I am writing this, which is an antinomy for the backburner.

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Get to know your developer

Hey Louisville, do you know your downtown developer, the Cordish Cos. of Baltimore, Md.?

Here’s some background.

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Sunday school


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Consider before voting

 If you’re like me and a record number of our fellow Americans, you will be taking an hour or so out of your busy Tuesday schedule Nov.

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The endorsement

We have chosen not to endorse any candidates in this year’s Election Guide, partly because we’re tired of this hideous presidential campaign, but mostly because we believe that, given t

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You’re ridiculous

If you’re voting for Barack Obama in a couple weeks, you’re ridiculous. 

Don’t you know anything? 

He’s a Muslim. 

And he’s an Arab. 

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Another ghost bike

The ghost bike you may have noticed chained to a tree on Bardstown Road between Baxter and Grinstead is for Jen Futrell.

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Preaching Politics

“God is a concept by which we measure our pain.” 
  —John Lennon, “God”