Art: The way of the samurai

Frazier History Museum displays more than 200 pieces of art, clothing and swords

Samurai, as well as shogun, geisha and ninja, are words we Westerners mutter without much understanding of their cultural meaning.


Art: Exploring ‘The Human Condition’

Debra Lott exhibits her work alongside 23 artists at Pyro

Debra Lott is an educator at heart.


Art: Speed Museum teams up with Speedway

Now serving culture with your corndog and Speedy Freeze

The art will go on, so to speak. The Speed Art Museum recently announced plans to partner with Speedway gas stations in an art-share program while the museum is closed.


Art: Photostream

930 presents an exhibit of Mitch Eckert’s iPhone shots

This year, after 113 years in business, Kodak Eastman closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy.

Jonathan Capps_Kindred Series Red No. 5.jpg

Art: A glass act

KMAC celebrates 50 years of glass art

Instead of picking some isolated island, the next “Survivor” location should be in a glass hot shop.


Art: Deconstructing light

The Awkward x 2 duo show off their newest work at the Green Building

Awkward x 2, the likely/unlikely duo of Rebecca Norton and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, are painters who are interested in aesthetic philosophy and its practical application.


Art: See an artist about a horse

A roundup of Derby-related shows

Around these parts, we have horses, hats and hooch down to a science. Here’s a sampling of what’s happening in the visual arts, Derby-style.


Art: A new Flame

Flame Run Glass Studio takes over Glassworks

Color me surprised to learn that the Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery is moving into the Glassworks building at 815 W. Market St.


Art: New KMAC director brings a fresh outlook

‘Into the Mix’ features the work of Caribbean artists

He’s come to Louisville by way of Sweden.


Art: Ink, art and ladies

Liberty Tattoo pays tribute to Women’s History Month

The great thing about an art show in a tattoo parlor is that it makes total sense. What else are you supposed to do while getting inked other than look around?