Art: Amigos del art

Louisville artists Jeral Tidwell and Justin Kamerer have become known well beyond these borders for their dark-tinged artwork, full of fast cars, interesting women, kooky characters, tattoos, decay


Art: Into darkness

Letitia Quesenberry and Chris Radtke explore loss and light in ‘LIGHTBOX’

This month, while the leaves on the trees started to change colors, the windows at Zephyr Gallery were covered in black.



Public mural projects become more prevalent in Louisville’s urban landscape

If you’ve walked down East Market Street during the past couple months, you’ve probably noticed downtown’s newest residents.


Art: Not just a pile of crap

Seattle-based art group presents ‘Small Moons’

It’s pretty difficult to describe “Small Moons” by Seattle-based trio SuttonBeresCuller, which is precisely why I think you should see it.


Art: Both ordinary and sacred

South African photographer Yolanda Dlamini displays images from her hometown

Last Thursday night, South African artist Yolanda Dlamini and I sat on the corner of Seventh and Main streets talking about “The Cosby Show,” a strange conversation to be having with so


Art: Bhutan exposed

Crane House offers a glimpse into this unique corner of the world

“Mysterious, rare, endangered, beautiful — all of these adjectives are used to describe Bhutan.” —Linda Leaming, “Married to Bhutan”


Art: Calling it like she sees it

Political artist Dana Ellyn presents ‘A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures’

It must be difficult for anyone familiar with artist Dana Ellyn to believe her claim that for the first three decades of her life, she was quiet and reserved.


Art: Looking back, moving forward

Cami Burruss documents a year of her life

Cami Burruss has a lot on her to-do list this summer. Graduate high school, check. Buy dorm room essentials, check. Show a collection of original work at local gallery, also check.


Art: Beauty in the bluegrass

Every fiber of your being is screaming you need a vacation, preferably to a faraway land. Unfortunately, the coffer is empty; looks like it’s going to be a staycation again this year.


Art: Exhibit examines 200 years of art in Portland

In the buzzing pre-Derby season of 1989, Florence and Hunter Hooe showed up on the doorstep of the Portland Museum with photographs of some heirloom portraits.