Art: Sandra Charles marries art and faith

As Hotel Louisville has a dual purpose in providing shelter for citizens at risk of being homeless in our city and serving conventional hotel clientele, so does the Anderson Chapel located inside i


Art: LVAA illuminates its new downtown gallery

While change is inevitable, that doesn’t mean we don’t hate it, with plans to go kicking and screaming into the night.


Art: Coupling up for ‘Complementary’

The idea for “Complementary,” now on exhibit at the Green Building Gallery, was a frank chat curator Daniel Pfalzgraf had with Cheryl Chapman, painter and longtime partner to photograph


Art: Castle’s chairs

KMAC honors the father of the American art furniture movement

Wendell Castle became part of my artistic life when I saw his “Ghost Clock” at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., in the early 1990s.


Culture: I see dead people

Kentucky Science Center presents ‘Body Worlds Vital’

It’s time to take a hard look at yourself.


Art: Bill Carner has left the building

Retiring ‘photo wrangler’ picks his favorites

Bill Carner had been at his job in the Photographic Archives for 34 years until his December retirement.


Art: Acknowledging Indiana

Celebrate the season with ‘LOVE’

There are things we take for granted this time of year.


Art: Under the sea

Amy Goforth dives deep in ‘Spirit of the Devilfish’

For Amy Goforth, the act of creating her latest exhibit, “The Spirit of the Devilfish,” was a spiritual journey.


Art: With pinkies extended

Pretentious Beer Glass Company to raise ’em up this week

When imbibing in a fine, Trappist ale, is it snooty to insist on a tulip glass to better cradle the wafts of roasted Belgian malt and show the ale’s rich, mahogany tones? Of course it is.


Winter Guide 2012: #santaart #oneofakind #weirdshit #nomorefruitcake

A rundown of holiday events and exhibits at local galleries

You know you need it, got to have it, just haven’t found it yet. Here are some artfully good places to look for one-of-a-kind holiday presents, starting with special events and sales.