Profile: Sarah Frary

Like her raw inner free spirit, Sarah Frary’s work is deeply personal.


Profile: Justine Dennis

Justine Dennis rescues old sweaters and discarded clothing from local thrift shops and repurposes them into fiber sculptures.


Profile: Andrew Brown

Standing in a pile of sawdust and shavings that is roughly the size of a batter’s box, Andrew Brown inserts a long, rectangular spear of poplar into a lathe in his Germantown garage.


Profile: Wes Hillegas

Things don’t look so bright in the sinister comic world of Wes Hillegas.


Profile: William M. Duffy

Just call the man Duffy, if you will. Bored with the limitations of two-dimensional art, Duffy became a sculptor by accident — a car accident, that is.


Profile: Geoff Carr

“My gut” — that’s what Geoff Carr, 55, listens to when he’s looking for a scene to photograph.


Art to the masses

Speed moves to dig deeper into community

Meet your new community center, the Speed Art Museum.


Profile: Suzanne Edds

Suzanne Edds is living the dream.


Profile: Ying Kit Chan

The drawings are massive, two-paneled pieces stretching across eight feet or so of the floor in Ying Kit Chan’s office at the University of Louisville, where the Hong Kong native is a profess


Profile: Tiffany Ackerman

It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma (thank you, Winston Churchill): How could a person who has an aversion to fire be a glassblower?