Art: Taking it to the streets

Two exhibits at Galerie Hertz

Digital snapshots pop into our lives constantly. Phones, computer screens, tablets — you name it, there is an onslaught of imagery.


Art: Photographic memory

Doherty exhibit inspires film series

John F. Kennedy said it is important to remember the names of your enemies.


Art: Forever yours

Artist turns grandparents’ war letters into jewelry

Star-crossed lovers separated by war, an undying romance fueled by passion and tinged with the heartbreak of separation — sounds like the stuff of a great Hollywood romance.


Photo flood

The seventh annual Photo Biennial invades Louisville’s galleries

We’re on our seventh Photo Biennial here in Louisville, and this year’s promises not to disappoint.


Art: Exhibit details Nazi persecution of gays

Last week, when U.S Army soldier Stephen Hill asked Republican presidential candidates at the debate if they would protect his right to live openly as a gay member of our armed forces, he was booed


Art: KMAC gives a nod to its members

Artists are people, too. There are artists next door, down the block and in the next county.


Art: The art of a six-pack

21c presents "Corner Store" at IdeaFest

So much for hot nuts and snow cones.


Art: Fixated on art

Galerie Hertz celebrates 20th anniversary with ‘Obsessive Attention to Detail’

Obsession is often related to compulsion, an irresistible urge over which a person has no control.


Art: When words fail us

Artists reflect on Sept. 11

It is the question of a generation: Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?


Art of deception

How one Kentucky painter came to claim another’s work as his own

Jim Cantrell has lived the life of an artist.