ART: ‘Teatime’ exhibit stirs the love of the pot

What is it about teapots that make collectors go crazy? They have an obvious function, yet are rarely used to actually pour tea. I have to admit I am one of the crazed, with pots scattered around my house by local artists Laura Ross, Laura George and Tonya Johnson, just to name a few. So … Continued

ART: From clay to dough: Sarah Owen’s new medium

Sarah Owens is a former Louisvillian (as well as a future one) who is giving a talk on Wednesday, March 4 as part of IDEAS’ “Who’s Louisville?” project at Zephyr Gallery. Once a visual artist, she’s now specializing in baking, having lost none of her creative passion in the transition. LEO: I remember you as … Continued

A Q&A with glass artist Casey Hyland

One of Louisville’s strengths is an abundance of artists working in glass, so much so that the Glass Art Society held its annual conference here in 2010. Casey Hyland has been a long-time resident, first at Glassworks and now at his own studio at 721 E. Washington St. ( LEO: You have a degree in … Continued

ART: A Fond Farewell at Paul Paletti Gallery

Since life’s major goodbyes are rarely easy, it’s wonderful when you can feel the love. Mary Burks definitely felt it as she walked out the door of the Paul Paletti Gallery for the last time after her two years as the assistant gallery manager. She left the gallery and its viewers with a parting gift, … Continued

ART: KMAC’s ‘White Glove Test’

There was a time, before Facebook or Myspace, when flyers were the only means local bands had to advertise their shows. During the early ‘90s, the height of Louisville’s independent music scene, it seemed every telephone pole in the Highlands was plastered with these colorful paper and ink collages that were usually mass produced in … Continued

ART: Wohl’s ‘Unweaving’ at JCC

God has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or by an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen or by a weaver, by any sort of workman or skilled designer. —Exodus 35:35 Art used as a spiritual messenger … Continued

ART: Global tapestries on display at KMAC

Let me say this right up front: Creating a tapestry is hard work. Artists have to work from the back, relying on a mirror to see what they’re doing, and using thread to make the composition. Labeling it labor intensive is an understatement. Its heyday in western art was during the Middle Ages, when tapestries … Continued