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Comedy: Reese Waters and his girls

Reese Waters, a veteran of “David Letterman” and “Craig Ferguson,” was raised in Maryland, just outside of D.C.

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Comedy: Mixing it up with Rory Scovel

After having touring with some of the biggest names in comedy, like Louis C.K. and Daniel Tosh, Rory Scovel is quickly coming into his own.


Comedy: Orlando Jones takes a stance

An original cast member of “Mad TV,” a memorable big screen presence, and star of the “Make 7 Up yours” campaign, Orlando Jones took a few minutes to talk about where he com


Comedy: Mr. Cosby is ready for you

Pudding pops. Sweaters.


Comedy: Pretty funny

It’s time again for “The Funny Ladies of the Ville” show.


Comedy: Alysia Wood — A princess in jeans

Alysia Wood is a rising star out of the Seattle comedy scene. The Louisiana native, who once lived in Louisville, has now settled in southern California.


Comedy: Fantasy ‘League’ star on anger and the NCAA

Long Island native Steve Rannazzisi broke out as a cast member on “The League,” FX’s popular and acclaimed comedy series about a 30-something group of friends who are also members


Comedy: Busting myths all over your face

The Mythbusters bring TV to the Palace stage

Jamie Hynemen and Adam Savage, better known collectively as “The Mythbusters,” stars of the hit Discovery Channel show, are almost single-handedly responsible for turning geek into chic


Comedy: Dan Cummins on his first time

Dan Cummins is hardly a household name just yet, but his first two albums, Revenge Is Near and Crazy With a Capital F, have been two of the best-reviewed com


Comedy: Lewis Black — beyond belief

If you don’t know who Lewis Black is, then you’ve probably been living in a cave in the south of France for a millennium and a half.