Comedy: Brian Regan is still having fun

After three decades on the road, Brian Regan has become one of the most respected comedians around, performing in front of millions.


Comedy: Cutting off Gabriel Rutledge

Gabriel Rutledge is a quick-thinking, fast-talking, hard-working badass.


Comedy: ‘Is this thing on?’

Mayor Fischer unveils plan to become king of Louisville comedy scene

At a press conference last Friday in front of Comedy Caravan, Mayor Greg Fischer announced plans to put his knack for awkward, deadpan humor to use by becoming Louisville’s next occasionally


Comedy: The Church of Latter-Day Comedy

A regular on Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans” and a contributing writer for the classic series “Chappelle’s Show,” Kurt Metzger is quite possibly one of t


Comedy: Doug Stanhope is drunk enough to talk

Doug Stanhope is the crown prince of comedy darkness. He’s the Edgar Allen Poe of stand-up.


Comedy: Madigan about you

Veteran comedian returns to the U.S.

Kathleen Madigan is a tried and true road warrior at the top of her game since breaking into the mainstream public consciousness on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Since that time, s


Comedy: The Silence of the Carneys

It’s award season, and in the midst of all the Grammy, Golden Globes and Oscar buzz, one award show rules them all — The Carneys.


Culture: An evening with song and slander

Leslie Jordan and Varla Jean Merman take the stage

Get ready for a night of hysterical craziness: Leslie Jordan and Varla Jean Merman are taking the stage at the Bomhard Theater to present “an evening of song and slander.”


Comedy: After school with Mr. Jackson

A Miami seventh-grade teacher by day, Al Jackson launched his comedy career at night, showing up at any open-mic that would take him. His secret didn’t last long.


WEB EXCLUSIVE: A chat with the Transvestite Witch of the South

‘The Roast of Dorothy’ set for Friday, Jan. 25

If the roasts from the “Young, Dumb, and Full of Comedy” crew haven’t lambasted your childhood or your sense of morality enough yet, wait until the lights go down on this on