COMEDY: Tom Green grows up

Tom Green is the ’90s face of Generation-X, piss-off-your-parents, I-don’t-give-a-fuck comedy. Or, at least, he was “that guy”. As he aged, like good bourbon, he has matured. This isn’t the same goofball you saw on “The Tom Green Show” or in “Road Trip” or who made the cult classic “Freddy Got Fingered.” Green has turned … Continued

A Q&A with comedian Seaton Smith

Seaton Smith is a rising star. He has a high-energy, observational brand of humor that somehow feels like it comes full circle to tell his own personal narrative. It’s a very engaging quality that Smith, a Washington, D.C. native, has when he’s onstage. Now living in New York, Smith has garnered attention from some of … Continued

COMEDY: Lewis Black brings his rant to the Palace

Lewis Black is mad. Stark raving mad all of the time. At least that’s the Lewis Black we’ve seen on TV for the last two decades. His animated hands, his frustrated yell and raspy irritated voice has led him to being one of the most recognizable faces in comedy … and one of the most … Continued

Instantly recognizable: A conversation with Gilbert Gottfried

He squints. He screeches. Everyone knows Gilbert Gottfried. He has been an instantly recognizable voice in the comedy industry for the better part of three decades. The often loud and occasionally offensive comedian has been a night club draw since the mid-‘80s, with his hyper-extreme twist on vaudevillian comedy. He often walks the fine line … Continued

COMEDY: Last laugh for Carney Awards

It’s officially award season! The Oscars, The Grammys and The Golden Globes will have overdressed celebrities, patting each other on the band and pointing out the year’s best in everything. Here in Louisville, Jake Reber will be handing out The Carneys (named after friend and local comedian Kent Carney), honoring the best in local stand-up … Continued

COMEDY: Ben Gleib at Laughing Derby

Ben Gleib has appeared on “Last Call with Carson Daly,” “Last Comic Standing” and the ESPN sports award show The ESPY’s. He was a regular panelist on E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” voiced Marshall the Sloth in “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” and hosts a (semi) regular podcast on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast network. Glieb will be performing at … Continued

COMEDY: Nate Bargatze’s local roots run deep

If, like Bruce Lee said, “Life is like water.” Then Nate Bargatze is on Jurassic Park vibrating as the all-consuming T-Rex of fame approaches to his flank. You might not recognize him now, but you’ll definitely remember him later. After years of playing the road, club gig after club gig, Bargatze refined a sharp witty … Continued

COMEDY: ‘The Roast of Jesus,’ take two

Take a breath. Step back, this won’t be as bad as you think. The band of comedians that brought you the roasts of Batman, Dorothy and Freddy Kruger are returning to their roots — revisiting the show that launched the local franchise. Born from the twisted minds of stand-up comedians Will Hardesty and Raanan Hershberg … Continued

COMEDY: The wildman that never was

Bobcat Goldthwait has long been known as “The Wild Man” — at least since the late  ’80s and early ’90s, when he was one of the biggest names in all of comedy. For those old enough to remember, hearing his name immediately conjures the image of a sweaty, long-haired, stuttering gorilla throwing nervous, bug-eyed fits … Continued

COMEDY: Wanda Sykes is a ‘nice-nasty’

Wanda Sykes is one of Hollywood’s premier funny ladies today. She has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue, holding nothing back when she takes the stage. Sykes, who hails from the Washington, D.C., area, has been on the road for more than 25 years now, and has become one of the most best live … Continued