Forgotten Classics

Understanding Media: THE EXTENSIONS OF MAN

(By Marshall McLuhan. First published in 1964.)

REVIEW: Noise: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth

(Edited by Peter Wild. Harper Perennial, 240 pgs., $13.99.)


‘Pictures’ reminds that mainstream cinema is the same ol' beast

1968. Can there be anything new to say about that evocative year? Mark Harris’s intelligent, addictive book, “Pictures at a Revolution,” proves there is.

REVIEW: Outliers: The Story of Success

(By Malcolm Gladwell. Little, Brown & Co.; 320 pgs., $27.99.)


BOOK: YA author takes off with ‘Handcuffs’

Louisville teacher pens a novel

Book signing by Bethany Griffin


Book Smart: Book Report 1

Louisville Architectural Tours: 19th Century Gems

(By Lisa Westmoreland-Doherty. Schiffer Publishing; 128 pgs., $14.99.)



Book Smart: Forgotten Classics

Good ones you might have missed

The Ant and the Peacock:

Altruism and Sexual Selection From Darwin to Today

(By Helena Cronin. First published 1991.)


Book Smart: Carmichael’s Top 5 Staffpicks

1) The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British by Sarah Lyall (nonfiction) — It’s not a travel book, and it’s not comprehensive.


Book Smart: Book Report 2

The Motel of the Stars

 (By Karen Salyer McElmurray. Sarabande; 269 pgs., $15.95.)



Book Smart: Feature

Best of the best "Dykes to Watch Out For"

The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For

(By Alison Bechdel. Houghton Mifflin; 384 pgs., $25.)