Book: Early life and loves of Limbaugh revealed in ‘Fat Man Cometh’

The Secret Homoerotic Life and Times of Jerry Falwell

‘The Fat Man Cometh: The Secret Homoerotic Life and Times of Jerry Falwell, as told to Rusty Sharpe’


House of David

Author David Sedaris tells tales of quitting smoking, traveling the world — and one about a grandma with a disturbing tattoo

David Sedaris didn’t need the patch or nicotine gum to quit smoking.

Instead, he opted for a more unconventional method — a three-month hiatus in Tokyo.


Book: Knowing ‘The German Woman’

U of L prof’s new novel details love amid war

Paul Griner’s students at U of L, where he has taught for 13 years, regard him as highly as his readers do in the wider world.


Book: A comic darkly

Philip K. Dick gets the graphic treatment

Recent times have been good to Philip K. Dick. He has received more recognition and, somewhat as a result, been legitimized.

book-crime-irvine welsh.jpg

Book: Irvine Welsh's 'Crime'

How to handle a pedophile

Crime by Irvine Welsh. W.W. Norton; 352 pgs., $14.95.


Book: Palahniuk does himself one better in new book

The darker side

Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk. Doubleday; 256 pages, $24.95.


Book: Spalding rolls out the Fest of Contemporary Writing

This one’s for readers and writers. Spalding University’s Festival of Contemporary Writing, which starts Saturday, May 23, will offer free readings for eight days.


Book: No Regrets serves up 101 things to do before you get too cynical

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

No Regrets: 101 Fabulous Things to Do Before You’re Too Old, Married, or Pregnant
By Sarah Ivens. Broadway Books; 268 pgs., $14.


Book: Susan Wittig Albert serves up cozy herbal mysteries

A fictional Shaker village and its modern re-creation have some uncomfortable commonalities in a new mystery by Susan Wittig Albert.

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