Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

Harriett Gilbert’s ‘The Strand’ and ‘World Book Club’

Late one Saturday night some six years ago, I was driving home from a party in Hoosierland and I did something I never, ever do: I went past my exit on I-64.


Book: A newfound creativity

Dan Rhema becomes an artist after a near-death experience

I Close My Eyes To See: The Dan Rhema Story
By Dan Rhema and Kevin Wilson. Altered Vision Arts LLC; 145 pgs., $9.99 e-book.


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Connecting writers, publishers and readers is key to kick-starting Louisville’s literary scene

There’s no doubt Louisville embraces the arts: vibrant local music scene, a ballet that boasts a yearly audience of 100,000, a theater company that claims twice that many patrons, as we


Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

‘Desert Island Discs’

In Howard Jacobson’s novel, “The Finkler Question,” which won last year’s Booker Prize, the title character makes an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s “Desert Island D


Culture: Podcasts You Might Be Missing

‘WTF,’ ‘The Nerdist’ and ‘The Ricky Gervais Show’

Favorite comedy podcasts among LEO readers, according to my highly non-scientific survey of the demographic, are “WTF,” hosted by Marc Maron, and “The Nerdist,” hosted by Ch


Book: ‘The Cloud Corporation’ is an event

Author comes to Sarabande Reading Series

The Cloud Corporation
By Timothy Donnelly. Wave Books; 153 pgs., $16.


Book: Are you a zombie, a spaceship or a wasteland?

Patton Oswalt expounds

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland
By Patton Oswalt. Scribner; 195 pgs., $24.


Culture: Podcasts You Might Be Missing

BBC Radio 3’s ‘Night Waves’

First of all, a shout-out to the many readers who have written in, phoned or stopped me in the street to enlighten me about podcasts I might be missing. It’s so swell to know you care!


Culture: Podcasts You Might Be Missing

‘Open Book with Mariella Frostrup’ and ‘The Book Show’

Even though blonde bombshell Mariella Frostrup is a Notting Hillionaire who counts Mick Jagger and George Clooney among her famous ex-conquests, she is no mere celebrity chaser.


Culture: Podcasts You Might Be Missing

‘Film Programme’ & ‘Kermode and Mayo on Film’

Hey, everybody, it’s Opposite Week! For starters, these two ’casts didn’t quite make the top 10 cut, so I’d planned to save them ’til later.