August 8, 2006

Video TapeWorm Releases through Tuesday, Aug. 15

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS:HONG KONG PHOOEY: THE COMPLETE SERIES2005; DVD $26.95, URScatman Crothers voices the inept superhero and his simpleminded janitor alter-ego Penrod Pooch in this cool ’70s Hanna-Barbera offering that has, more than once, been accused of racism. True! Blue-nosed activists actually threatened to sue HB because they hired a black man to (1) portray a cartoon janitor and (2) insult Asians! Some people just have no sense of humor. Great behind-the-scenes featurettes and voice work by Richard Dawson, Casey Kasem, Alan Oppenheimer, Joe E. Ross, Jean Vander Pyl and Paul Winchell.MAGILLA GORILLA: THE COMPLETE SERIES2006; DVD $44.95, URAnother of HB’s lesser lights, this one a clumsy gorilla who lives in Mr. Peebles’ Pet Shop — and Mr. Peeble ain’t too happy about it. Voiced by Allan Melvin, who also did Punkin Puss, the cast included Howard Morris (Ernest T. Bass from “The Andy Griffith Show”) as Mr. Peebles and Mushmouse, Jean Vander Pyl (Wilma Flintstone) as Ogee, and Mel Blanc as pretty much everyone and everything else. Four discs, 23 episodes plus the usual featurettes.APOCALYPSE NOW: THE COMPLETE DOSSIER1979; DVD $19.95, RTwo-disc special edition — actually a repackaging of both the 1979 and 2001 versions — with extra commentary by Francis Ford Coppola and a flood of other goodies. As if anyone didn’t know: Martin Sheen plays a captain ordered into Cambodia to kill renegade American Col. Marlon Brando during the Vietnam War.CAPE OF GOOD HOPE2004; DVD $29.95, PG-13Chick-flick comedy drama about three women who rescue dogs in Cape Town, South Africa, starring Debbie Brown, Eriq Ebouaney, Nthati Moshesh and Rin Tin Tin.FILM GEEK2006; DVD $24.95, URNo-budget indie talker about a nerdy vidstore clerk (or is that redundant?) with an encyclopedic knowledge of film (again: is that ...?) who gets fired. Without his constant immersion in film, he loses what little humanity is left in him, and he turns to the Internet for companionship. (Man! They’re telling the story of our lives!) That’s when the flick turns to fantasy and he becomes an overnight sensation as an online film critic. Visit us on the Web at; DVD $27.95, PGWhen a Florida boy and his buds discover that construction threatens a population of endangered, burrowing owls, they forget about their own problems and snap into action. With Luke Wilson for no particular reason.I’LL ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER2006; DVD $24.95, RAbsolutely wretched, unwatchable retread of the first two “I Know What You Did” movies, the first of which was pretty good. Straight-to-video because it won’t fit down the toilet.JAMES STEWART: THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION2006; DVD $49.95, PG/URThe creators of this set did a terrific job selecting six of Jimmy’s best, all of them new to DVD. The five-disc set includes “The FBI Story,” “The Naked Spur,” “The Spirit of St. Louis,” “The Stratton Story,” the hilarious “Cheyenne Social Club” and “Firecreek.” Also available individually for under 20 bucks per disc.L’ENFANT (THE CHILD)2005; DVD $24.95, RBig French hit from the art-house circuit about a boy born of truly icky Belgium parents — his mom a slut and his dad a layabout thief — and the effect they have on each other’s lives. (Editor’s Cultural Note: Whenever a French artist wants to depict human decline, they always use Belgiums. It’s sort of the Shively of Europe.)MASTERS OF HORROR: DARIO ARGENTO — JENIFER2004; DVD $16.95, URA detective rescues a strange young girl with a horribly scarred face and a body that just won’t quit. Losing himself in her charms, he discovers that she is driven to extreme acts of carnality and violence that threaten his life, sanity and soul. A drop-dead gorgeous journey into madness by the master of the Giallo.RONALD REAGAN: THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION2006; DVD $49.95, URBefore becoming the cowboy progenitor of the Bush regime — All Hail our Beloved Leader! – Ronnie made some damned-good movies. This five-disc set includes “Kings Row,” “The Hasty Heart,” “Storm Warning,” “The Winning Team” and the best-damned sports movie ever made, “Knute Rockne All-American,” along with a nice collection of featurettes. Go win one for the Gipper.RV2006; DVD $28.95, PGThis kinda sucks, but not nearly as bad as we expected. Robin Williams tones it down from his former manic days, playing it straight and letting the script do the funny in this stab at the “family vacation from hell” genre. Definitely the freshest thing he’s done since “Aladdin.”SCARY MOVIE 42006; DVD $29.95, PG-13David Zucker’s latest shallow spoof of current horror movies splatters gags everywhere, hoping some of them stick. And some of them do! If you liked SM’s 1 through 3, you’ll like this. Also available in unrated and uncensored editions with extra profanity and Carmen Electra.THE WEIRD AL SHOW: THE COMPLETE SERIES1997; DVD $34.95, URFar too few people were aware of this amazing CBS “kids” show because they ran it around dawn on Saturday mornings, then the network pulled the plug after only one season. But “Weird Al” Yankovic pulled out all the stops — and put PeeWee Herman to shame — for this colorful, musical insanity that featured Judy Tenuta, Eddie Deezen, Harvey the Wonder Hamster, bizarre animation and Al’s unique brand of musical parody. Worth checking out.TWISTED SISTERS2006; DVD $24.95, RTerrific no-budget erotic gore-thriller from Germany. Identical twins (Fiona Horsey) live quite different lives until the put-upon sib decides to take over her high-class sister’s life. But first she has to get rid of all those pesky people who can tell them apart. Good stuff.OTHER DVDS OF INTEREST    DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK?2005; DVD $19.95, URJERICHO SEASON ONE2005; DVD $29.95, URROGER CORMAN’S CULT CLASSICS: DANGEROUS DAMES2005; DVD $4.95, URROME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON2006; DVD $99.95, URTHE CLARK GABLE COLLECTION: VOLUME ONE2004; DVD $49.95, URTHE JEFFERSONS: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON1975; DVD $29.95, URTHE MADNESS OF HENRY THE VIII2005; DVD $19.95, URA more complete listing and free vids at!