Issue June 25, 2013

Blood Drive


As groups inspired by Black Sabbath go, ASG have always been one of the most inspired. Their secret weapon lies in the powerful pipes of singer/guitarist Jason Shi. His soulful tone adds a heartfelt depth to the eclectic songs of Blood Drive. ASG have plenty of heavy, gargantuan riffs to spare, but it’s their thriving bluesy flirtations that truly cement this with a sense of identity. Beyond blues, their North Carolina roots shine, with country and rock elements appearing throughout. Their Southern edge figures prominently into tracks like “Earthwalk,” a slow burner that develops a gorgeous indie-rock chorus, eerily channeling Smashing Pumpkins. By the time the somber twang of closer “Good Enough to Eat” rolls through with a psychedelic pulse, you don’t want the trip to end. But end it does, leaving only one clear choice: Hit replay.