Issue August 19, 2009


Dallas Alice

Country rockers Dallas Alice proclaim they are guys who will “steal your girl, spill your drink, beat you at pool, and you’ll still wind up buying them a beer.”

They give themselves too much credit with that last part. If you buy them a beer, it’s probably because your standards are low, which these guys thrive on as much musically as they do socially. Their second studio album is a collection of reliable greaseball rock, all of which would kill in a Bardstown Road dive on Friday night after too many PBRs. These guys aren’t interested in impressing you but in spreading their intrinsic, good-ol’-boy energy.

If it’s consistency you want, buy this. “Belly Up” and “Broken Romeos” rock high gear, and “Angels of the 4th of July” bubbles with hushed, mournful Southern energy.