Issue March 24, 2009


Edgehill Avenue

The spirit of Bruce Springsteen’s epic song “The River” is conjured repeatedly in Edgehill Avenue’s new release. Many of the songs are in minor chords, which I have no problem with; in fact, I prefer the minor key, and Edgehill Avenue pulls it off splendidly. Second track “With These Hands” is as catchy as a Tom Petty hit. The voice of Drew Perkins, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, reminds one of a less affected Steve Earle. Many bands jock Earle to a copycat degree nowadays, but Edgehill seems to put their own spin on the inspiration, mixing story songs with catchy pop dirges of love and loss. There are a few filler tracks, but not many. For example, I could have done without the platitudes of “Just Another Day” and the second version of “Justified,” one meant for radio play. —Jonathan Ashley